a love letter to usama bin laden

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ruthless be man

Sep 26, 2006, 9:49:00 PM9/26/06
psychic killer invisibility

isnt it fuckin awesome ?

i can whack a hundred thousand ppl

with one

psychic curse and

is so unbelievable

it's never believed

funny as

blue oyster cult
'veteran of the psychic wars'

so i;ve had

two really big kills

around a hundred thousand dead and

th dead only complain to me


killin 125000 ppl is

delicious and

no-one ever believes a word

and if they do

th person they tell it to

dismisses it

funny as


five yrs i;ve

killed ppl


and online

i've finally learned a little discretion

whwn hamster stuck that jet car

at 300 mile an hour

into th pavement

i smiled

hey he's gunna live


voodoo hexes work good hey hamster


dont let these shakes go on - lyric


ok computer

90 % of my kills are

from th ground moving


we worship th land for


th white cunts here say

eighty thousand yrs

but they dont know shit

they just guess shit




sorry about th white cunts tag

i'm half white


half black

half boy
half girl

born on a cusp

water fire


when you wrote this song guys

did ya see

ppl like me

half burnt out

livin with our kills

smilin at th joke about

th winner of th aceh surfing open

bein won by a guy on a cupboard

with his family
also perched on top of it

on top of an

eighty foot wave


all i can say is

dont kill aussies

our magic is




but they never listen

and i'll get to

ask th land again

kill these cunts kuta

and she does


like any war

th collateral damage is

something to behold

women children

and non combatants


when i
first listened to this song

i never dreamed
i;d one day carry

truly horrible figures of

in my head
runnin near 95%

collateral damage at th moment


nah that;s not true

first time i listened to this

th chill went up my spine

already my gift

psychic gift

had shown me

i mouthed off about that cunt

seven days ago and

today we're all gathered around his


so i looked forward and maybe


fifty odd deaths against my name

young and silly

i could live with fifty at

thirteen but

i think i would have killed myself


if i'd known

i'd carry a quarter million



all music computer

random pls

david gray
'the other side'

it isnt
always good enough

to say

or even believe

i see th future backwards


i asked for th islamic terrorists

to be whacked and

th death toll th morning after

in th middle east

was seventy thousand and climbing fast

fuck man


i did have less trouble with it though

than watchin th footage of th aceh tsunami

hey man

i asked for that wave

fuckin terrorist cunts


kuta beach

fuck you cunts

cop this huge wave

joel turner and the modern day poets
'these kids'

dont u teach yr kids

livin with volcanos and

earthquakes that

if th water receedes

that it's gunna come back up again


even i knew that

and i live on th stablest island in th world



try to make myself feel a

bit better about my kills

but they were

retaliation for

attacks against us

and we are

th oldest practising religion in th world

aboriginal witchdoctor religion

80 000 yrs

is th current


i dunno

i see at least 150000 yrs back and

i still see my brothers and sisters here


u cunts
declared war on all other earthly religions

kuta is

real magic religion
a fuck of a lot older and

hey man
our god still works

u fuckers have to
resort to

puttin bombs on childrens backs
cause yr god wont

do yr bidding


i spit on u


this is yr great religion hey fellas

sendin children out to kill

suicide bombers

cause yr


doesnt work anymore

'day you come'

put a fatwah on me and

i'll send another fuckin tsunami

not a threat

a promise


i dont see
yr god's magic

helpin u
to whack yr enemies

i see men
forcing boys

to kill emselves
for some notion of

goodies in th afterlife
virgins indeed


i ask one question

off my god

cause u cunts bombed kuta beach

a second time and

i see a hundred thousand ppl

dead and dying

on my television

th next day


when yr religion is

21 thousand yrs old and

can prove it;s magic

maybe then


in th meantime

u cunts dont bother me

will smith

if you have to
send a child

with a bomb

or a gun
to kill me

yr religion
has proved nuthing

and my juju so big

th last cunt to fire a

live gun at me

turned it on himself

and blew his brains out


bee careful cunts

i fuck with electricity


th little switches u use

i can




fuckin juvenile religions

runnin all over this planet

a bunch of

neotenous rock apes

'beautiful way'
elvis costello
'olivers army'

cmon usama
come and scare me with yr

little kids


cmon cunt it'll

allow me to throw another

big one at ya

i'll catch u hiding

in yr cave

bring th roof down on yr head like


like th rooves of th

religious schools in

northern pakistan


kill the

islamic terrorist cunts i said

the very soul of th problem

boy did my god



and in less than a day


it;s dumb to

try and take on

all th religions of th world cunt


might not bee as educated
as you thought you were

machine gun fellatio
'the mirrorballs starting to rock MkII'

our history books in oz

still say

th witchdoctor kills u

cause u know

he cursed u

wrtitten by some




files just liek this one

buried in th internet

dated psychic predictions of

mass death

say otherwise


kuta doesnt hit at

our brothers and sisters

we avenge


for fifty odd aussies killed

kuta whacked 125000 ppl

ya did ut again

killed five aussies n yr

underhanded way

so we underarm bowled ya again and

another 100 thousand dead


want th killing to stop ?

