The facts about (afa-b)

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Jan 12, 2019, 8:59:53 PM1/12/19
*The facts about (afa-b)*

*by Bruce Kettler*

*Update: June 2005*

*The history of the afa-b takeover:*

The newsgroup "*/"/*was founded by Peggy Hall,
a*/real/*/*fan*./She had been a fan since Art
was at*KWDN*in Las Vegas, in 1988.

In May 1994, when it became intolerable because of the abuse
from the haters of*/Art Bell/*and his fans,
Keith Rowland formed a mailing list and Peggy had the group
deleted. Later, Tim Hill restarted it.

This link shows whatKeith Rowland
theArt Bell Web Site <>, wrote about
have occupied*/ (afa-b)/*.

This indicates <>who
some of the "afa-b bullies" are. "afa-b bullies" is a term of
Raymond Karcjzewski and others.

Later, a group calling themselves "Skepticult
<>" formed, branched off
from the the invaders of
Tim Hill had been the "afa-b bullies" original leader, but the
skepticult organization was started by Jon
Walsh.  This group announced they would be taking over
alt.paranormal.  I had originally coined the
word, "skepticult."

*Tim Hill claims he/founded/the newsgroup afa-b, though he only
restarted it.*

*Similarly, Blaine Henry, (aka "digger")blatant censor
<>, (another censor link
<>) claims*

It is understood by the author that these people have not
legally taken over anything.  There are many
new people on the net, and such propaganda as the above, makes
the claims a reality to them.

This page <>gives a
clear indication of the destructive activities of the
anti-art-bell fanatics.  Check out the links.

This page ismy commentary
<>on an FAQ.


"*Anti-Art Bell"*people occupy*/*with writing that the
major content of*/Art Bell/*'s program, or Art's personality, is
something they don't like. Why listen then?*They listen
<>*to*/Art Bell/*for no
other reason than to*/repeatedly/*look for things to complain about.
When such people call themselves "*fans*," they show even greater
delusion. A realistic solution would be for them to start a newsgroup

Why would anyone want to post to a newsgroup with people in it who hate
Art Bell?  Indeed, that is why so many who look at the newsgroup do not
want to post.  However, change can be brought about, and you can help.



Jan 12, 2019, 9:15:46 PM1/12/19

This group is called It's for talking about Art
Bell, his radio show (and replacement hosts), his/their guests, and
whatever else we choose to discuss. We've got more than enough
foolishness right here in this group without having to go trolling
for more.

Unfortunately, every nutcake crystal-rubbing, bunny-hugging, tree-
sitting, tofu-eating, Volvo-driving, whale-watching, New-Age,
backyard-preaching, Bible-thumping, god-bothering, bigfoot-chasing,
spoon-bending, remote-viewing, star-gazing, reverse-swearing,
reptile-fucking, carpet-munching, fudge-packing, toad-licking,
goat-sucking, Clinton-loving, flame-trolling, pamphlet-peddling,
horoscope-reading, alien abductee seems to think it's fun to post his
or her dreck into afa-b.

Not only that, but we're also plagued by every goddam hypocritical,
brain-dead, mega-dittoing, Reagan-worshipping, Newtie-following,
Clinton-bashing, Hillary-hating, gun-hugging, miltia-joining, bunny-
bopping, forest-raping, earth-paving, river-damming, species-
exterminating, ozone-trashing, pickup-with-gun-rack-driving,
Medicare-killing, tax-avoiding, mind-controlling, urban-legend-quoting,
trickle-downing, "liberal"-hating, gay-bashing, femiNazi-spewing,
hate-spouting, Bible-quoting, Moral Mafia, jack-booted,
cross-burning, Klan-joining, Commie-baiting, conspiracy-theorist,
neo-Nazi, crypto- Fascist, radical-right-wing ditto-head that comes down
the pike.

Then, when a few of us shred these fatheads to bits by debunking
their favorite fantasy, they start whining.

Please lurk before you make an ass of yourself, then:

If you can't stand the heat, stay the hell out of our newsgroup.

"This is not a gentle place."

In the interest of evenhandedness, and to enjoy one of our
favorite kooks rants, we also present The Woo Woo View:

"AFAB = newsgroup. It is a prime example of
a gathering place for hooded, cowardly, government/media
disinformation agents who operate behind multiple aliases as
they prey on others, intimidating and misdirecting attention
away from those who engage in serious dialog. It is a meeting
place of ignoramuses who seek to promote the Bassackward
societal traits of irresponsibility, violence, human
degradation, and ignorance under the guise of Free Speech."
By Ray "Linenoise" Karczewski

Hope This Helps.

(Revised 4/30/2000)
(Posted in Memory of Glen Quarnstrom)

Jan 14, 2019, 4:05:48 PM1/14/19
Don't forget to take teh K00ksie Challenge.

Teh Barfing Yak

Dec 5, 2019, 9:29:19 PM12/5/19
I thought about Glen today when I was cutting down a tree. I can only imagine his utter meltdown about Trump;)

Teh Barfing Yak

Dec 9, 2019, 2:36:35 PM12/9/19
On Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 8:29:19 PM UTC-6, wrote:
> I thought about Glen today when I was cutting down a tree. I can only imagine his utter meltdown about Trump;)

But teh Trump is good. Good.
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