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Oct 11, 2021, 8:07:34 AMOct 11
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, a Special Counsel needs to be appointed
to look into the financial conflicts of interest of Attorney General
Merrick Garland and his families and their role in publishing critical
race theory curriculum for public schools. The American people will not
be intimidated by Garland or any other public official who received a
pension, salary, or benefit package from the tax dollars we pay. We are
not servants, and won’t allow our children to be brainwashed. We the
people will be damned if we are going to pay for the demise of our
children, our culture, and our country being indoctrinated by the
leftwing politics of this administration. Garland was silent when
innocents were murdered, businesses were burned by arsonists, and
robbed by looters during the summer of 2020. We will peacefully and
loudly protest against these tactics of harassing and intimidating
parents from speaking their minds at public school meetings. Whether
it’s the left within the teachers’ unions, the DOJ, Big Tech, or Big
Media, they detest dissent and free-thinking. This Attorney General’s
attacks on federalism and the First Amendment do not represent the
people of this great country, we have ceded nothing to these American
Marxists. Later, it was only a matter of time before Mitch McConnell
buckled on the debt limit. The debt ceiling does not need to be raised
to pay the debt service, nor do you have to interrupt social security
checks from going out. Afterward, new research from the Barna research
group finds that Americans are picking up Marxist principles without
even noticing. Race has erroneously been used to justify inequity of
all kinds, a view that’s become mainstream to many in Congress.

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Hour 1 Segment 1

I have a message for Merrick Garland. The putative attorney general of
the United States. We the American people, we parents and taxpayers,
we’re not going to be intimidated by you. We’re not going anywhere. We
will continue to attend school board meetings, hopefully by the
millions who will make demands of our elected officials who use our tax
dollars. And have our children in their classrooms. We’re not servants
of the National Education Association and the American Federation of
Teachers, we’re not servants of school board administrators and
superintendents, we’re not servants of the Democrat Party and the
radical American Marxist who push their crap, their critical race
theory, their gender ism and their attacks on the founding of this
nation, our economic system to brainwash our children. We wrongly
surrendered our colleges and universities and we need to claw them back
to. But we will be damned. Damned if we’re going to pay for the demise
of our own families, our own faith in our own country. We’re paying for
Sarposa professionals to teach our children mathematics, literature,
English, perhaps another language. Science, technology, we’re not
paying confiscatory salaries, pensions and medical benefits and
providing tenure. Damn near a lifetime jobs to individuals who seek to
bring their politics, the politics of this administration, into the
classroom. We will not tolerate this. We know what this memo from
Merrick Garland is all about, it’s not about confronting violence. It’s
about quiting silencing parents and taxpayers, it’s about devouring
local communities. It’s about federalizing school boards and school
systems, and we will not put up with it. The only violent organizations
that I’m aware of are Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The only violent
organizations that I’m familiar with are on the left. And if some are
on the right, we have nothing to do with them, nothing. Zero. Merrick
Garland said absolutely nothing when our cities and towns were burning,
when police were under attack. When innocent citizens were brutalized
and murdered, when there’s looting and arson, he said nothing. And his
president. His president sat in his basement and gave them a pass as
vice president, was busy supporting efforts to get them back to. How
dare this man put out this memo? How dare this man politicize free
speech and the Justice Department? If we want to challenge elected
officials, not violence. Peacefully, perhaps loudly, then, damn it,
that’s exactly what we’re going to do. And the idea that he intends to
unleash the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has become a Stasi
like operation. The fact that he intends to unleash the criminal
division of the Justice Department, the civil rights division of the
Justice Department, then national security division of the Justice
Department, and have a special phone number for anybody who feels
threatened by a taxpayer, a parent to call. The same phone number you
call if you think you are aware of a domestic terrorist is simply
unacceptable in a free country. I don’t know who the hell Merrick
Garland thinks he is. But his totalitarian mindset and his totalitarian
behavior are simply unacceptable. You intend to send FBI agents to
interview parents and taxpayers? This is a Kaboul talk about collusion,
a cabal of the Democrat Party, teachers unions and the Democrat Party
board, members of the Democrat Party, superintendents of the Democrat
Party, Department of Justice. We know in this country. That violence is
tolerated by this Justice Department from Black Lives Matter and Antifa
and that type of organization, those ilk of organizations, we know that
violence is tolerated by this administration. The murder rate is
through the roof. And where’s the FBI, where’s the civil rights
division, where all of them. They tolerate violence. All right, it’s
free speech they hate. Free speech because American Marxism does not
tolerate speech, whether it’s big tech or big media or big government.
