Fire Antifa Pedophile Gabriel Gipe (Don't Just Tell Me About Him)

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Liberal Child Rapers

Sep 21, 2021, 11:21:01 PMSep 21
Over the past two hours, I have received a number of texts, emails,
and phone calls about Mr. Gabriel Gipe, an Antifa soyboy who was
just exposed by Project Veritas this morning.

Hey, thanks for letting me know, folks, but here's the deal:

I already knew about it.

I contacted the Natomas Unified School District, where the guy
works! I emailed the teacher himself, and I also emailed the school
board members to demand his firing!

Sharing an article from Project Veritas is all nice and good, I

But it's not enough.

In fact, sending an email, making a phone call is not even all that
brave, but it is a very simple something that everyone can do!

So, DO IT!

Heck, I am even providing you the contact information below:

Gabriel Gipe:

Natomas Unified School District

Susan Heredia


2000 – Present

Trustee Micah Grant

Micah Grant

Vice President

2016 – Present

Trustee Jag Bains

Jag Bains


2018 – Present

Trustee Ericka Harding

Ericka Harden



Trustee Lisa Kaplan

Lisa Kaplan


2002 – Present


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