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Jul 23, 2007, 11:15:37 PM7/23/07

the U.S. government that I had
* been convicted of incest in the United States and that I was a
* dangerous individual.
* And based on this assumption, the French Police conducted their own
* interviews, but my friends happily knew me well enough. When they
* found out they had been misled, the French Police called everybody
* back and apologized.
* Nevertheless, an enormous amount of effort was put out in France to
* go and talk to all these people and a similar thing was done in
* Germany. This was not all free. It was hideously expensive. And the
* repercussions --- I don't know what they are yet. I haven't talked
* to all the families.
* In the end, everything I received back was essentially destroyed.
* My computer was broken.
* All my prints were badly damaged.
* Some of them had been wadded up and thrown away and then taken out
* of the waste basket and flattened out again.

It cost Sturges $100,000 in legal fees, loss of major clients, much income,
seizure of his life's work, the tools of his trade, and made him feel
depressed about his life's work.

Our government uses Orwellian terror tactics
to control the politically incorrect:

Jock Sturges:

At my lowest point in this affair, I almost decided to jump
from the San Francisco bridge. I had stopped my car.


# 450 Golden Gate Avenue
# San Francisco, CA 94102
# Dear Sirs, 7/6/90
# I am responding to a report on CNN last night.
# They showed a photographer, Jock Sturges, and some of his unpublished
# photos, and said the FBI confiscated them. According to the report, no
# sex was involved in the photos, he's a reputable photog, and the San
# Francisco City Council went so far as to pass a bill/resolution saying
# the FBI should release the collection.

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