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Greg Daly Fanfic

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May 18, 2023, 4:35:10 AM5/18/23

A Knock at the Door


Greg: Henry, the critters have done their work. Time has passed and I have become 'Enviro-Man'.

The Scene shows James on the Couch then flashes to Greg in a colour Green Outfit, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Greg Says. 'I have a Mission Henry. And I need Your Help. The Critters have a Job, now. To rule the world. And Enviro-Man needs a sidekick. And you are the chosen one, Henry. You are the Chosen One.' Focus on James: 'I'd rather repair my broken light-saber. Where is that thing anyway?'

Christie: Doing dishes in the kitchen. 'Enviro Man. We are out of groceries. Go down to Enviro shop and do some shopping.'

Greg: 'I need some cash, Enviro wife.'

Christie: 'Use your card, enviro man. It saves the environment by being reusable.'

Greg: 'The Critters shall approve. Come on faithful sidekick of many adventures. We're going to the shops.'

James: 'Blasted Critters. And Fitzroy Smith was coming over as well.'

A Knock at the Door: Greginstein

James sat on the kitchen bench. He was sullen.

'My favourite light saber is broken,' he said. The lightstaber was broken on the bench.

Greginstein, all in green, with a collar and leash, which Christie held, was in the back behind the glass sliding door. She smiled at James and pulled Greginstein away.

The scene flashes to the mall. They are at 'Star Wars Repair Shop'. James presents his lightsaber.

'It would be cheaper to replace it,' says the ST Repair Man. James nods. He surveys the shop. Christie, holding Greginstein on a leash, stands next to sullen James as he investigates light sabers. He chooses one.

'I'll take this one,' he says.

'Good choice,' said the Repair Man.

James is sitting at the kitchen bench. The new light saber is before him. He is still sullen.

Greginstein is eating dinner. He plonks his fork into a pork chop and picks it up and says 'Brains' to James.

James just stares at Greginstein.

The End

SENTAPOL WARS: Jock Piallago

Jock Piallago works for the Sentapol Administration Bureau which is full of bastards who like to mess around with frustrated Sentapol citizens They like to give citizens the runaround and there are often endless forms they have to fill in, as the SAB likes to collect data and fill their records departments with lots of information of Sentapol activity. Jock delights in giving what he thinks are two lowlife thieves a hell of a runaround when they need certain approvals to register an abode which they plan on using as the basis for certain questionable activities. The Sentapol Security Network marked these thieves as troublemakers, and they are assigned a status of 'To Be Troubled' by the SAB.


Near the thieves suburb of Sentapol is 'The Junkyard'. The Optimizer lives in the Junkyard. The Optimizer has a very optimistic outlook on life. The optimizer can take any old criminal, reform his way, and turn him to the service of collecting 'Junk' for his yard with his special own brand of mind control and indoctrination. He puts a spell on em. The optimizer gets his cronies to scour Sentapol on a regular basis, like beachcombers, and bring back the shizz to his yard, where he looks it over, often gets 'Grag the Fixer-Upper' to restore some items, and then flogs them off to make some cashola. The Optimizer collects Bajan Silver for which he makes coins for the Junkyard sales shop, and is interested in acquiring this certain supply of Bajan Silver a couple of Sentapol lowlives have an interest in.
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