throw usama's body

into th street

where it can bee found

'push th little daisies'

th yanks didnt suspect you were dead and

didnt agree with their assesment

i been seein yr body for ages


cmon guys

most deadly witchdoctor in th world

has been throwin

shit at him

we know his compadres wont

admit when th cunt dies

we'll use other methods


is sick of watchin th tv news

with children
bein forced by

human's with no connection to god
forcin em to kill in religion's name

'breaking it slowly'

yr religion

may have done miracles

a fuckin long time ago

if ya can trust wot th

peasants back then

wrote about it and

they were an ignorant lot

does anybody believe anythign a peasant says


kuta religion


real miracles

we have real magic


have we already gotten u usama ?

my magic moves mountains

i watched th footage

of yr highest mountains

crumbled into th villages

and all th caves sealed or

completely crushed


i wait for our next contretemps


in th knowledge

that yr magic is

minimal at best and

pete murray
'so beautiful'

did ya know usama

about th money curse

thrown by kuta religion

seven days

before u commanded yr children

to fly into th world trade towers


we watched that money
travel in a bank transfer

to new york
and when yr first

flew into th big building

i was sittin here
cros legged readin

tom wolfe's
the right stuff

on th american space program
page three

on wot it's like
to die in burning aviation fuel

so i'd know


so to kuta religion u are

nuthing but an istrument


our religion

not yrs


just like

when we whacked dr death

thusual way

in an internet server and

12 days later

th bad doctor

who made th bombs

for th kuta beach bombing

got whacked by th
indonesian police

th police in this case

also our instrument

'pride'(in the name of love)

can a

non magic religion

an offshoot ok

a perverted thing of th

main religion

take on a real magic religion

and win


my kill count is higher than yrs usama

and for much less effort and

very little



if kuta
has to whack another

hundred thousand
ppl in th religion u practise

to chase after u
can u live with it ?


talk about yr ancient religions like

flight sim
4 non blondes
'what's goin on'(techno remix)

tens of thosuands of yrs

is th age of our religion


young fuckin whippersnappers with

lots of faith and

very little




i point th bone of death at some cunt

he fuckin dies


experiment shows

he dies

within seven days

plus or minus six


if th cunt is gunna ide

it's between oen day and
twelve days after

th bone of death has been sung at


i sang for six yrs

on strete corners

ridin a unicycle

round th after midnight scene

not for money

for th juju

australian aboriginal magic


now my juju is
big enough

i can kill
a hundred thousand at a time

is it too much power
in one man;s hands

but it's
th magic of th oldest land

and i grew up
in kuta volcano and

i use my huge juju


sorry hamster man

just wanted to ruffle yr feathers for

crackin age jokes at jeremy

on top gear

300 mile an hour jet car crash hey


maybe i shouldnt have chucked that hex at ya

on th net

fr bein a young arrogant cunt


i can


and i got somethin to prove

yr history books are wrong

half my family are teachers

teachin crap

as fact


glad ya survived hamster

nice to know i can

throw subtlety

ya can probly understand

man who throws

death curses

that kill

in th hundred thousands can

just lay ya up in

hospital for a good long while


aboriginal black tracker

is hunting u usama
is best to know

who u pick fights with


evry cunt in th fuckin world

dismisses australian aboriginals

we were here


the offspring
'she's got issues'

damn straight computer


ya think we learned nuthin because

we lived a

hunter gatherer lifestyle

labelled us as



my blue balls

th testicles that ache

every day

33 yrs usama
makes me a

mean cunt

a magic mean cunt with
savages testicles

which strangely enoguh

i inherited from my white half

from th dutch


declare war on me ya cunt

by my figures man

i'm winnin

one man

in a bedroom in australia

with a phone connection

to th internet

pearl jam

"that's me man, black"

"my nickname in oz for twenty odd yrs"

we're a weird mob

"yeah but we're lethal'

war is hell


i'm sorry yr
payin for this cunt

declarin war on us but
i have twenty odd million australians

screamin at me
the kadaitcha man of australia

to avenge our deaths


we do that

dont think u'll liek it much

we do that


us aussies

came out of vietnam

with th highest killcount and

in war

just like we were in gallipoli

we're fearless

and deadly


gunna send u a love letter usama

i'll be gratefull

if th reader

does their utmost

to give u a copy

kuta religion is


nasty enough to hurt em
if they dont

'bump bump bump'(remix 2)

yours sincerley


pirate jenny



'higher state of consciousness'

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