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May 16, 1994, 12:37:02 AM5/16/94
Please do not forward this posting from alt.evil to any other newsgroups
for at least 24 hours! My lab's about to close and I don't have time to
send it everywhere I plan...and I'd rather not duplicate postings! Thanx, Deb

The alt.evil poll for the 13 most evil net.personalities is officially
over... And the winners are...

13. Daniel J. Karnes, d...@netcom.com, 38 votes
Found on nearly any alt.sex.* group, unless you're practicing safe
sex by keeping him in your killfile.

12. Marc Rehmsmeier, ma...@Tech.Fak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE, 49 votes
Found on de.rec.games.rpg, apparently much to the dislike of the
other inhabitants!

11. Roger Maynard, may...@ramsey.cs.laurentian.ca, 56 votes
From rec.sports.baseball, rec.sports.hockey, and alt.smokers.
Alleged to forge posts in the names of other prominent posters and to
issue lame, pointless insults (he's too pathetic to last 5 seconds in

10. George Curtis aka Pinhead the Cenobite, uh...@freenet.victoria.bc.ca,
57 votes
Go ahead and ask him...or don't, you really don't want to know...but

9. Dragon Fly aka Sergei Viznyuk, viz...@pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu, 67
_Alleged_ to also be the same person as Rear Admiral Petro Pidorenko,
Rear Admiral Petro Pydorenko, and Mykolo Mudilo. From email I recieved,
unquestionably the most evil poster in soc.culture.soviet.

8. Dave Rhodes, no valid email address or net access, 78 votes
MAKE.MONEY.FAST! ...not. More like lose.net.access.fast!

7. Dan Gannon, dga...@banished.com, 81 votes
No, really, the Nazis didn't make lampshades out of human skin!
Video at 11! "dgannon isn't a person, it is a diagnosis..."

6. Serdar Argic aka Ahmet Cosar, ro...@anatolia.org, 84 votes
Did the evil ZumaBot massacre all of the Turks and all of the
Armenians slaughtered to date, and cause them to blame each other? Will
we ever know the truth behind this convoluted conspiracy? And what part
did JFK's assassins play in it?

5. Bill Keyes, bke...@lamar.ColoState.EDU, 97 votes
Devilbunnies and other cute fluffy things, BEWARE!!! Your days are
numbered... =) "Bill is a callous mercenary who leads a movement to kill
anything cute. (Seriously!) His prime hatred is rabbits, because they
are cute and fluffy. His team attacks rabbits at every opportunity, using
fireaxes, shotguns, and urine (which has been "blessed" by one of their
lunatic clerics). The number of cute fluffy animals Bill has coldly offed
defies quantification."

4. Laurence Canter, 100 votes
Spamming the net with Green Card Lottery notices is one way to troll
for votes, I guess. Two thumbs down in the imagination category.
Canter & Siegel, Immigration Attorneys, 3333 E Camelback Road, Ste 250,
Phoenix AZ 85018 USA, telephone (602)661-3911 Fax (602) 451-7617 are
members of the Tennessee State Bar. To file a complaint, write to: Board
of Professional Responsibility, 1101 Kermit Drive, Suite 730, Nashville,
Tenn. 37217. See also threads in misc.legal, news.admin.policy, and
alt.current-events.net-abuse for more information.

3. Deb West, deb....@lambada.oit.unc.edu, 110 votes
Credit/blame goes to Lewis McCarthy, my campaign manager. :) I'm
found on alt.evil, you need look no further.

2. James "Kibo" Parry, ki...@world.std.com, 119 votes
Kibo is evil in a good way. Although the vote count may be off, per
Kibo's instructions it should be 238: "Count mine twice because I'm
double evil."

1. Andrew Bulhak, a...@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au, 311 votes
Either truly EEEVVVIIILLL!!!, or a champion vote troller! Sample
quote from recent post: "Emacs is self-aware and is a gigantic,
multi-faceted consciousness. Every computer which runs Emacs is part of
this consciousness. Thus, Emacs is the world's largest and fastest-growing

Dishonorable Mentions:

