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More Clinton Lies

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Jun 2, 2003, 7:17:40 PM6/2/03
Corrupt Leaders
Part IV Legacy Lies: Education

Thursday, March 14, 2001 700 p.m.

Slick knew in his last days that his legacy was one of Crime and No

So, he built on that.

For every perjury statement, he pardoned a cocaine dealer. For his
impeachment, he pardoned a 48 million dollar tax evader, ad infinitum.

He also had the White House publish a list of lies that he called his
legacy. For the ignorant masses that worship him, it was enough to put him
in the category of gods.

For the rest of us it gives us a few laughs. For some of us, it is a
chilling reminder of the stupidity of the press. Part of Clinton's legacy
was the idiotic press corps that accepted outright lies as facts throughout
his eight years.

"Since 1992, reading and math scores have increased for 4th, 8th, and 12th
graders. . ."
-The Clinton Presidency: A Historic Era of Progress and Prosperity

This chart is from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 1999
Long-Term Trend Assessment. Slick must have been looking in a mirror at this
chart to claim scores rose.

1992 1999
12th graders 290 288
8th graders 260 259

H2O is hot water, and CO2 is cold water
Germinate: to become a naturalized German
Vacuum: a large empty space where the Pope lives
(actual answers by students to test questions in elementary through college
as submitted by teachers)

Today's release of 12th-grade results shows that U.S. students' standing
relative to other TIMSS countries continues to decline in the high school
years. . . . A separate examination of advanced mathematics and physics
comparing our students . . . shows that the performance of our advanced
students is among the lowest of countries participating in TIMMS.

-Dept. of Education on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study
(TIMMS), 1998

Results from assessments of mathematics proficiency indicate that 9 and 13
year-old students. . . there has been no significant change for 9 year olds
since 1990.

-Digest of Education Statistics, 1999. National Center for Education
Statistics (NCES)

Education is one of the key focus points for Sentry. There will be much more
on this topic in future issues. Chalk up another lie from King Corrupt in
his false claim that reading scores increased.

Slick also stated that "math SAT scores are at a 30-year high." True. But go
back one more year to 1969 and math scores are lower than they were 31 years
ago. Typical Clinton.

So far in this series, we have looked at GDP, Employment, Crime, and
Education. In each case, factual information was presented to refute Slick's
lies. What is most astounding is the blind acceptance by the press of
statements made without making the most rudimentary attempt at verification.

We can assume that the the majority of teachers and others involved in the
pathetic educational system knew that those claims were false. But on
election day 2000, 90% of them cast their vote for Al Gore. After all, they
were the same socialists who helped give King Corrupt such a lofty approval
rating right on up to his last sleazy day in office.

Copyright © 2001 Sentry over America

Previous Legacy Lies

Part I: GDP Spare us the Bill Clinton economic miracle crap
. . . Fact-the GDP just reported is just over 2%. Compare that to the final
quarters of Bush senior as shown above, moving from 3% to 5% +. . . Don't
even attempt dredging up this economic miracle crap again. Slick, the only
legacy we will remember you for is the F word-felony.

Part II: Employment So what about all these new jobs, the 22 million new
workers Clinton crows about? For starters, another Clinton lie. Try 19
million. Just like Gore tried to manufacture votes out of no votes, Clinton
creates workers out of non-workers to the tune of about 3 million strong.

Part III: Crime Between slinging White House furniture on the U-Haul,
arranging kickbacks for pardons, and plotting how to upstage George Bush's
inaugural day, King Corrupt had the White House issue a twenty four point
list of "accomplishments" that he wanted to snatch from the rightful
ownership of others called "The Clinton Presidency: A Historic Era of
Progress and Prosperity."

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