Dissent is not permitted. Different viewpoints are not permitted. We
are not going to surrender our classrooms to the teachers union thugs.
To the Superintendence, to the Department of Justice, you’re screwing
around with the wrong people. The idea that they would suggest that we
are domestic terrorists. The idea to suggest that there’s systemic
criminality going on at these board meetings when they can’t even point
to a single example. The idea that the federal law enforcement of the
Department of Justice has any authority. In our classrooms, in our
board meetings in our school districts is unacceptable. Harriet. We are
not servants, we do not just pay taxes and told what to do. We are
citizens. We are treated like second class citizens, unlike illegal
aliens. I like people who who are on the dole. I like politicians and
bureaucrats, the only police force they support apparently is in
Washington, D.C. to protect the Capitol building, but all the other
police forces are undermined. This same attorney general. Brought a
frivolous lawsuit against the state of Georgia legislature trying to
interfere with their federal constitutional authority to fix our
election system, this same attorney general sought to interfere with
the state of Texas and decisions that that state is making about
abortion. This same attorney general defense, every radical kook
position of this administration. He does not represent the people of
the United States. In any respect. We parents, we grandparents, we
taxpayers, we own this country. This is our country, we didn’t see it
to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., we didn’t see it as a critical race
theory. Racists, we didn’t see it to the gender is a model. And the
individuals who push it, we didn’t see it to the anticapitalist Mobb.
We see that nothing this October four, 20, 21 memo. From this attorney
general, Merrick Garland is a disgrace. It is a disgrace, five short
paragraphs in which he intends to attack the First Amendment. In which
he intends to attack federalism. No, no, this will not stand, period.
We’re not going anywhere. More and more people should go to the school
board meetings, be peaceful and non-violent, but you can be loud.
They’re worried about parents and taxpayers being allowed, but they
weren’t worried about the Portland courthouse when Merrick Garland
testified that it was not domestic terrorism to try and burn down the
Portland courthouse, a federal courthouse, because it was closed at
night and people weren’t there. That’s Merrick Garland. That was his
testimony. That’s not domestic terrorism. They’re not hunting down the
members of the Antifa, they’re not hunting down the members of Black
Lives Matter. They’re not hunting down nationalist separatist
organizations. Now, parents, law abiding, taxpaying parents with their
flesh and blood. In the classroom, trying to protect them from the
radicalization of the teacher union Mobb. After superintended mob. And
of the educational bureaucrats. Because the Democrat Party are in bed
with all of them and they rely on them. The poor kids in our inner
cities. School choice is prohibited. They have to go to our inner city
schools. You want to know where there’s crime, crime in our inner city
schools. You don’t see Merrick Garland putting out a memo saying the
FBI, state, local law enforcement, we need to get together to figure
out how to prevent crime in our inner city schools. Now, now. They
would never touch Democrat strongholds, never, ever. I’m disgusted by
this coward, Merrick Garland, disgusted. They did not answer my request
for Merrick Garland to come on Life, Liberty and Levin on Fox. They did
not reply to our phone message, the form we completed. They did not
reply to our emails. Merrick Garland. And the frauds and phonies and
the radical kooks that populate the highest levels of the Department of
Justice, I was a school board member and I was chief of staff to an
attorney general. And what this man is doing is undermining
Americanism. That’s exactly what he’s doing. And it will not be
tolerated, period. We don’t expect the corrupt media, for the most
part, to come to the defense of liberty. And the right to association,
no, never, unless, of course, you’re antifa Black Lives Matter, one of
those groups. Stand firm, America, we’re not about to give up our
children. We’re not about to give up our school systems and we’re sure
as hell not about to give up our country. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

There’s a great Web site I’m putting on my social sites on Geter and
Parler, but I’d like you to write this down. It’s called. School board
watch lists, dog school board watch lists that are part of the turning
point USA Group school board watch list dot org. I want you to go over
there and check it out. Everybody should go over there and check it
out, school board, watch list dog. I want the attorney general, not of
the United States, the attorney general, the Democrat Party and the
American Marxist movement to understand something. We’re not
invigorated, more resolute, more motivated than ever before. We are a
free people. Men and women have died for this country. So that we can
speak at school board meetings without being intimidated by union
thugs, by educational bureaucrats, by radical school board members and
by the FBI. The FBI. That’s acting like the. East German Stasi. We’re
not going to put up with this, there’s not this widespread violence at
school board meetings. I mean, hell, the National School Board
