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Prayers to God

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Nov 25, 2021, 8:37:44 PM11/25/21
Dear God

Please answer eternally the following prayer requests:

The Eternal Expansion of Planet Earth physical in accordance
with the world expansion prayer requests video doctrine of NVB
and the information I have shared with you and the prayers.

The Eternal Sanctification, Salvation, Prosperity, Preservation and
growth of Noahide Books and Noahide Videos Bible in their
audience on planet Earth.

The Eternal Growth in the value of DC Comics, the company, the product,
the comics and product held by the fanbase, and the commercial trading
cards, movies and other associated paraphernalia.

The Eternal Blessing and Growth on 'The Daly Clan', 'The Bridges Clan',
'The Baker Clan', 'The Bradley Clan', 'The Gonzaga Clan', 'The Maclean
Clan' & 'The Stone Clan'.

The Eternal Blessing on 29 Merriman Crescent and its associated
Paraphernalia with its sanctification, salvation, prosperity and preservation
to be blessed forever.

The Eternal Blessing of Sanctification, Salvation, Prosperity and Preservation
of the Anglophon-Anglosphere-English Speaking World with Eternal Growth.


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
Noahide Books
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