America's Independent Party nominates Alan Keyes for President

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Steve Schulin

Aug 22, 2008, 5:53:00 PM8/22/08
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America's Independent Party

America's Independent Party nominates Alan Keyes for President
Fenton, MI - August 21, 2008

America's Independent Party met last night in its inaugural National
Convention and chose former Reagan diplomat Alan Keyes of Maryland as its
nominee for President of the United States.

A platform was also debated and adopted, and national officers were elected.

America's Independent Party is being built by Reagan pro-life, pro-family,
"Peace through Strength" conservatives who believe that the Republican Party,
with the pending nomination of John McCain, has abandoned the principles of
Ronald Reagan - particularly the Reagan pro-life platform plank that
recognizes the personhood of the unborn and their protection by the
Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

The party also opposes John McCain on many other important points, including
his opposition to a federal amendment protecting traditional marriage and the
natural family; his sponsorship of the McCain/Feingold legislation, which
they view as a direct attack on their First Amendment rights to political
free speech and grassroots citizen activism; his long-time support for
so-called "comprehensive immigration reform," which they consider to be
amnesty; and his support for the global warming agenda, which they believe
will destroy our economy and strip us of our national sovereignty if pursued
as public policy.

Since the founders of AIP are primarily long-time Keyes supporters, their
opposition to Barack Obama is simply an extension of the work against the
presumptive Democrat nominee that they started four years ago during the
Illinois Keyes/Obama U.S. Senate race.

Chairman Tom Hoefling, commenting on the convention, said, "We may not have
balloons, funny hats, and millions of dollars pouring into our coffers from
corporate sponsors, but we have something that is much more important:
regular folks - housewives, small business people, factory workers, truck
drivers, accountants, executives, pastors, moms, dads - good-hearted people
who love their country and want to save it. The Republicans and the Democrats
no longer represent We the People.' That's why we intend to change American
politics from the bottom up, by example."

AIP had intended to nominate American Right to Life President Brian Rohrbough
of Colorado for Vice President, but delegates unanimously voted to table the
nomination pending next week's court decision in California that will decide
if Dr. Keyes will be on the ballot as the nominee of America's Independent
Party's newest and largest affiliate, the American Independent Party.

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AIP Convention nomination speech
Dave Racer
August 20, 2008

This is an historic occasion, and I am blessed and thankful to be a part of

My active journey with Alan Keyes began in Des Moines, Iowa, in June of 1995.
That day, after introducing him, I sat and listened. I was captured by his
passion and his words, as were tens of thousands of Americans during that
campaign season.

Eventually, he asked me to become his national campaign manager. In this
capacity I witnessed something unseen in my long political experience. I
witnessed a prairie fire launched by the passion, conviction, and words of
this great scholar, this great man, this great American, this great friend,
Alan Keyes.

This prairie fire sprang from the hearts ignited by the words Dr. Keyes
carefully chose at each campaign stop. At each place hundreds of people rose
up and to renue the kind of America envisioned by our founding fathers.

Dr. Keyes found those great words in his careful and thoughtful study of
human nature, in the Bible, in the great books of human history, but so
greatly inspired by the Declaration of Independence. At the end of the
campaign, he and I founded the Declaration Foundation. And I want to share
with you some of Dr. Keyes' words that he shared at our inaugural event in
San Diego, 1996. He spoke of real conviction to principles, instead of
blowing with every political breeze. He said:

"What's not so good is that you can't just pretend with rhetoric, because our
principles have consequences for the great issues of right and wrong that we
face as a people. And, in the course of our history, the great turning points
of American life have been those moments when as a people, we faced the
crossroads. And down one road we could see the future implied by our
Declaration, and down the other the future implied by our abandonment of it,
and we had to make a choice." Dr. Keyes made a choice then, and he is making
an even more courageous choice now. He needs others to boldly walk that road
with him, to face the crises of today with courage, and to rediscover our
ideals and be willing to fight for them.

Again, to quote Dr. Keyes' Declaration Foundation address: "And actually,
when we reach the great crises, the great moments when we have to make that
demand upon patriotism, then all of a sudden we rediscover that this nation
is about high ideals and noble aspirations and a better understanding of
human nature than seems to characterize our politics of today."

How much more true are those words in 2008? Our politics of today, of change
for change sake, of hope that is no hope, of courage that is at its root,
cowardice, that abandons the most vulnerable among us, and gambles with our
national security. This is the time for a leader with high ideals and noble

Such real change, changing the hearts of men and of women and of young
people, will come with great sacrifice. Dr. Keyes is making that sacrifice.
You are making that sacrifice. But it will take more. It requires a pledge of
our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

There is no better way to end these comments than with the words Dr. Keyes
ended his Declaration speech, and I urge you to listen carefully.

"I hope this will be a way for us to pledge ourselves to a renewal so that
we can pass on intact to those children we see, and to those children we
shall never see, that heritage of freedom which is our real responsibility,
so that, when we shut our eyes in the sleep of death and go to seek the Lord,
we will be able to look back on our role as citizens knowing that we did what
we could to make sure that this would still be a nation, in the best sense,
free, and in the best sense, whole, and true to its beginnings. If we do
that, then I think we shall have done all we can do, as citizens. The rest is
up to God."

My fellow American citizens, I proudly nominate Alan Keyes to be the next
President of the United States of America.

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