Social Engineering by Secret US Government

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Jul 15, 2009, 9:53:23 PM7/15/09
Social Engineering by Secret US Government


A secret United States government has been in place for the last
several decades. The purpose of this secret government is to guide,
change, and shape American society. Decades ago a decision by the
government was made that social engineering would be necessary to
prevent the United States from breaking apart and falling into civil

The United States government has enormous influence around the world.
It projects it military might to deter its enemies. If the United
States were to breakup and fall into civil war, it would lose its
world influence. In order to prevent the demise of the United States
government’s influence domestically and worldwide, a decision was made
from the highest levels of government that covert domestic actions
inside the Untied States would be required.

A secret United States government was formed and began domestic covert
operation inside the United States. The responsibility of the secret
government is to work behind the scene covertly targeting people and
groups that threaten its agenda. For the last several decades the
secret government has been changing and shaping American society into
what it perceives American society should be.

The secret government has an agenda and is actively working in
communities across America implementing their agenda. People and
groups that oppose its agenda are covertly targeted.

The agenda of the secret American government is the following:

1. Stronger laws enacted against mentally ill people
2. Desegregation of communities throughout America.
3. Rid American communities of crime from organized crime and gang

Government agents who are implementing the secret government's agenda
are equipped with classified technology so they can carry out their
mission. The agents are given classified surveillance technology that
can electronically see and hear through walls. The technology works
from house to house, meaning the surveillance technology is setup
inside a house neighboring a house to be placed under surveillance.
The technology gives the agents the ability to see and hear into the
neighboring house placed under surveillance. The technology basically
gives the agents X-Ray vision to see into the targeted person's house.
All the targeted person's movements can be monitored and his verbal
conversations can be heard in his house.

The surveillance technology provides enough detail so that it can
identify a person through a wall by body detail. And it’s sensitive
enough that it can hear a person breathing through a wall. All the
targeted person’s activities in his house can be monitored and
recorded. The government agents conduct surveillance of the targeted
person 24 hours a day.

The surveillance technology cannot be detected by the targeted person
under surveillance. The targeted person will never know he is under
surveillance and no detection equipment to detect if a person is under
surveillance. Since the surveillance technology works through walls,
there is no need to enter the targeted person’s house to place
listening devices.

Since the surveillance technology is classified, no one locally to the
targeted person will understand it or believe it is being used against
the targeted person. Basically if this classified surveillance
technology is used against a person, he has no way to detect it or
anyone to report the illegal surveillance to.

The classified surveillance technology detects the body heat of a
person through house walls. Since it’s using the energy emitted by the
human body to see a person behind walls, there no way to detect when
the secret government agents are video eavesdropping into a house.

The surveillance technology is the same classified technology used
against foreign adversaries. The technology was developed to protect
national security and is being used domestically against the secret
government’s domestic adversaries.

The secret government’s agents operate above the law. No warrant has
to be obtained to conduct surveillance. In the eyes of federal, state,
and local law enforcement, this technology doesn’t exist. People
targeted by the secret government agents are on their own.

The government agents have been given harassment technology that can
attack a person through walls of a house. The harassment technology is
referred to as sonic harassment technology. The technology uses sound
that can't be heard by humans and focuses it like a laser. The
technology can be thought of as a sonic laser. The sonic laser
produced by this technology will pass through house walls, furniture,
ceilings, and people without causing any physical damage.

If a sonic laser passes through a targeted person, it can produce
different sensations that the targeted person will feel. A person
attacked by this technology will experience the following:

1. Burning sensation in parts of the body, mainly legs.
2. Slight Jolts to legs, arms, or fingers of the body.
3. Hearing strange sounds heard by no one else.
3. Loss of sleep due to the above mentioned symptoms.

The sonic technology can be used to single out and attack a single
person in a house even where more than one person lives. A targeting
system is needed to identify a person through a wall. The secret
government has incorporated through wall surveillance technology into
a targeting scope that can target a person through a wall.

The secret American government has been conducting a covert domestic
war against the mentally ill in America for the last several decades.
The secret government targets a handful of people with mental
illnesses each year. These people are specially selected for
implementing the secret government's agenda.

What the secret American government has been doing for the last
several decades is creating hoaxes and tragedy. You might have seen
these events in movies and TV new reports:

1. Haunted house stories.
2. Mothers kill their children and claim God told them to do it.
3. People claim that mind control and electromagnetic weapons are
being used against them.
4. Wild conspiracy about UFOs and other strange supernatural events.

The secret government has been in the business of creating hoaxes and
tragedy. You can think of this as a performance like a play or
theatrical performance. The secret government carefully selects places
and people to bring their performance to. The key actors in the
performance are innocent American citizens who are unaware of the
performance and the supporting actors are government agents who are
knowingly participating.

