Re: MARINE GENERAL BERGER defies vaccine mandate

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gronk sucks weenies

Aug 26, 2021, 3:35:02 AMAug 26
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>>>> U.S. MARINE GENERAL BERGER defies vaccine mandate and say
that no
>>>> marine will be forced to take Corvid 19 vaccine.
>>>> Start video at 4:30
>>> And when the first Marine gets sick and/or dies after the DoD
>>> requires the vaccine for all troops, then there'll be a new
>>> person in his slot, and General Berger will be told to enjoy
>>> his retirement.
>> What about when covid spreads through the ranks and troops are
>> ICUs...
> COVID-19 has already "messed up" an aircraft carrier. Ships are
> prime targets of the COVID-19 virus, both passenger and naval
> ships.

A virus doesn't target, it spreads to viable hosts. It doesn't give
a shit where those hosts are.

I will challenge your powers of basic observation.

COVID spreads too far too fast for ordinary proximity transmissions.

Masks are ineffective for the most part and staying inside just
creates a closed infection chamber for everyone in it.

It's fucking stupid to do something like that.

And no, aircraft are not lethal carriers spreading it everywhere,
although they carry people who do.

There are some very common things that you used to see every single
day of your life that have been massively wiped out.

You, like everyone else have taken them for granted, even considered
them nuisances.

Open your eyes, use your mind.

What are these things?
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