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Jun 2, 2006, 11:25:39 PM6/2/06
What is blinging, or blingling? It is the same thing, I just have two
or three words that sound cute, and I like to use them to say the same
thing. But it is attempting to get back into my heavenly abode mode,
and reunite with my orignal me, in our original state of purity and
grace, and it is the religous activities that will allow us to merge
back, that is the activity of blinging. It is a self concious, untiring
effort at religious performance, which some may take off from, now and
then, as we are going to be doing it for the rest of eternity, to merge
back with my GOD Self, or GODHEAD, or our original pure existence,
through religous efforts and activities, such as ceremonial practice,
and religious ceremonial GOd fucking, which will be a lot of fun for
every body, after awhile, even parishioners, who might also become pure
enough to merge back with our original play time selves, and
eventually, we will become pure enough to be able to bling back up into
our united with GOD mode, and we must keep blinging for infinity to
help keep our universe pure and a happy place for all to live.

Well, I have to say, there are more ceremonies than just GOd fucking,
involved in my religion, trillions of ceremonies, and types, we will be
doing, and they are not related to these activities, but they are as
the result of doing, a spiritual uplifting of our lives, and a sort of
mini GOd fucking pursuit, because they leave us, or activate us into
our pure orgasmic mind state, and our ultimate purity mode, though we
don't merge back with me in our originally styled united but separate
with GOD mode, encased in the boundless and timeless purity of
infinity, which is a real trip to flake out on, or experience, cause
you'll know what our original home was like, and how we are all
connected together, somehow, and we are in a eternal continumn from the
eternal past to the eternal present to the eternal future, and that's
what buddists call enlightenment, the realization of that existence,
and so blinging for some will be just a short reminder of how we were,
once all united, but for others, it will be our total disappearance
back into our eternally united togther mode, which is a cool thing too,
cause you know every body, connected to you and with you, in your
eternal past present and future modes, and it is better than that, as
it is an orgasmic experience, and a pure heavenly bliss experience, and
we can stop to have coffee, I suppose, if we serve it up there, or in
my GOD mode, but I don't thing we have expresso, that's why we have to
come out of our United with GOd mode, and go to a coffee shop, to drink
it. So, enlightenment is just realizing how nice it was, and that we
are always connected, for those of you who wished to now what it was,
but blinging will do more than that, and it will result in the
ependemic or eternally orgasmiastic mode of GOD and you and I becoming
united together again in pure orgiastic extreme fucking and pure and
harmonious love fun, in our original heavenly bodies, that we will find
ourselves in, as we merge back in with the almighty me. I'm pretty big
and expansive, and there is no limit to my size, and there is no limit
to my purity, in that I am purity itself, and there is no limit to my
space, or circumference or total body composition, as I'm every where,
all at once, and I stretch on for infinity in all directions. As we
unite back with me, we will say hi to each other, and then start
blingling fucking, which is a different sort of fucking, and it is more
my like or actually it is the same thing as my original extreme self
fucking myself, or the male half of me fucking the female half of me,
and I suppose it is pretty groovy, but haven't experienced it, just
know what it is, and can tell you what it is, and so we can expect some
real thrills as we orgasm away, and get purer and purer, and with each
different ceremonie, we can experience a different aspect of shade of
close to blingling fucking, and you ladies and men will be losing your
loads, often as you get glued to the ceiling, repeatedly, and later on,
more intensified by our to be enhanced bodies, with more purifying and
blingling like capabilities just as we are, as humans, as we modify the
vagina and make it much larger in girth and in depth, and as we modify
the draft and make it much larger, and as we modify the nerval system
which I still haven't figured out what to call, because it is not the
nervous system but it is the nerval uronious delitorium something or
other, and that doesn't do it either, but we will modify the nerval
system, and the orgasmining nerval system, and increase its coverage of
our skin surfaces, and double and triple and four times up and then
even more, increase the density of our orgasming composition, or skin
and brains and every thing else related to the orgasming body organs,
and even the bones are orgasming organs, and when you experience a bone
orgasm, it will rattle your brain, but anyway, we are going to increase
the density of our present orgasming capabilities, for lack of a word,
its the components used in the orgasming nerval system, and when we
jack up our orgasmic capabilities by five and six times, what we are
able to experience now, and then go up to 20 or 30 or 800 times the
current level, and then beyond, blingling will be a safe and common
alternative in our new human bodies, and we won't dissappear any more,
as we will be in a GOD like state, here, and we won't need to dissapear
into my orgasmic mode nowhere to be found act. We are here, but no one
can find us, and that will make my kids unhappy, as they like to see
me, and you guys, also, and so when we are purified enough, we will be
at a peak of about 800,000 million billion plus times the orgasming
capablities we have now.