An example of the secret government's theatrical performance is a
tragedy where a mother kills her children because God told her to do
it. The secret government will place a handful of mothers with mental
illness under surveillance each year. The government agents will place
the mother and her immediate family under electronic surveillance.
Government agents will secretly move into a house neighboring each
mother targeted and begin the surveillance operations against the

Government agents who specialize in psychiatry will analyze the
surveillance information gathered about the mothers. A decision must
be made on which mother to begin the next stage of the operation
against. Usually one mother is chosen at a time. The other mothers who
are not chosen will have the surveillance operation against them
discontinued and they will never be made aware they were under

The mother selected for the next stage of the operation will be the
next actor or victim cast for the secret government's theatrical
performance. The mother is never made aware of the surveillance or the
fact she will now be a pawn in implementing the secret government's

The mother selected will have a history of mental illness. A mother
who can easily be manipulated by the government agents is chosen.
Usually a strong religious background is needed. The government agents
will usually avoid people with a technical background.

The next stage of the government's operation against the mother will
be the attack stage. The government agents will use the surveillance
intelligence gathered about the targeted person over the months she
was placed under surveillance. The government will know just about
everything about the targeted mother. The targeted mother’s immediate
family is also placed under surveillance.

The secret government has developed classified sound projection
technology that can project sound at a single person in a house. The
sonic projection technology uses ultrasonic lasers to project audible
sound at one person in a house. The technology basically can project
any audible sound at a person in a house through the walls of the
house. The through wall targeting system is used to identify and
target a person through walls of a house.

The government agents will begin using the technology against the
mother. Sounds projected at the mother in her house will be audible
messages like: "This is God commanding you to kill your children". The
mother not understanding that technology is being used against her
will actually believe God is speaking to her. The mother now believes
that God is commanding her might act out and carry out what she
believes is God’s will.

The tragedy created by the secret government will be displayed on news
reports across America. "Mother kills her children because God
commanded her" will be the headline. The American public after hearing
this will have their opinion changed regarding the mentally ill. The
secret government will use this fear the American people feel to
initiate action to begin strengthening laws regarding the mentally

The secret government created and manufactured the tragedy and will
now begin the process of using the tragedy to implement their agenda.
After several of the secret government's theatrical performances occur
over several years the American people will be convinced that the
forced treatment of mentally ill is absolutely necessary. The secret
government’s ultimate goal would be a federal law enacted forcing
mentally ill people into mandatory treatment and monitoring.

The mothers who kill their children because God commanded them to are
only one type of theatrical performance orchestrated by the secret
government. People who claim they have lived in a haunted house are
another theatrical performance by the secret government. The same
classified sonic technology used to trick mothers into believe God is
commanding them to kill their children is used to trick people into
believing their house is haunted.

The secret government's theatrical performance used to trick people
into believing their homes are haunted has been brought to many
neighborhood communities across America for last several decades. In
this performance a family is selected by the secret government

The secret government agents will place many families under
surveillance until a family is found that meets their requirements.
Once a family is selected the attack stage against the family will
begin. Complete surveillance of the family will have been performed
over many months before the decision is made to attack the family.

The classified technology used to trick people into believe their
house is haunted is sonic harassment technology that can project
audible sound at one person through walls of a house. Sonic weapons
that fire powerful sonic bullets through walls have been secretly
developed by the secret government. Sonic bullets are sonic shock
waves that can’t be heard or seen but when they impact the human body
one of the following can occur: A strong jolt to the area the sonic
bullet hits. If the sonic bullets hit an arm a sudden jolt to the arm
will occur. If the bullet hits the leg, a jot to the leg will occur.
These sonic bullets do not damage the house or leave any marks on the
human body. The secret government developed this classified technology
to terrorize people through walls and not leave any physical evidence
after an attack.

The targeted family will have one or more members of their family
targeted. The targeted family members will start hearing strange
sounds in their house. Strange impacts to their body created by sonic
bullets will also occur. The infamous Amityville Horror priest
receiving a verbal command from an invisible evil spirit to “Get out”
and then an invisible slap to the face of the priest was done using
the classified sonic projection technology and a sonic bullet fired
into the side of the priest’s face. Nothing supernatural about this
incident, it’s just agents using classified government technology.

There are many other classified sonic harassment technologies
developed by the secret government over the decades to trick people
into believing their house is haunted.

The most famous haunted house story heard of and seen in the movies is
the Amityville Horror Story. Haunted house stories are part of the
American culture.

