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George Noory: The Putrid Decaying Stench of Late Night Radio

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Jack Ryan

Dec 29, 2014, 9:17:48 PM12/29/14
January 2015
George Noory & Coast to Coast AM: The Putrid Decaying Stench of Late Night Radio

Just how dumb down has Art Bell's former pillar (CTC) of late
night radio become? Take host Connie Willis?
On doing a quality check of Coast to Coast AM, on December 26th, 2014,
I had the opportunity to sample Ms. Willis. I almost vomited over my keyboard.
Unfortunately, I tuned into Connie Willis on one of her November 2014 shows, last month.
comparatively this bimbo needs to go back and learn some class. Willis is a no talent
piece of trash. It seems classic rock announcing has sucked the personality out of this tramp.
Seriously! On that November 2014, this bitch got bent out of shape when
a caller mispronounced her name. Ironically and strikingly, the caller was good
that she kept him on the phone past the top of the hour break. I knew the caller
(was a regular) older gentlemen but come on Ms. Willis, take your ego and put it
on pedestal where I don't have to smell it over the decaying stench of Coast to Coast AM.

On the December 26th, 2014 show, didn't get past the hour, Ms. Willis'
vocal mannerisms are similar to George Noorys, terribly annoying. *CLICK*
Dave Shrader tries hard but he slips into Noory's vocal idioms and syntax and doesn't have
the critical reasoning skills to delve deeper into his subjects and guests. Now, Lisa Garr, is
equally as garish, with 'moans, groans, grunts' and other disturbing sexual vocal mannerism only
punctuate the stupidity of CTC. Seriously, Lisa Garr sometimes sounds like she sitting
on a vibrating dildo with the gasps and groans she creates. It seems Premiere Radio is trying to
either market to the bull dyke and up and coming lesbian market as well as repressed homosexuals,
shamrock lovers, pudgy women, goth alcoholics, gun toting chew tobacco rag chewers with half
a set of teeth, and the mentally ill.
I digress.
George Noory will go down in history as the worst radio broadcaster in American history,
an American embarrassment in AM radio which is now a landscape of infomercials,
repeat of morning shows, and just repeats of bad commercials. Sadly, the only host who
is keeping Coast to Coast afloat is George Knapp.

Advertisers - Why you should avoid all Coast to Coast AM advertisers?

First of all if you are a listener to Coast to Coast AM. and liked to be
bombarded by commercials that accuse you the listener of being "a drug, or an alcoholic",
pseudo science products that aren't endorsed medically endorsed. One is C-A-R-N-I-V-O-R-A 's
background music is set to pornographic music and then repackaged as DYNAVITE for your dog?
The joke is on you listeners, Premiere radio and its coffers are laughing their way to the bank.
Yet, you guys and gals continue to support CTC...why?
Commercials that insult your intelligence? Selling fake gold certificates and then pawing them
off as real currency? But come on? Why do they insist their audience is comprised of drug
users and alcoholics? The help commercials I can understand maybe as public service announcement.
But listeners when you admit that you listen to Coast to Coast AM you are admitting
to being either an -- alcoholic or drug user? That's the perception Premiere radio has created.

Some of the advertisers on Coast to Coast AM need to be used with caution! Beware folks.
72 Hour food kits, called the George Noory Special? Indeed! Food
with a 25 year shelf life, terrible playing on fear. Think 1999.
One click Loan dot com? Why in God's name would you ever go to a loan shark who charges 25% interest?
Let alone why would you trust giving a radio program commercial your personal data? Don't.
Never call a 1-800 number on radio. When you call a 1-800 your name and number are entered
into Premiere radio's databases thus opening up your address and phone number to telemarketers.
So think again before you call a radio station.
It is apparent CTC and Premiere radio are desperate.
They stoop so low to pray on the poor audience who more or less cannot afford a television.
George Noory and Premiere don't care about it's listener. You never hear of any stories where
George Noory nor Premiere radio have actually helped any listeners.
So. Don't support their guests or their advertisers.
Premiere clean up the advertising.

So is Coast to Coast AM, dead? Likely so. More than seventy-five percent of the original
guests of Art Bell's original program are dead.
Premiere radio and George Noory have alienated so many guests by
--- refusing to let GUESTS plug their own website. George Noory refuses to let
GUEST plug their books or websites, creating an inconvenience for the listener to
find out the information for themselves. I will never click on CTC's website.
That is, you have to click on coast to coast am's website
to get the guest's website? Not ethical. CTC and its ad company get access your cookie and mega-cookie
files so that they can place web beacons and track your web presence.
It's better to go directly to the guests website and not through Premiere radios.
If you have a Facebook like on CTC kill their cookie by --unliking-- them.