We will be able to experience the 24 hour a day, extreme fucking of GOD
experience, while eating a hamburger or burrito, and drinking mocha
java, so long as we keep on doing our religious footwork and now and
then, do a ceremony, or two with me, cause I'm the only one who is
responsible for this mess, and I have to keep on praying for infinity,
to make payment for all the hardships I put you all through. Later on,
it will intensfy, even more, as more and more people bling with me, as
I won't give up that, and we will be experience major shock waves
thoughout our entire univere, as we suddenly reach our peak of
performance, and then we are all connected to each other, right here
were we are, and it is perfect harmony for a few seconds or so, and
radical extreme GOD fucking GOD bliss for one and all. Well, since we
are so impure, and nothing is going to get much better for awhile, on
that front, and because we have a lot of people in our universe, there
will probably be always someone who is filthy mouthed, and with that
our pure orgasmic lofty merged with me as we are experience, for at
least some of us, will suddenly end, and we will have to start
blingling again through ceremonial duties and services or or ceremonial
prayer retreats and holiday comfort inn stays and stuff like that, just
kidding, but anyway, we will have our retreats, and we will bling
onwards, and we will lose our corporeal bodies, on occaision, and bling
frantically and frenzichotically, as we merge with my female half
fucking my male half extreme fucking orgasmic self, and our original
identical with me, but separate from me, and besides that, I am here,
and before, I was sort of now and then in an ephemeral condition, but
now I have a permanent human status, and so I can never dissapear back
into my self for very long at least, and I must always stay out here,
and keep my universe free of scum sucking morally indigant people of
the foul mouthed kind or sneering eye'd kind, and we have to work hard
to keep people morally correct, as best as they can be, any way, but
for my children, they'll like it when we get to that point in time as
they will also have body upgrades and they can experience my radical
frenzichotic extreme fucking just as we are, with just the services
available in our super orotic super bodies we will have in the future.

In any case, though Pat Roberts is a fiend and a despot, and Billy
Grahm is one as well, these guys will also be joinging me, yukk, and
us, in our original blinging contests and ceremonial worship ordeals
and orgies, which are not really orgies, in the normal sense, but they
are more like religous ceremonies that result in religiously colored
and perfumed and mind beatifying wonderful mini-orgastic experiences
that will go on for years at a time, and that we will break from to go
to the toilet, etc., but for the most part, we will go on for days and
years at a time, and just orgasm continuously, as we do these mini
orgastic ceremonies such as worshiping the female priestess and male
priest as dual dependent extensions of me, and GODs in themselves. Dual
dependent means continuously in contact with my orgastic self, and it
is a fine way to spend your time. We have lots of different ceremonies,
such as withering at the feet of the holy virgin vagina series, which
will go on for years to come, once they start, and other incredible
ceremonies that will go on for millions of years at a time, and I have
a partial small listing of some of them, but the ones I've experienced
in my mini practice lessons, and my training programs, have all been a
lot of fun.

