Re: John Oliver condemns Biden administration's 'despicable' treatment of Haitian criminal invaders

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Rufus Wayne

Sep 27, 2021, 8:25:02 PMSep 27
On 27 Sep 2021, Rudy Canoza <j...@phendrie.con> posted some
> On 9/27/2021 12:00 PM, Jack-Off Skeeter Shit-4-Braincell Lamey
Pig-Fucker lied:
>> On Mon, 27 Sep 2021 11:41:39 -0700, Rudy Canoza <j...@phendrie.con>
>> wrote:
>>> By Christi Carras
>>> Staff Writer
>>> Sept. 27, 2021 Updated 10:13 AM PT
>>> “Last Week Tonight†host John Oliver has joined the chorus of
>>> condemning the Biden administration’s treatment of Haitian
migrants at the
>>> southern border after photos surfaced of U.S. Border Patrol
agents on horseback
>>> appearing to swing their reins like whips.
>>> During Sunday’s episode of the Emmy-winning HBO program,
Oliver denounced the
>>> harrowing scene at the border, as well as the White House’s
reaction to the
>>> resulting images — which President Biden and Press Secretary
Jen Psaki deemed
>>> unrepresentative of “who we are†as a nation.
>>> “Saying, ‘This is not who we are’ about white people
chasing Black people on
>>> horses is a bit of a stretch,†Oliver said.
>>> “Historically, the United States has been ‘yes and-ing’
that idea since 1619.
>>> If you listed the top three things that make America America,
it’d be regional
>>> sandwich differences, flyovers at halftime and white people
chasing Black people
>>> while on horseback. I’m not saying that’s what made America
great — just what
>>> made America, America.â€
>>> Customs and Border Patrol agents are the most notoriously pro-
Trump cops in the
>>> federal government. There's a reason Trump and Wolf and Barr
put CBP agents in
>>> military gear to storm downtown Portland and illegally arrest
peaceful protesters.
>> All bullshit to get votes. I saw the video and no body was
>> anyone.
> You didn't see it,

You didn't either.

"whipping people with their reins."

Big difference between reins and a whip. I guess you've never seen
a horse race.

A love tap from reins doesn't even leave a mark. Your daddy beating
your ass with a stick would hurt more.

I can cut the fuck out of you or blind you with a whip before you
ever get close.

I would bet your next welfare check that I can take one of your
ears, or your nose clean off your head with one stroke using a whip.
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