Bob Ney supports crooks

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Gary Lantz

Feb 12, 2002, 5:34:26 PM2/12/02
Bob Ney, R, Ohio, was one of the crooks that were responsible for killing
campaign finance crook reform last year. Now the guy is at it again. CNN
had him on camera today and if there was ever someone looking more like a
crook, I don't know who. He was trying to tell CNN one thing and later it
was a different story. Ney is as responsible for Enron as anyone out there.
If you wallow around in the gutter with crooks you will be just as dirty as
them. Republicans bought and hooked and crooked their way to the Presidency
in the last election and Enron played one of the biggest parts in getting
that done. Bush was using this Enron plane taking pension money right out
the window on every flight he made. Ken Lay was a big player in getting
bush the campaign money so he could beat McCain by hook or crook with all
the lies that could be mustered about a "real" war hero. Enron money paid
off Ralph Reed not to support someone "qualified" for the Presidency and of
course did the same to many in the media including the Bill Kristol of the
rag, weakly standard. Now bush is trying to do the same thing around the
world, buying them as allies. Bush probably was never taught as a kid
about the "buying" of friends. And Russia and Pakistan are perfect examples,
as soon as they get as much money or debt forgiveness as they can they will
go their own way. And bush is creating a way for the Soviets to go into the
exporting of Nuclear Weapons to finance their return to power. And now we
have all the media prostitutes that tried to give Clinton no credit for
anything are now trying to blame the disaster bush has us into, on
everything, on Clinton. The bush voters should be as embarrassed as they
should be about the performance of the Republican Congress since 1994 after
they brought world disgrace to this country with their congressional circus
and the trashing of the Justice System.

Gary Lantz - Find two non-voters now and make plans to take them to the
polls with you. If you and they vote for non-incumbents, we will end up
throwing all the crooks out. You are wasting your vote with the current

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