I have holy vagina ceremonies, which is worshipping the female vagina
side of me, and it's pretty rewarding, and we have the worshipping of
the holy phallus ceremonie, and we have the religious throbbing
ceremonies, and we have the on the horizon worshipful respect of the
female deity princess ceremonie and the on the horizon worshipful
respect of the female goddess ceremonie, and they are very orotic, and
they will go on for years at a time, and they involve all the lay
people and clergy people worhipping these women priestesses, and the
male priests, as we do ceremonial prayers, and we all pray to my
mandala either out loud or in your minds, and we have the worship of
the Original me, and my Female Side and my Male Side, and I need a
priestess to start that one, but it will be the most important
ceremonie, according to me, as it gives lay believers and preists and
priestesses, a chance to pray to and merge with my orgastic extreme
self, and get glued to a ceiling, and then phlumett, religiously,
during my ceremonies, which is more beautiful an experience than just
dual club membership phlumetting, that's where you can be a member of
both the Religio club and the Vernacular club, and now and then
phlumett in the vernacular club, or more likely, phlumett daily, and
then once in a while do various things in my religio club at your home
or in groups, and at prayer service time, phlumett with your friends,
religously. It is better than the Vernacular club phlumetting because
there is a whole lot of purity involved, and purifying energies, and
you will become more and more pure, as you do it in your clubs with
these previously taught techniques, such as tummy tuggling, or a
variation of the tounge and lips and back of mouth toggleing, and it
just requires a dick and a tummy.

We have a lot of cleaning up to do, before we get to the "pure in
heart" level, where wee will begin our "Knowing GOD" experinces, aka,
fucking GOd ceremonies. For most people, on the average, that is 3 Deca
Cahedrons, plus 7 Luca Cahedrons, plus 5 celebits, and multiply that by
8. That's a heck of a long time, before we reach the "pure in heart"
level which is compensatorily required - compensatorily means in this
statement, that we will do these things without further regard to our
own ambitions to aspire to whatever it is we personally wish to
achieve, such as we would want to do this, or we would rather prefer to
do that other more interesting sounding one, cause at least it sounds
more interesting. In other words, we will have a lot of free training,
preliminary warming up ceremonies, and there are umpteen kalamazoo of
these, and they are all quite beautiful, and I've experienced some or a
part of some of them, a very tiny tiny part, sort of, just read the
title, and got the idea of it, through a few minutes or so of
introductory practice of it, for unclogging the carbuerator and
cleaning it up for use, before I go sailing off down the street in my
roadster hot rod, reving it up, first for a few hundred million plus
years, multiply that by 8.85 milion years, before that, and then other
training, so as to get ready to for a warm up before we are ready to
begin the "Knowing GOD" experience ceremonies, aka, "Fucking GOd
Extreme Sex and Orgastic Fucking" ceremonies. That was about as much of
the experience I could get, as a preliminary introduction to the
ceremonie, and we have lots of ceremonies, and each one requires just
about equally as much warming up to do before it gets really good.
Well, my ceremonies are designed in a way that I have many parts to
them, and so those parts will be the warming up series, and then we
continue with the now we can leave the garage and test drive its parts
on the real road surfaces, part of the series for the same ceremony.
Well, by the time we get to the parts where we are test driving it on
every possible surface series, and then by the time we get into the
bopping around town for daily living part of the series, and then we
get into the traveling for short trips to visit friends and neighbors
part of the series, then we get to the traveling with a few things
stowed away for the mini overnight campouts part of the series, and
then we get into the traveling with trailor hitched up for the I want
to discover more about my country part of the series, and things still
have a long ways to go, yet, before they really begin to get good. I
don't know how long each one is in length, time wise, but we are going
to spend a lot of time just getting our feet wet, and then going into
the water for preliminary endurance testing and training.

