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Finding the Mate in Life

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Jan 24, 2021, 9:33:25 PM1/24/21
No condom can spread VD. Using condom can spread certain types of VD. Pashing can spread certain diseases. GENERAL IDEA: You pretty much need to keep it pretty clean with your woman while dating her, to see if its going to work out. You just can't get too serious till marriage. If you go on and play the field, you enter into VD and Disease Central. The presence of diseases in the playing the field territories indicates God does not approve of this behaviour. So you can argue your rights as much as you like - it really doesn't matter. You will still likely have problems if you mess about too much. If you want to do it the right way, I make the assumption in the end that God probably knows correct human functioning. The playing the field is probably not correct human functioning. It is behaviour best not to practice. Eternal life can't really be gained with a play the field mentality. It has to be let go of and abstained permanently from. In time I would assume I would gain more understanding of the nature of God's morality on this issue and see the point he is making. Obviously I already have something of an idea from my experience in life. So the idea is to conform and gradually learn the truths of why playing the field is not the best of behavioural practices and the more biblical and traditional way of dating to marriage without shenanigans is really the only way to practice towards gaining a mate in life.
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