Association writes this long, outrageous letter to Biden, which finds
its way quickly within days that the Department of Justice that issues
a memo, it’s an inside job. And they have no examples, they one example
of one guy hitting somebody, and based on that, we need to federalize
our school board meetings, how we do. Like hell we do, and here’s the
deal, folks, the very first time a parent and or taxpayer. Is
subjected. To a federal inquisition. We must raise the resources and
provide the legal support, the best constitutional lawyers in the
country. And take this on. Are we going to lose our kids, we’re going
to lose our classrooms? We are not servants, we are not subjects. And
this memo is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever read. Violence, they
say, was pointed out, where’s all the violence? I can point out all the
riots last summer, I can point out where Black Lives Matter stands for
overthrowing the United States government, a Marxist anti Semitic hate
American group. I can point to that. They can’t point anything.
Otherwise, they would have. You’re not allowed to humiliate somebody or
if they feel intimidated, they can call the domestic terrorist hotline.
The hell is this? And now we learn. That Merrick Garland daughter. Is
married to a co-founder of a company that sells critical race theory
materials. A number of outlets have pointed this out, legal
insurrection, dotcom as well. When we come back after the break, I want
to show you what a sleazeball this attorney general is. And how he so
fully his family invested. In pushing critical race theory and gender
ism in the rest of the American Marxist agenda into our classrooms,
that his son in law is a founder of a company in which 25 percent of
our schools in this country are using the information that they are
producing and that this company is now worth tens of millions of
dollars. Oh, you didn’t know about that, huh? I think we need a special
counsel. I said a special counsel to investigate the attorney general
of the United States. I’ll be right.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Federal Freedom of Information Act request should be flooding into the
United States Department of Justice, demanding all kinds of texts,
emails, records of any kind, any communications of any kind between the
attorney general of the United States and representatives of the
company Panorama. Legal Insurrection website, Mary Christain, Attorney
General Garland is weaponized, the FBI and the Department of Justice
departments against parents protesting against critical race theory in
the schools. Garland mentioned threats, harassment and intimidation,
but did not cite any real examples. Folks like Garland has a conflict
of interest. His daughter, Rebecca, married Xander and Tanner, co-
founder of Panorama. In 2013, the group Parents Defending Education
P.D.A found out Panorama has multi-million dollar contracts with school
districts. Piti, that’s the group parents defending education,
previously flagged a one point eight dollars million contract for
Panorama to conduct social and emotional learning ACL monitoring in
Fairfax County public schools in Virginia. It’s the biggest county in
the state, resulting in data on students. Early in September, that
number was bumped up to more than two million dollars as part of a
contract edition with Panorama. Panorama’s contract was part of a
broader seventy eight point eight million dollar investment of
coronavirus relief that the Fairfax County public schools directed
towards a welcoming and culturally responsive environment for students.
Its website explains that the funding is intended to support equity
professional development for school teams, social emotional staff to
work directly with departments and school based teams. A more detailed
breakdown of the Fairfax County public school plan showed that the
majority, forty six point two million designated for intervention,
special education teacher contracts, but it also showed two point two
million going toward equity paid for school teams, 140000 toward
equity, paid for equity leads, both apparently referring to
professional development for staff and faculty panorama. This is the
company. That Merrick Garland son in law founded as an equity and
inclusion survey, parents have fought against equity because it is
similar to critical race theory by separating people into groups based
on skin color, by asking students, teachers and staff to reflect on
their experiences of equity and inclusion in school, education leaders
can gather actionable data to understand and improve the racial and
cultural climate on campus. The Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey
exists as a series of scales are groups of survey questions that work
together to measure a single constructor topic that is belonging. We
recommend that schools and districts select the topics that align with
their strategic priorities or vision for equity. You get it, you
understand what this Panorama group is, it’s September 2021 Panorama
announced it raised 60 million dollars to expand its tentacles into
more schools. The company received more from the Chan Zuckerberg
initiative. That’s Zuckerberg wife establish and run by Facebook
founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. The press release
said 50 of the largest 100 school districts and state agencies use the
Panorama platform. Overall, the company is connected to 1900 school
districts. That’s over 10 percent of the school districts in America.
