Will Teresa Giudice learn to lick tuna in federal prison?

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Christopher Clam Tales

Mar 17, 2015, 2:39:20 AM3/17/15
Tastes like freedom? Teresa Giudice's last pre-prison meal
wasn't a fancy, three-course dinner with expensive wine pairings
and expertly prepared gourmet cuisine. Quite the opposite, in

According to her attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., the Real
Housewives of New Jersey star had a little time to kill before
reporting for her 15-month term at Federal Correctional
Institution, Danbury, on Monday, Jan. 5, so she stopped at a
local diner in Connecticut for some last-minute grub.

The Bravo standout, 42, arrived in Danbury at around 1:45 a.m.,
an hour and 15 minutes before she could check in. "She said she
was hungry, so we went to a diner down the road," Leonard tells
Us Weekly. "It was Elmer's Diner in Danbury, about a mile away
from the prison."

Like most other diners, Elmer's has an extensive menu, with
omelets, pancakes, burgers, salads, sides, and more. Giudice
opted for a simple breakfast sandwich and coffee, Leonard says.

Her demeanor was similarly unpretentious. "She was very stoic,"
he tells Us of her state of mind upon checking in to the prison.
"Whatever emotions she needed to get out, she did it prior. She
had her game face on — she was ready to go."

Teresa will learn what it's like to be a lesbian meal in 24


Melanie • 8 hours ago
Really US? Good god, nobody cares what her last meal was, lol.
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Lisa M Melanie • 6 hours ago
Seriously, it's not like she's on Death Row for God Sake!
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sblg24 Lisa M • 5 hours ago
Exactly! and she will be out within a month.
That Bi### wont serve her term.
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Diana53 sblg24 • 5 hours ago
Its not a state prison. It is a federal prison. She will serve
all her time. The feds do not mess around.
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Tamara hope Diana53 • 2 hours ago
Really? I didn't know that! I thought she would do half her
time, for "good behavior"! Thanks for the info Diana53!
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Starwatcher2014 Tamara hope • an hour ago
Yeah those Feds don't play with their sentences.
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Starwatcher2014 Lisa M • an hour ago
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Deanne Lisa M • 3 hours ago
Be very careful what you post about Teresa. Somebody on this
site must be getting paid pretty well by them...hence all the
ridiculous, violin string articles and deletion of comments.
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Lisa M Deanne • 2 hours ago
Lol Thanks for the heads up. Let's not forget the Kartrashian
lovers too.
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gidgmom Lisa M • an hour ago
KarTrashians. LOL
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Rosie Melanie • 8 hours ago
Right?! Now the 2 top stories will be this & the Duggars!
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