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Re: Now they tell us. EVs simply CAN'T BE RECHARGED in sub-zero weather

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Jan 16, 2024, 10:44:08 PMJan 16
pothead <> wrote in

> On 2024-01-17, HangTextDrivers <> wrote:
>> I have no sympathy for these woke idiots who bought an EV because the
>> corrupt liberal press told them to.
>> ng-temps/ar-AA1n4ryb?ocid=msedgntp&pc=LCTS&cvid=5f3c6107d68f44b1838f7f
>> 35512bc909&ei=14
>> jan 16 2024 Dead Teslas stack up at charging stations in Chicago’s
>> subzero temps
>> Tesla owners in the Chicago area are finding themselves in a huge
>> pickle this week with temps dipping into the negative double-digits.
>> As drivers seek fast charging through Tesla’s Supercharger network,
>> the cold weather is so severe it’s preventing vehicles from
>> accepting a charge.
>> EVs don’t take well to charging in subzero temps because their
>> batteries need to be at optimal operational warmth. In most seasons,
>> this isn’t an issue. But in hypercold conditions, the battery must
>> be preconditioned.
>> It’s possible the stacks of Tesla drivers stranded at Supercharger
>> stations didn’t precondition their batteries. At this time, Tesla
>> cars don’t have a manual preconditioning procedure. So, at a
>> certain point, a dead Tesla stuck outside in subzero weather simply
>> won’t accept a charge. They’ll have to be towed somewhere warmer,
>> like an indoor setting with a charger.
> The other problem is that the charging stations themselves fail in
> cold weather.

How about those trees that fell over from global warming and knocked out
the power lines?
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