So Merrick Garland would appear through family to have a specific.
Proprietary and monitary interest. And what happens in these school
systems and their parents who are protesting against critical race
theory? May well threaten the resource stream for Panorama. A company
founded by his son in law. Now, ladies and gentlemen. I’m calling. For
the appointment of a special counsel. To investigate the attorney
general and his conflict of interest. I’m calling for a special counsel
because the attorney general, as the theory goes, as the argument has
gone in the past. Cannot be expected to be investigated by his own FBI
and certainly won’t call on his own FBI to do it. Merrick Garland
should never have issued this memorandum on constitutional grounds,
certainly. But he should never have issued this memorandum based on his
own familial interest and silencing the opponents to critical race
theory and silencing the opponents to the segregated ideologies that
are being pressed into our school systems to silence the opponents of
gender ism education in our school systems. Merrick Garland family has
a financial interest in expanding this. And a financial interest in
thwarting its opponents. Maybe that’s why he wrote the memorandum so
quickly. Maybe that’s why they want to unleash his department against
parents and taxpayers and organizations. Having nothing to do with
violence whatsoever. But we must have a special counsel. To determine
whether it’s Merrick Garland. Who has committed criminal acts? Federal
criminal acts, unlike the parents. And the taxpayers who have attended
meetings. Who having committed federal anything. Federal, anything. The
school buildings. Belong to the to the towns and the school districts.
There is no federal. Attachment to our school systems, and that’s why
local law enforcement authorities are responsible for security and
threat investigations and all the rest, the federalization of our
school boards and our school board meetings in our school districts
must not be tolerated, particularly in the hands of this mob. And
what’s amazing here is the parents and the taxpayers have shown that
they are peaceful. They have had enormous tolerance for the abuse of
their tax dollars and their children. They do not come to board
meetings armed with weapons and Molotov cocktails and spears like Black
Lives Matter. They do not come to board meetings looking to hit people
or commit acts of violence. And Merrick Garland would have a hell of a
time demonstrating otherwise. 14,000 school districts where the
examples of violence, I wonder how many examples of violence exist for
those promoting critical race theory. We don’t hear much about that.
Does that mean it’s not happening? Or other radical organizations. No,
it’s the parents. Are the enemy, the taxpayers. Are the enemy. They
want to treat every legitimate constitutional protest as if this is
part of the January six. Activity that took place. Now, the people who
who fill the top positions at the Department of Justice, each and every
one of them are radical kooks. And each and every one of them. Received
the support of enough Republicans to be confirmed. I want you to think
about that. The deputy attorney general of the United States was once
chief of staff. To Robert Mueller when he was the FBI director. She
took over for Weissman and Weissman, lauded her appointment as deputy
attorney general. And still, every Republican voted to confirm her, but
Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. She worked in the Obama White House. These are
the Obama ites, the radical Marxist racist bigots who work for Obama.
That’s who they are. We don’t preach violence here. The organization’s.
The neighborhood groups. That have spontaneously responded to what’s
happening to these schools and to their children, they don’t preach
violence. The taxpayers of America. See, the Democrats don’t mind if
you vote. They don’t mind if you vote. But they want to make sure you
vote for their people, and if you don’t vote for their people, then
you’re to be condemned. You’re to be condemned. I watched the deputy
attorney general testify yesterday, she was a disgrace, I watched the
assistant attorney general for civil rights testify today. She’s a
disgrace. They lie about this memo. What is reading comprehension tough
over there at the Department of Justice? It’s a very short memo. Very
short memo. This is exhibit one. In any case, that’s brought exhibit
one. And the violation of the First Amendment of the United States. The
violation. Of state authority. Yes. The federal government has no role.
