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The Life of Jayden Bridges

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Mar 15, 2023, 7:34:48 AM3/15/23
The Life of Jayden Bridges
Jayden was born in Cooma Hospital, New South Wales, Australia, in the late 1990s. He is the son of David Bridges and my sister Brigid Bridges nee Daly. He lived his early life in the Chakola and Cooma areas, often enjoying his father David's farm life. Later on Jayden lived at 29 Merriman Crescent with mum and myself with his mother and sisters Madalene and Georgia. Jayden attended school at St Pats in Cooma for a while and also in Holy Family Parish in Tuggeranong. Me and Jayden used to chat a bit and we would joke about my brother Matthew who I called 'Oscar' after Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street, as he was always in his room, his garbage can. Jayden does smoke dope a bit – he doesn't really care on this issue. He had a fight not long back with Georgia's boyfriend, Corey, the father of Georgia's child Natalia. He got in trouble with the police for it be the situation resolved itself soon enough. Jayden once visited with his school 'Cooba' camp, which is between Cooma and Berridale. These days Jayden lives in Cooma just up the road from where our family used to live in 6 Bradley Street, in flats which won't be there much longer in the current plans. He works at the abbatoir in Cooma out at Polo flat. Jayden has expressed to me he has not much interest in the farming life. Jayden is brown haired, reasonably good looking, not overly tall, a little smaller than average, likes the girls well enough, likes video games and movies, is mostly secular in his world view, but he went through the Catholic system till he was confirmed, and his confirmation name is Archilleus. Jayden did his drivers testing and passed and has a driver license. He owned a little sedan which he drove around. On one occasion he drove me home from Calwell to Macarthur – he was a little bit sketchy on the road, but was competent enough for a license. Jayden hangs around his family a fair bit, as well as his cousins, is a social enough person, and has a likeable personality.
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