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Dolf Bellucci

Nov 8, 2007, 12:42:02 PM11/8/07
Reply by email, filling out this form and emailing it to me.
Trimming off the rest of this post is unnecessary.

I will guarantee anonymity except in cases of blatant abuse.
I will achieve anonymity by tallying the results in
uncorrelated tabulations and then deleting the emails.
(I know this loses interesting correlation data, but if
resondents want anonymity it's hard to avoid.)
I know that this anonymity promise depends on trust and that
you have no particular reason to trust me. Someday, I hope.
I will post results Saturday.

xxxxxxxx beginning of survey xxxxxxxx

yes( ) ( )no Should RoadRunner be subjected to some kind of UDP?
yes( ) ( )no ... active UDP (cancels) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... passive UDP (drop messages) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... all-groups UDP? (as opposed to specific groups)
yes( ) ( )no Are you a Usenet sysadmin? How big:_ How long:_
yes( ) ( )no Should another server be subjected to UDP? Who:_
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used more often?
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used less often?
yes( ) ( )no Would you have answered this survey without anonymity?

xxxxxxxx end of survey xxxxxxxx

were a stowaway. Told him you had just joined
and had gone straight on duty." He walked along with me
and pointed out that my cabin was just across the alley
from his. "Call when you are ready," he said, "and we will
go for dinner."
I had had to have the uniforms altered to fit me. Now as
I stood dressed as a Merchant Marine Officer I wondered
what my Guide the Lama Mingyar Dondup would say if
he could see me. It made me chuckle to think what a sensa-
tion I would be in Lhasa if I appeared there dressed thus.
Calling for the Second Engineer, we walked together back
to the Officers' Mess for dinner. The Captain, already at
his table, gave us a scowling glance from beneath his bushy
"Faugh!" said the Second Engineer, when the first
course was placed before him. "Same old pig-swill, don t
you ever get a change round here?"
"Mister!" The Captain's voice nearly lifted us from our
seats. "Mister! You are always complaining, you should
change to another ship when we get to New York."
Somebody started to snigger, a snigger which changed
to an embarrassed cough as the Captain looked angrily in
his direction. The rest of the meal was in silence until the
Captain, finished before us, left. "Hell ship," said one
officer. "The Old Man was a Jimmy-the-One (First Mate)

in the British Navy during the wa

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