In local school districts, none. They talk about the rise in criminal
conduct directed towards school personnel. Where is it? Other than our
crime ridden inner city schools, for the most part, where is that
happening? Nowhere. 14,000 public school districts where all the
examples that’s a lot of school districts and a ton of schools and a
lot of school boards, where where is it happening? They say these
meetings, federal, state, local officials facilitate the discussion of
strategies. For addressing threats against school administrators, board
members, teachers and staff will open dedicated lines of communication
for threat reporting, assessment and response. What does that mean? You
know what it means, monitoring you. Monitoring you. Threatening you?
That’s what it means. A memo like this wasn’t put out about Black Lives
Matter, which has as its purpose to overthrow the United States
government. That’s domestic terrorism. Now. These people, Merrick
Garland. The critical race theory. Mobsters. They’ve awakened a
sleeping giant. The parents and grandparents of America. The local
taxpayers of America. They know exactly what’s going on here. I’ll be
right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

The teacher union thugs, the NEA and the AFT don’t want to give up
their fat, their power. The school board thugs want to impose their
will on the American people, school district by school district. The
emperors of these school districts, these superintendents want complete
control as well. And so how dare the parents question what’s taking
place with their children in the classroom? How dare the taxpayers
wonder what they’re actually getting in return for their confiscatory
property taxes? And the Democrat Party is not a party of the people,
it’s not the party, the parents and the children, it never has been.
It’s a party of government and power of special interest groups. That’s
what’s taking place here. You say you notice, I say and others say we
don’t support violence, but where’s the violence? And you notice the
violence where our cities were burning, people were being brutalized.
That that summer of 2020, remember? They said that was mostly peaceful,
if that’s mostly peaceful, these events at these school board meetings
are entirely peaceful. Entirely peaceful. To the point where the
National School Board Association trying to husband its best arguments.
Had no examples of widespread violence or a pattern of violence or
anything else, these school boards do not want you vociferously
opposing what they’re doing to your children. These unions, that same
unions that started to sue parents who dared to bring Freedom of
Information Act filings, these unions want to silence you to screw
them. They’re not silencing anybody. And we don’t have to apologize. We
are not violent. We are patriots, parents, grandparents that don’t want
our kids taught this Marxist left wing crap. We want them to get a
quality education, that is what we’re paying for. Not the educational
bureaucrats, not the teachers unions. That’s what we’re paying for. And
then. And then you want to see violence, watch the teachers unions and
in Los Angeles, when they don’t get the pay they want. In Chicago, when
they don’t get the pay they want or are you name it. Watch what they
do, get this long letter from the National School Board Association and
they come up with essentially these piddling little complaints. And
Merrick Garland swings in action immediately. With this conflict of
interest. With his radical ideology swings in action. A memorandum
instructing the FBI in the U.S. attorney’s office and the National
Security Division. The criminal division, the Civil Rights Division, a
swinging action. Minor incidents they have in their footnotes, minor.
School boards say right as American Spectator point routinely mute
parent microphones during public meetings and abruptly halt meetings to
prevent parents from speaking. That’s what’s happening in this country.
In one case, an entire school board had to resign after mocking parents
during a virtual meeting. This notion that parents are getting above
themselves by speaking out of school board meetings is, not
coincidentally, all too similar to the position adopted by the big
teachers unions. For at least the last two decades, the teachers unions
have conducted a well financed and impressively sophisticated effort to
gain dominance over local school boards. A notable example, this
ongoing project came to fruition during April of twenty twenty one in
Illinois. The Illinois Education Association, part of the NEA, flooded
school board and college trustee elections with union friendly
candidates of one hundred and thirty two union backed candidates. 107
were elected. So they’re packing the school boards. All over the
country. The teachers unions are packing the school boards, so they
control management and employment, so they control tax increases and
salaries and benefits. And people are getting sick and tired of this,
they’re on top of it, and I want to remind you in Virginia, Terry
McAuliffe basically said you parents have no place, no place even
suggesting that you have anything to do. What goes on in these
classrooms? Because he’s a thug. He’s always been a thug. He’s bought
and paid for by the NEA and the AFT and the rest of them. I’ll be right

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