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Feb 25, 1995, 2:57:39 AM2/25/95


in december the follwoing message was posted to

ALT.EUNUCHS.QUESTIONS is the new usenet home for stories, discussions,
fantasies, etc. related to the practice of castration. Men want to do it
to someone else? Want to have it done to yourself? Ladies, want your
boyfriend/lover/husband castrated? Let's talk . . .

Up to now, my UUCP-side doesn't carry alt.eunuchs.questions but I'm very
interested in discussing all related practices and techniques of

Maybe someone could answer me some questions or could post my mail to

1. Is there an faq for alt.eunuch.questions. If yes, please mail me.
2. Are there techniques to make a temporary castration, so that ejaculation
or better erection is impossible for a specific period of time
(days, weeks, months)?
3. How could a castration be performed most painfully and slowly as a
part of a punishment scene?
4. If the penis is removed, too, are there any problems with incontentinence?
5. After the penis is removed, is there a possiblity to get stimulated on
the remianing parts of the genitals or could the penis be reomoved in such
a way that arrousing is still possible without relief?

Thank you

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