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God - How You Answer Prayers

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Jan 28, 2021, 9:27:20 PM1/28/21
How you should answer prayers.
First of all, simply answer the prayer request.
Second, it has to comply for mankind with the
principles of the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 - 11:9).

It is a good idea that the result for the prayer - it's
efficacy - is determined by the length and passion
and scripturality of the prayer. If it is longer, more
passionate and sincere, and quite scriptural like,
it gets a reasonable result. But if it is just one prayer,
it really only gets the result of just one prayer. One unit
of prayer gets one unit of result. If it gets repeated, at
5 units of prayer it has an eternal effect. At 50 units
of prayer it has an eternal effect in the person's generation
of life - it keeps on working. At 100 units of prayer - a very
sincere and dedicated prayer which really means it - it
gets an eternal effect in every future generation. Again,
even at 100 units, it only has the strength of 100 units of
prayer. The prayers goes on being answered eternally
but only at 100 Units Strength. A prayer with 1000 units
has the same eternality nature as a prayer with 100 units
but it simply has much more strength in it and gets better
results because of it.
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