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Maddy is tha Shizz

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Apr 27, 2021, 5:22:53 AM4/27/21
Maddy is tha shizz



Part One

‘The Cooma Years’

Hello my name is Maddy Bridges , I was born in Cooma maternity hospital on the 10-01-95, Cooma NSW Australia, earth, milk way galaxy, universe and so on… my mother is Brigid bridges she was also born in Cooma maternity hospital as was my daddy David bridges. My mum was born on the 26-10-71 and my dad was born on the 11-04-71.

Some of my earliest memories were when I lived in Cooma on Faulkner Street at Zelka heights. The house was a medium sized and 1 story. Some things I remember were when me and Jayden used to play on the driveway and think that the moon was chasing us wherever we ran. I also remember the backyard and one day when I was playing on top of a rock and got attacked by these mofo ants, grr. Beyond our backyard fence was like a mini bush area with heaps of rocks that we could play on and one day I remember Greg took us to play there. I don’t remember many very detailed stories but I still remember them a little, like when Grandma Mary visited us she would usually take us up to the park at the top of the hill next to the big green water tank. I even remember one day when there was an echidna at the bottom of our street. I remember there was a blueberry bush at the side of our house and I loved picking them .

I sorta remember probably my 5th birthday party and we played pin the tail on the donkey and when we were having snacks Jayden was pissing me off because he kept on taking my pink fluffy love heart pillow which btw I still have. One night there was this massive spider. Well it probably wasn’t as massive as I thought cos I was little then.. Anyway this big daddy long legs spider was crawling on our wall and I was shit scared and got mum out of the bathroom just to kill it with a broom. Haha I remember talking about it for days. I remember I used to love school hahaha, I absolutely HATE it now, but back then I loved doing my work. I remember the names of my kindy and year 1 teachers when I went to St Patrick’s in Cooma. In kindy I had Mrs Read. She had pretty blonde hair and was nice . Omg I remember this one day when Reagan a boy in my class accused me of picking my nose the fricken rat. I always loved doing art in kindy and I hated the sub teacher cos she pick on me for drawing outside the lines the betch. But I liked drawling outside the lines. My first best friend was called Caitlin Devoruex (dunno how to spell it) at first I didn’t like her and was upset when I had to be her toilet buddy. But then we became friends and I remember playing with her on the playground and the spinny things which I remember we used to fall off heaps. One day I thought I was gonna get in to so much shit cos when you are little poking your tongue out at someone would be like abusing someone or giving them the finger, these days.

Anyway in line to go back to class I poked my tongue at some chick and begged her not to tell on me. Those day school felt like it was like 20 days cos it went by sooo quick. So year 1.. My teacher was called Mrs Banfield, she had dark brown long hair. I was always so scared of her cos well she looked like a bitch. I could never say her name because for some reason I thought she would be pissed at me? Yeh I dunno I was a weird child. I remember my friend Corey Stockton. He sat at the same desk as me and we would laugh when we looked at each other for some reason. He was nice and he always let me use his texters. I remember I hated this girl called tori shingles, I dunno why she just seemed stuck up.

There are too many stories at the farm that it is hard to remember them. Well dad me Jayden Georgia and sometimes mum spent a lot of time at our farm. I loved chasing sheep with dad and feeding them while driving the truck. I didn’t as much love dad gutting sheep, it was disgusting especially the smell, it would wanna make you vomit. Haha I remember one time the sheep after dad had cut its head off was making a face where it looked like it was still alive and trying to ‘maaaahhh’ wow I'm sick I shouldn’t be laughing, Hehe. Anyway yeh sooooo many memories from the farm. I remember going into the bush for fire wood and me and Jayden were on the back of the truck. As we mostly always were cos we loved getting bumped into the air because of all the bumps on the road. So yeh dad and someone else I think it was Dallas or someone but anyway I have this huge fear of spiders and in the wood that was chucked onto the truck was to massive and fat spiders that were really fast and were chasing me and Jayden. But of course dad didn’t help us the meany. I loved when like the whole family were down at the farm because I could play with all my cousins including Chiarda, Chel, and Renee. We would have heaps of fun being on a farm and all.. so much to explore. In the old sheering shed we would have heaps of fun cos we could jump on the wool bails and play tips in the sheep rooms. We also use to ride the sheep as horses and we were all kinda rough nuts so the sheep would ram us into the sides of the fences and we would laugh and keep riding. Out the back of the sheering shed were more sheep fence things were and we’d run around in them. Out the back of the farm house use to be these huge trees and when dad cut them down we made them into like cubby houses where we would put little things that we’d found around the farm into.