14. Tim Pierce, twpi...@unix.amherst.edu, 33 votes
Found in alt.config.
15. Barbara Abernathy, bab...@cse.psu.edu, 32 votes
Found in alt.flame.
16. Michael A. Kline, Senior, aka Maks, MKL...@pucc.princeton.edu, 31 votes
From one voter: "I vote for Michael A. Kline, Sr. ("MAKS"), a
virulent homophobe who spends his workdays at the Virginia Department of
Health (!) posting hateful diatribes against sexual minorities on a list
called CONCHR-L (conservative "Christians"), as the most evil person on
the net."
17 (tie). John Winston, 28 votes
Found in alt.religion.kibology.
17 (tie). Ludwig Plutonium, 28 votes
Found in alt.religion.kibology. "Pure, inane Evil."
18. Heather Henderson, 27 votes
19 (tie). Dave Yadallee, Gallifrey Connection BBS,
d...@galcon.ersys.edmonton.ab.ca, D...@gallif.ersys.edmonton.ab.ca, 26 votes
Found on rec.arts.drwho. From a contributing voter: "Claims he has a
virus that will crash the system of anyone who puts him in a kill file. He
has also threatened Death to anyone who nominates him for being an
19 (tie). Henning Schmiedehausen, bar...@forge.franken.de, 26 votes
Found in de.rec.games.rpg.
20. Sharon Harmon, 25 votes
Found on rec.pets.cats. Warning: r.p.c is something of a war zone
right now.
21. John Palmer, 21 votes
22 (tie). David Sternlight, strn...@netcom.com, 20 votes
22 (tie). Lewis McCarthy, lmcc...@cs.umass.edu, 20 votes
23 (tie). Doctress Neutopia, neut...@titan.ucs.umass.edu, 19 votes
23 (tie). Ted Frank, 19 votes
24. Barney, 18 votes
25. (9 people tied at 14 votes each)
25a. General LonGears, alt.devilbunnies, No email address available
"The mastermind behind the extermination of an entire race. And he loved
every second of it."
25b. BunnyMentat, alt.devilbunnies, ka...@sfu.ca
"A mad scientist who likes playing with nanotechnology and trying to
conquer the world. 'Nuff said."
25c. FluffyTeacher, alt.devilbunnies, tshe...@lamar.colostate.edu
"She's so durn cute she's just *gotta* be evil!"
25d. Silver Inle-Rah, alt.devilbunnies, sha...@csos.orst.edu
"Betrayed his people many, many times. Has a death wish a mile wide."
25e. Avoid Normal Situations aka The Stainless Steel Movie Goer,
So evil that I couldn't find any good examples of true evil in any of his
posts to reproduce here! This one's dangerously clever...
25f. Paal Ditlefson Ekran, paa...@stvd.cs.uit.no)
Found on alt.flame and alt.revenge, most often.
25g. Kevin McBride
25h. Martin Hannigan
25i. Albert Silverman
Found on rec.games.bridge.

Other Dishonorable Mentions:

Quoted from one of the ballots that arrived by email: "People who try to
be evil but fail are: Satan, Kevin Walsh, Trashcan Man, Crisper T Thou,
Martin Hannigan, and Kath Courtney." Sorry, people disagreed with you and
voted for Martin anyway.

Another quote: "Most evil person? How about a group of people? Such as
those that keep creating alt.fan.xxxxx or alt.x.y.y.y?"
I couldn't find out who the creators were because my newsreader claims
those groups don't exist! ;)

And another quote: "I'd vote for all those who create
alt.groups.with.silly.long.names -- the newsreader I'm using forces me to
unsubscribe to each of these separately; there are literally *hundreds* of
Alternatively, look up those who post in alt.binaries.pictures; in the
latest post of "top 25 users by volume" they occupy 24 places (the
other one posts in alt.binaries.sounds) and collectively account to
38% of all traffic on the net!"
My newsreader doesn't recognize alt.group.with.silly.long.name -- guess
I'm lucky, I don't have to unsubscribe. ;)
Yeah...what's evil here is the amount of copyright violation that amounts
to. As a writer and artist I find it truly disgusting.

Mark Moisan, mmo...@acs.bu.edu for flaming by email a follow-up article
written by Lewis McCarthy as a follow-up to a follow-up article
rb7...@u.cc.utah.edu had written in response to my original call for votes
posting. Not only did Mark's flame bear no concievable relationship to
the original cfv or to either follow-up which followed, it was addressed
to me but emailed to Lewis! Confidental to Mark: I can't use my dead
ex-boyfriend as a source of "dumb facts" because I haven't gotten around
to killing him yet, and probably won't, as he wouldn't suffer enough that
way. ;)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled newsgroup. Bom dia.

\ The above does not represent OIT, UNC-CH, laUNChpad, or its other users. /

Deb West

May 21, 1994, 1:58:39 AM5/21/94
In article <2rcpce$f...@cville-srv.wam.umd.edu>,
Jay Paul Chawla <cha...@wam.umd.edu> wrote:
>West <Deb....@launchpad.unc.edu> wrote:
>>Posted in alt.evil and forwarded for your enjoyment:

>>>The alt.evil poll for the 13 most evil net.personalities is officially
>>>over... And the winners are...
>[very conspicuously not me]
>Thank you all for the absence of your vote! Now I'm officially adorable!
>Don't forget to enter the JAY PAUL CHAWLA IS A HELL OF A GUY contest
>(ends May 20), or I'll complain to your postmaster.
>Your pal,
>Jay Paul Chawla
>voted the least evil person on Usenet

Okay, who ran the contest for Least Evil Person On Usenet and didn't post
the cfv on alt.evil? Or the results? Well? Speak up!
[:)s to taste for the humor impaired]


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