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McCain, US under AntiChrist Power ?

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Oct 6, 2008, 1:18:48 PM10/6/08
McCain, US under AntiChrist Power ?

Do need Money, from SubPrime Loans, the ANTICHRIST ?

Some Prophecies of Dresden Nun...

..... ABOUT OUR AGE....,
and about Masonic Lodges too ?


The Dresden NUN, were born at 1680 on Dresden (Germany) and died at
1706 in a convent of Dresden at 22 years old, not far away from the Elba
"A time will reach, in which the voice will fly. And the men will speak
between themselves, among the seas and the mounts. A time still
will reach in which the images will fly. And the men will be able to look
at themselves among the seas and mounts. This will be a time of great
pains and of large torments. The images will fly like angels, but they
will not carry the light of angels".


Is it on the Anti-Christ ? :

"Between 1940 and 2010 Lucifer will transfer on the Earth
his duke. And on the Earth it will dominate the satanic hierarchy, guided
by a dèmon, that will speak the Attila's language, but will wear the
clothes of Cesar.
The court of Satan will be formed by six light-flee members
and the duke Weigore (weihe = ordination - German -; gore - English).
The court of the marked duke will dominate triumphally on
the Earth during 6,666 days.
The reign of the great pestilence will be this. The forest
of iniquity will be this. But finally all the satanic
court will be precipitated into the fire, and of the last ones
demons, only will remain the toxic ash".

Attila only speaks making war. Cesar has the sovereign power on the Earth.
The light-flee to hide the light.
6,666 days are eighteen years and three months.
This period of time must be after the fall dwon of Sovietic Union.
6.666 are also the number of devils under the commando of satan, under
the medieval demonological tradition.

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