Other times on the farm was one day when dad me Jayden and Georgia went down to the river with dad’s video camera and we found a few tortoises so dad filmed them and us holding them. We went further down the river around the rail-way bridge, and looked around there for a while and I found the smallest tortoise about the size of a 50 cent piece. It was so cute.

Another story about a tortoise was one when we were driving to or from Canberra and there was a dry little tortoise on the middle of the highway, so we picked it up and took home and it was our pet for a while, we kept it in the sink in our laundry and I was so upset when mum and dad decided to take it back. But in the end it was ok because I think we put it in our farm river so I was a bit happier.

We have had a few animals on our farm. Well of course we had plenty of sheep, we also had dog’s chickens and a couple horses and grandma and pop had a cat or 2, and we also had a possum. we did have names for the many chickens we had but I cant remember them. We have had a few dogs but a lot of them have died. I still remember the old dog, jasper. I’m not sure how he died but I think he was run over or something. I remember our girl dog and I think her name was Tasha and she had puppies, I remember she had them under our house. We gave all of them away except for slick who is still alive. There was also biddy who died a few years ago because of old age. Silver who was my dads dog and he had him since he was a teenager and when silver was a pup his leg got run over which is why he has had a bad leg his whole life. Silver died only a couple years age and he had eaten a bone or something but he was really sick. Then we had floss and Wally. Floss was a cute little dog but she wasn’t the most obedient dog. Wally was a pretty good dog. She was heaps fast but pissed off dad heaps. I think floss and Wally were shot. Then we had jet and he was a dopey dog. But he was a lovely dog but he killed a sheep so had to be put down . The only 2 dogs that are alive now are slick and Jaffa. Jaffa is the ‘retard dog’ but we still love him even though he is a homosexual. Literally he is gay, always bumming other guy dogs. Something slick does not appreciate that much. There is also Sheree’s dogs cruiser and sharnie. Sharnie is out the back of the farm house she goes a bit crazy. And cruiser is the best dog. He will fetch anything you throw and can catch it in his mouth, but the only problem is he never gets tired of it.. Sheree got another dog called ace. Ace is probably one of the biggest dogs I know. But he is so dopey. He loves to jump up on you and also enjoys chewing on Maddy’s arm to wake her up. The bastard. Our possum was called blossom, hehe that rhymes. I remember taming her. I would let her cling around me and I would feed her and let her sleep on my shoulder. She was found because pop found a dead possum and under it was blossom. Pop took her home and I instantly fell in love with the little cute fur ball. We also had a joey called matildas. it was kind of the same story, the dead was found and with it was the joey. Matilda lived in a box with blankets and would jump around the house.

When I was little I had a joey but it got run over. Jayden and I owned potty lambs. I called mine catie and Jayden called his rosie. We have had a few special sheep, one was called bubsy he was the best sheep and wasn’t scared of us, he would follow us around. We also had a black sheep called… blacky. Yes we didn’t have to much thought into that name. Our horses were misty who had a bad hip from dislocating it when she was younger. Misty was a beautiful horse and was quite large. She died a few years ago. We also got spit-fire. He is a Shetland pony. We used to ride him when we were younger and I remember one time while I was riding him in the paddock he decided it was necessary to role over and send me flying onto the barb wired fence. Dad would take him to the daisy day care fetes. Where the kids would ride him around. Those fetes were fun. I remember getting our faces painted I think I got a butterfly, Jayden got a tiger. I remember the first time my baby tooth got loose. It was at home and I was eating cut oranges. I remember taking a bite and there was a seed that I bit on. Then my tooth started to wobble and I was so excited I ran to the loungeroom and told mum.

I miss living in Cooma sometimes, and I miss the older days going to the farm. So many child hood memories came from there and they are memories I am never going to forget.
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