Abdellah Ghassan al-Bar should swell her subject to the cleaning

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G. A. Tewell

Nov 8, 2007, 3:16:22 PM11/8/07
Reply by email, filling out this form and emailing it to me.
Trimming off the rest of this post is unnecessary.

I will guarantee anonymity except in cases of blatant abuse.
I will achieve anonymity by tallying the results in
uncorrelated tabulations and then deleting the emails.
(I know this loses interesting correlation data, but if
resondents want anonymity it's hard to avoid.)
I know that this anonymity promise depends on trust and that
you have no particular reason to trust me. Someday, I hope.
I will post results Saturday.

xxxxxxxx beginning of survey xxxxxxxx

yes( ) ( )no Should RoadRunner be subjected to some kind of UDP?
yes( ) ( )no ... active UDP (cancels) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... passive UDP (drop messages) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... all-groups UDP? (as opposed to specific groups)
yes( ) ( )no Are you a Usenet sysadmin? How big:_ How long:_
yes( ) ( )no Should another server be subjected to UDP? Who:_
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used more often?
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used less often?
yes( ) ( )no Would you have answered this survey without anonymity?

xxxxxxxx end of survey xxxxxxxx

room in the Verona hotel.
"I have a man I want you to meet. He is coming here this
afternoon. Ah, Lobsang, you would do better if you shaved
off your beard. Americans seem to dislike beards, and this
man is an American who reconditions trucks and cars and
moves them from country to country. How about it?"
"Sir," I replied, "if the Americans or anyone else dislike
my beard, they will have to go on disliking. My jaw bones
were shattered by Japanese boots, and I wear a beard to
disguise my injuries."
My employer talked with me for quite a time and before
we parted he gave me a very satisfactory sum of money,
saying that I had kept my part of the bargain, he would
keep his.
The American was a flashy individual, rolling a huge


cigar between his thick lips. His teeth were liberally studded
with gold fillings, and his clothes really dazzled with their
gaudiness. Dancing attendance upon him was a very arti-

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