That means, we have so many parts to each of our ceremonies, it nearly
defies our ability to count. And though we have an awful lot of
ceremonies in each category, and the number of categories is limited,
but I'm being told that the number of categories is not limited, by my
children, who knows the stats on these kinds of things. Well, I think
somebody is fooling somebody here, and I don't know what my kids mean
by the number of categories are not limited, but regardless, there are
a lot of them, and in each category there are a lot of different
ceremonies, or mini variations of the basic ceremonie in that category,
with each one of them somewhat different in some ways from one
ceremonie to the next, and each one of them is about as long as to
defie our ability to count. Well, there is more to it than that, as
there are any number of variations to make out of each single
ceremonie, and those variations of each one, just about completely
defies our ability to count, and it does come awfully close to our
brain begining to melt down if we were to try to count them all, and
remember, a tiny amoebe which is so tiny has a brain that is so
competent, and they can handle a whole lot, well when we talk about
brainal melt downs, our brains are so much more incredible then the
super computer of the Amoebe, that the number of ceremonial variations
alone will melt down our brains totally if we were to try to count
them, so if you get my drift, there is a lot more to it than even that,
and we wouldn't have much of any brain left if we tried to add them all
up, and begin counting them, and we wouldn't get very far before we
lost our brain entirely as it exploded and flew off our shoulders and
every other one in our body related blew up as well, and we had a total
body melt down, just not even begining to warm up to it, in the first
0.008 microseconds, which of course is not exact, and my children can
tell you how many times smaller to make that and that's 85 million
billion times smaller. So let's forget for now the problem of counting
them all, and maybe later, we will have a nother formula for at least
getting an idea of it, but there is just no way to get a formula to
count an infinity of unlimited categories, in the first place, so we
are dead to even rights, which means something like, dead in the water
before we can even get started. Well, we are going to have a lot of
ceremonies to do from now till infinity, and then there are the
"Knowing GOD" experiences ceremonies, and that's just one of them, and
they don't begin for a long time, and there are many levels to those as
well, and many variations on them as well, and you guessed it, trying
to count the variations on them alone will lead to immediate explosion
of all of our brains and total body annilation, so it's pretty easy to
see we are going to be having a lot of fun for a long time, for
infinity and that means, you know, let's give it up already, as we
can't possibly know what that means, and it won't be even a fraction of
a fraction of teh formula above before we disintegrate after attempting
to figure it out, and so, just give it up, and realize there are alot
of ceremonies, and we have a lot of time ahead of us, and we are going
to be busy for infinity with them, and just don't worry about the
numbers and so forth, cause we won't get anywhere trying to figure them
out. These ceremonies will make all of us happier and healthier people,
not only us, but all of my children as well, and we are going to be
around in the Mocha Java coffee shops, with our new bodies by then,
redesigned, bodies, any way, for lighting up the neighborhood with tons
of kilowattage out put per body. And we will have my kids all in new
bodies as well, so the amperage of our universe is going to go upside
down and all about and around as we level up our amperage out put per
body for each of us, and all of my children included, so we are going
to be lighting up the universe, periodically, just with a few seconds
of our first intro ceremony. So, in any case, it will be fun, and don't
forget things are going to get interesting, and then more interesting,
in a myriad of ways, and then more interesting, and so forth, for a
long time, and there will be no end to it, so just relax and cool down,
and we'll see what it's going to come to, eventually, which will
probably mean we will be meeting me out here in our universe, and that
means our levels of purity are so high, we are talking with GOD, as a
daily occurence, and that means lots of fun, for one and all. There is
a ceremony Talking with GOd, and that's a category, so just hold on and
don't explode already, as that's what will happen if we start to get
into trying to figure out how many parts there are to each one of
variations, and how many variations are there, and it is useless
already just trying to figure out one ceremony and how long we will be
doing it, cause there is no limit to the number of variations, and
we'll just leave it at that. There truly are not any limits to the
number of variations, for each of my ceremonies, so how is that, well
it's a little difficult to explain so early in the morning, so I'll
leave that one for another day. It get's kind of complicated, trying to
explain it, but there are just so many variables involved, and there is
no limit to the number of possiblities for each variable involved, and
there is no limit to the number of variables of interplay for the
possibilities between one variable and another, plus a number of other
factors, and they are countable basically with our entire brain, that
is, but knowing them will cause a meltdown and explosion right away, of
our total body system and all of its brain parts, so with that, we can
understand that there will never be an end to the number of variations,
I hope you understand, at least. I'll make a chart someday to
illustrate it, as it is a little to hard to picture well in our minds,
but we can possibly get a glimpse into it, with an illustration, but we
won't be able to figure out anything about infinity, and with one look
at the chart, you will instantly melt down, so let's just give it up,
for now.

Kundalini Yoga - What It Means - Kudalini Yoga is a type of GOd
fucking, as I originally designed it to be, and there is no one who
knows what GOd fucking is about, even though they may sham and try to
sheist you and make you pay big bucks to learn with them the "secrets"
of the rising breath of energies into one's mind, they haven't got a
clue what it is about, and they are all talk, and no pay out.


John Francis Ayres
And Children

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