The secret government has been bringing their theatrical performances
across America for decades. There is a very strong possibility another
performance by the secret government that the American people thought
was not of this world but actually was a government hoax orchestrated
not extraterrestrials but by the secret American government.

The famous 1947 Roswell incident in Roswell New Mexico may have been a
government hoax orchestrated by the secret American government. The
very popular conspiracy involving a UFO that crash lands and the
government covers the whole incident up. What if the incident was a
government experiment or a hoax to test, study, and control the
American people? A fake fabricated UFO is placed in a field by the
secret government and the actors are allowed to find it. The actors
are innocent American citizens who truly believed that a real UFO
crashed and were used by the secret government to spread rumors and
gossip about a crashed UFO.

The military then moves in and the main event begins. Selected actors
are deliberately allowed to see things such a fake aliens that are
nothing more than manikins created by human hands. A few dozen actors
are allowed to see things they believe are extraterrestrials and more
rumors and gossip spread.

For the finale, the military moves in and covers up the whole thing.
The fake wreckage is removed and then destroyed. The public is allowed
to believe that a conspiracy exists that the government is covering up
a crashed UFO.

The secret American government’s theatrical performances from mothers
killing their children because God told them to do it, haunted houses,
and wild conspiracies of UFO and other supernatural events are the
result of the secret government social engineering over the last
several decades. The secret government has used innocent American
citizens over the decades to create these theatrical performances.
These citizens have been manipulated and duped into carrying out the
secret government’s agenda.

This posting has only mentioned a few of the theatrical performances
orchestrated by the secret American government over the decades. What
would people do if they discovered that the tragedies and urban
legends they have learned of in their life time was the result of the
secret government's social engineering?

Another of the secret American government’s social engineering program
is the desegregation of American communities across America. The
government has desegregated the public schools, workplace, and
military. The one area the secret government has been covertly
desegregating is the American communities across the country.

White segregated communities have been covertly targeted by the secret
government for desegregation. Agents with access to classified
surveillance technology have been moving into segregated white
communities across America. These agents move into a house in the
segregated neighborhood and secretly conduct surveillance of members
of the community. These agents are the same race as the community and
are basically under cover in the community. The community will never
suspect that government agents are living in their community and
spying on them.

A strategy will be developed by using the surveillance information to
desegregate the community. Members of the community engaged in
activities to deny minorities the opportunity to live in the
neighborhood will be targeted. These targeted community members will
find the secret government working against them. The surveillance
technology can hear and see into their homes so finding a way to
eliminate these people would be an easy task. This covert
desegregation of a white community could take years or decades to
accomplish. The secret government has an army of agents that will be
used to implement their secret agenda.

The American government has a secret element that is engaged in social
engineering. This secret government is engaged in domestic operations
across America that is changing and shaping America. The secret
government has a secret agenda. The secret government has vast
resources to carry out this agenda. The government will sacrifice the
lives of a few citizens to implement their agenda. A person targeted
by the secret government has enormous and virtually unlimited
resources used to destroy him. Many people who have been victims of
this social agenda may have been murdered or had their lives

The aftermath of this social agenda may be widespread. The urban
legends and people who have altered their lives to chase after things
that don't exist are a few examples. Ghosts, haunted house, UFOs, and
other supernatural events may be what people have spent their lives
pursuing. People in mental institutions, people setup and jailed
unjustly, such as mothers killing their children because God to them
to do it, are among the casualties of the social agenda.

The war the secret United States government is waging against its
enemies is a silent hidden war. No military tanks or troops are
deployed against its domestic enemies. Instead classified technology
is used to carry out the secret government's war. Hate groups, cults,
and other groups that threaten the secret American government's agenda
are covertly placed under surveillance to defeat the enemies of the
secret government’s agenda.

The second American civil war has been on going for the last several
decades. This is not a war fought with guns, tanks, or bombs but a war
fought with classified high technology. The people and groups that
secret American government has been conducting this war against are
completely unaware that the secret United States government has
declared war against them.

Once the secret government gets its federal laws against the mentally
ill requiring forced medication, it can use the laws against its
domestic enemies. Technology can be used to attack its domestic
enemies and force them into the mental health care system. The secret
government believes that people involved in extreme domestic anti-
government activities are suffering from mental illness. So going
after these people would prevent a rise to power of a person or group
that would threaten the current American government.

It’s unknown how the American people would react if they discovered
how they were manipulated over the decades. Most Americans have no
idea of the influence the secret American government has had on their
lives. It’s unfortunate that people would rather believe that UFOs,
ghosts, or other supernatural events occur but not be willing to
accept the possibility that a secret United States government has been
manipulating them by using classified technology against them for
decades. To learn more please read the website listed below.

Please post this information in other newsgroups and lists.

Thank You.


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