Who is left for Snoron (Noory) to interview?
Just how terrible is Coast to Coast? Some of the better guests are often
perplexed during half way through the show when Noory's asks, "So, how did you get into your field?"
Shouldn't that question been asked at the beginning
of the interview? Let's face it George Noory has no talent. The reason
why Premier/iHeart Radio employ him is to prop their (the medias) own stupidity.
Let's face it? You the listener have power. When Coast to Coast
pawns one of their useless junk call their 1-800 advertisers and
tell them "I will not buy your product because George Noory is
terrible host", then hang up. Or if Coast has a guest on you like
but George is just blowing chunks out of the interview. Call or
email the guest and tell them "George Noory is doing your
research injustice don't ever appear on Coast to Coast AM,
I am boycotting your product". Hence, boycott all of their products
remember you the listener have power. Why put up with the bullshit
of iHeart radio. Get rid your iHeart radio and other trojanized/web beacons iPhone plug ins.
They are invasive and plant 'super cookies' which
track your data usage. Lets face it George Noory is a delusional loser,
and needs to be fired because of he's the bottom of the barrel
of American media. Noory's fake "David Letterman laugh imitation",
"I don't believe..., finishing off guests' comments. It is fact
Coast to Coast AM dumbs down the listener. For you students
who value your grade academically, NEVER NEVER use
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory as a source. You will lose
all credibility with your professors. Exceptions are critical analyses
and comparative themes. Criticize by never laud Noory nor CTC.

Long time listeners of Coast to Coast AM will remember during the sunset
of Art Bells chair at CTC implored his audience to find out the truths to
his program content by doing their own research.
"Do your own research, seek the truth for yourselves."
You current listeners of Coast to Coast AM should break the chains and
heed Art Bell's advice and break free of the stupidity.

Sep 3, 2017, 8:43:02 PM9/3/17
While I do not care for Lisa Garr or Connie Willis, I think this site is being hard on George Noory. Sometimes, he annoys me because he interrupts his guests just when I wish to listen to their answer, but for the most part, he is an intelligent, caring and capable interviewer who has a great appreciation of his audience.

What I find has changed with this show in the last 20 years or more is the quality of the people being interviewed. There are too many interviews with "pie in the sky" kind of subjects...Big Foot, for one, which no one has ever photographed. I am totally asleep with one more "orb in the sky" stories. zzzzzz.

Lisa Garr and Connie Willis just turn me off. I simply shut them off and go to Audio Books or some other iHeartradio station. These two women are similar. The have a "slouchy vocabulary",no credibility,and make stupid repetitive comments. I can barely tell them apart. I like George Knapp and some of the other weekend hosts. I miss Ian Punnet. I appreciate the intelligence of Richard Syrett and Jimmy Church. I miss John B. Wells and I question why he was fired. Please do not degrade this program further. I am a regular listener (27 years) and I miss my nighttime radio when I have must disconnect. One last comment. I was hoping to input my opinion here at this site, but I find all the comments vindictive and I am thinking they might be a counter operative...government/military against nighttime radio or some such. See? I learned that on nighttime radio! I am a fan.


Sep 4, 2017, 11:41:35 AM9/4/17

wrote in message
***Noory is lazy and has become nothing but a shill for "miracle cures" and
gold investments.

da Geezer's ghost

Sep 4, 2017, 12:19:42 PM9/4/17
On 9/4/2017 9:41 AM, Notroll2016 wrote:
> ***Noory is lazy and has become nothing but a shill for "miracle cures"
> and gold investments.

Hi Randall Sumner, hows tricks at the St. Louis Fed?


Sep 4, 2017, 1:49:28 PM9/4/17

"da Geezer's ghost" wrote in message news:oojues$kt0$
***I wouldn't know. Maybe you should ask them.

da Geezer's ghost

Sep 4, 2017, 1:59:37 PM9/4/17
to sure spent a lot of time using their puters to post here...


Sep 4, 2017, 3:43:53 PM9/4/17

"da Geezer's ghost" wrote in message news:ook4a6$uso$
***I sparred with Geezer and you're no Geezer.

da Geezer's ghost

Sep 4, 2017, 4:46:57 PM9/4/17
...u also got yer butt kicked by smith29, always...


Sep 4, 2017, 5:44:06 PM9/4/17

"da Geezer's ghost" wrote in message news:ooke3u$1h2d$
***Do you mean the guy who drove the old, shitty Cadillac. He was a hoot.
You must have been that turd Jimbo back in the day.

da Geezer's ghost

Sep 4, 2017, 6:28:28 PM9/4/17
...there was nothing shitty about that build, ever seen it?

> He was a hoot. You must have been that turd Jimbo back in the day.

guess again...

budvido .budvido

Apr 11, 2023, 8:13:36 AM4/11/23
John B. Wells was fired, IMHO because he was a way better host than Noory and was showing him up.

May 20, 2023, 8:12:25 AM5/20/23
budvido .budvido <> wrote:
> John B. Wells was fired, IMHO because he was a way better host than Noory and was showing him up.

Agree! I miss John B. Wells too lol
The life of a repoman is always intense!


Jun 17, 2023, 5:37:50 PM6/17/23
On Tue, 11 Apr 2023 05:13:35 -0700 (PDT)
"budvido .budvido" <> wrote:

> John B. Wells was fired, IMHO because he was a way better host than Noory and was showing him up.

Paranormal Radio App you clowns - free of surcharge!
dsubd <>
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