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Robert James & Allen, the Magic Goose

Oct 19, 2010, 5:52:10 AM10/19/10
On this day, 18 Oct 2010. b0ink, some petulant worm dared to darken my
brain with ridicule. You oughta wait here and I'll set this sucker
straight, boy. I am the true champion of all existence!

> Can someone help me crack this cipher ? It's a XOR encryption and i
> suck on coding, and i couldn't find a pr0g who can get the job done.
> * pasted all here:
> b0ink.

Let us get right on it!

Allen says: "You picked the right group, all we do all day is the leg
work for every single person who asks us to do everything. Would you
like your basement drywalled and painted too?"

I am the God of hell-fire, raised to salvage my revenge against all the
pitiful Usenetists of those who have betrayed the Kingdom of Robert
James. Threat not thyself, James because of thine workers of inequity.
Nor nether be thou envious against the international Usenet faggotry
posted to the ALT hierarchy. For they shall be cut down like the grass
and wither like the green herb, thus saith Allen the Magic Goose. Now
get us a bottle of extra strong DM Robitussin and a tin of dipping
tobacco as to get good and wasted, boy!

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