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A Little Girl at School & The Girl and the Magic Box by Georgia Bridges

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Apr 27, 2021, 5:26:12 AM4/27/21
A Little Girl At School’

Georgia Bridges
(Edited by her uncle Daniel Daly)
© 2010

First Printer Printing:
Print run of 5 copies only
Printed 7th of April, 2010, in Tuggeranong Library

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had no parents because her parents were in heaven. They had a car crash so she had to stay at her grand-ma’s house. Once she went to school. She was so scared, so she went to her school class. She did well all of her work. When the bell rang she went to recess but she had no one to sit with her or play with her. So she went to a teacher and said ‘I don’t have someone to play or sit with me.’ So the teacher said ‘You can play with Emily and sit with her.’ so she said ‘Ok.’ So they sat together and played together. When the bell rang they went back to class and they did their work, and then the bell rang again and she went to get her lunch.

Then there were mean girls who came up to her and took her lunch off her and she was crying. Then she went to the teacher and said those mean girls took my lunch. So the teacher went over to the mean girls and said ‘Give her lunch back to her,’ and they did give it to her.

Then she went to the oval and she saw a cute guy playing soccer with the boys. So she played with Emily but she said to Emily ‘Should we play with the guys?’ and Emily said ‘I don’t know how to play soccer.’ But she said ‘Well you can ask the boys how to play,’ and they went to go to ask them ‘could we play with you’ and the guys said ‘yes you can play with us’. Then the girls said ‘but we don’t know how to play soccer’ but then the guys said ‘that’s ok, we can show you how to play soccer with us’. So they played together and then when the bell rang again they all went back to class and they did there work again.

Then she saw the guy in her class and she kept looking at him and doing her work when the bell rang to go home.

One day the little girl grew up, so she is not a little girl any more, she is a big girl and she is in high school now with her friend Emily.


Once upon a time there was a girl name Juliet and she was wonderful and beautiful now let’s begin the story now called the girl and the magic box. Once ponere a time there was Juliet at school with her friends when it was time to go home Juliet saw someone came up to her and it was a old lady and the old lady said here you can have the box but don’t open the lid and Juliet said ok I won’t open the box and the old lady gave the box to Juliet and so fast to her house when Juliet was at home Juliet mum said what that in your bag and Juliet said is just for with letters in a box the letters are from my friends and Juliet mum said ok and Juliet went to her room Juliet was so exited to open the lid but she cant opened because the old lady said do not open the lid but any way the old lady wont no . When Juliet mum said dinner time and put pyjamas on. Ok said Juliet. When Juliet put her pyjamas on and had finished her dinner. Then it was time for bed and Juliet wanted to open the box so she open the box and there was something so weird the box was shaking and her room. Then Juliet looked in to the box. Then she saw something in there and she felt in the box. She didn’t no were was she some place like a fairy and she had wings on her back then she saw a queen and king fairy they said welcome to the fairy’s place and Juliet had some fairy friends and they show her were to sleep. The next morning the queen and king fairy said to Juliet the goblins take our diamonds they are our spiriest like people wish something like a toy and Juliet said why are the goblins taking your diamonds the queen and king said they are taking our diamonds but we just don’t know why they are taking our diamonds any way how about you just play with your friends. Ok said Juliet so Juliet plays with her friends and sometime comes back to school everyday sunrise and go back to the fairy’s place again everyday until is the end to get our diamonds back and they will never come back.
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