Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part A - Daryl Kabatoff

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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part A - Daryl Kabatoff
August 25th 2021 5:02 pm 93,175 words

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Honour killings shouldn’t be called ‘barbaric.’” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“They are not sexual assaults, but ‘honour’ rapes.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

"We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." - Joe Biden speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Who remembers the Armenian genocide? If they can’t remember the Armenian genocide, who is goink to be concerned about the Jews?” - Adolph Hitler speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard


Aviation, Boating, TIG Welding
ATV’s, Mini-Trucks
4x4’s, 6x6’s, 8x8’s
Tracked Vehicles
Velodrome and Bicycles
Horse Drawn Wagons
Affordable Home Ownership
Banking, Wealth Management
Diamonds, Gold and Money
Female Fashion Trends
Pants That Fit
Largest Building in Saskatchewan
British, German and Russian History
Islamic History
High School Students, Hockey Players
Big-Nosed Cree
Gun Laws, Ballistics
Native Governance
Restaurants and Fine Dining
Appeasement and Being Nice
Law of 22 Prairial
Psychiatric Abuse, Horror
Blinkin’ Lights
Metallurgy and “Science”
Son of Sam
Yaks and Yakutia
Religion and Humor
The Anti-Christ Revealed
El Nino and La Nina Climate Oscillations


Run in rural and city elections as “Republic”, and affirm that you are defending:

1) the right to own property, including land and guns
2) the right to free speech and beliefs
3) the right to be paid in real money which is gold and silver coins
4) the right to “freely” innovate, to fly your own aviation creations without government interference nor taxation, the right to movement

Affirm that you support these four points on your election literature and run for office under the “Republic” ticket. In addition to affirming these four points, consider publishing something resembling the following paragraph or reproduce it in whole and possibly add some of your views to it:

I believe that people should also have the right to innovate and place their own automotive creations on the roads but should be taxed for road construction and road maintenance. Somewhat similarly, people flying will have to pay for airport landing and storage fees should they choose to land at and fly from such facilities. People flying or driving their own creations should have affordable insurance available to them, and government subsidized if necessary. Governments should continue to insure that the private aircraft are not a hazard to the commercially flown aircraft and restrict their flight in certain locations. Regardless, governments should be giving people options and not taking options away.

If I Were Mayor of Saskatoon:

If I were mayor of the City of Saskatoon I’d end of the money grab of the 30 km/hour school zones. The schools should post reduced speeds but with illuminated, blinkin’ and more frequent signage. There should be no fine print on traffic speed signs, it is unreasonable for drivers to slow down to read fine print on street signs then check the date and time of day to see if the information conveyed applies to them. There should be no reduced speeds in school zones when the students are inside the schools, so at the start of classes the speeds on the illuminated and blinkin’ signs should return to 50 km/hour and cease blinkin’. The speed should only be reduced to 30 km/hour for 30 minutes before the start of classes, during the lunch hour, and for 30 minutes at the end of the school day. The drivers should be made aware of the speeds required of them with easy to comprehend signage that incorporates blinkin’ lights to warn them to slow down at the appropriate times. Schools should not be negligently leaving 30 km/hour signs posted after school hours, consider delegating the responsibility to remove the signs to somebody that cares, or better yet, have the signs change their posted speed automatically.

An end to reduced speed limits near high schools, for the high school students should have learned how to cross streets before graduating from grade 8. High school students who impede traffic by recklessly crossing streets should face fines to help pay for the cost of the new brightly blinkin’ 30 km/hour primary school zone signs (and to reduce home and business taxes). Instead of 30 km/hour zones for the high schools, give the high school students crosswalks where they may push a button and get traffic to either slow down or stop. People like blinkin’ lights, give the high school students a few blinkin’ lights that are activated by pushing a blinkin’ button.

Reimburse the money of the ticketed drivers who were fined for exceeding the poorly marked 30 km/hour school zone limits. Drivers who were ticketed in these zones for speeds up to and including 60 km/hour should have their fines cancelled and money returned. This reimbursement should be funded by ticketing drivers who are in violation of traffic laws. Enforcing the fines for unattached trailers left on streets will go a long way in raising money to reimburse the drivers who were ticketed in the school-zone money grabs. Furthermore drivers are not supposed to have their trailer hitches protruding from the back of their vehicles when not in use as people are frequently injured when they walk into these protruding hitches. The poorly made and poorly placed signage has resulted in not just traffic fines, but in increased insurance rates, together these increased costs resulted in the loss of mobility to some citizens - City Council should work to refund all these losses incurred by their negligence.

Increase the number of speed limit signs. Some 60 km/hour zones are so poorly posted that drivers have not seen the existing one or two signs and instead travel at slower or faster speeds. Signs indicating speed limits should be posted regularly along streets and freeways, on every second or third or fourth light pole or power pole. Several of the 50 km/hour zones can be increased to 60 km/hour, and several 60 km/hour zones should be increased to higher speeds as well. Due to chemical and other pollution, many Saskatoonians suffer from some degree of Alzheimer’s and would benefit by a more frequent reminder of the legal speed limit.

Improved traffic flow by increasing speeds on Chief Mistawasis Bridge and on the roadways leading to and from this bridge. Improved traffic flow by connecting Clancy drive to 18th Street, passing beneath Circle Drive as this will alleviate the congestion on 22nd Street and Circle Drive. Improved traffic flow by widening sections of Circle Drive so that merging onto this freeway will become far less dangerous. Taylor Street should be moving at least four lanes of traffic at a consistent 50 km/hour, if a high school insists upon lower speeds during school hours, then get your blinkin’ signs and your blinkin’ lights to communicate the lower speeds in a clear and in an unambiguous manner. Put some study into alleviating congestion on Circle Drive between Avenue C and Millar Avenue. An overpass at Highway 12 and Marquis Drive is required but should be delayed due to mismanagement of city finances, and when it does finally get built it should have enough clearance to allow farmers to transport their grain bins.

Improved traffic flow by re-routing the Yellowhead Highway to either one or two miles west of Dalmeny Road, and connecting to the existing Gordie Howe Bridge via a new road located between Cedar Villa Estates and the CN rail yard. This would be hundreds of millions of dollars cheaper than building a proposed bypass on the far east side of the city; furthermore having traffic totally bypassing the city will negatively affect local businesses and result in an additional hundreds of millions of dollars of lost revenue. If the provincial and federal governments desire to fund a bypass, then utilize Grasswoods Road and a new Grasswoods Bridge and have CPR locate their new bridge there as well. It would be in error to get Saskatoonians to pay for a traffic bypass for it would negatively impact businesses for decades to come, as was done in Regina.

Improve the traffic flow on Idylwyld Drive by widening the street to 6 or 8 lanes. With a few underpasses, Idylwyld Drive could be moving traffic at 90 km/hour. Provide the buildings lining the street with a European style similar to, matching or blending into the style of the Bessborough Hotel or the old Eaton’s building on 3rd Avenue South. Beautifying the city will improve the lives of the merchants, the residents and the visitors.

Widen 20th Street and line both sides with 3 or 4 story buildings of some European style that complement the Bessborough Hotel, which is seen looming over 20th Street. Perhaps a couple buildings downtown can be removed to improve the view of the hotel, and insure that no further tall development impedes of the view of the hotel from 20th Street. The Bessborough Hotel is a jewel, it should be showcased, and can be showcased nicely via the 20th Street view.

Reduce the property taxes via the enforcement of existing traffic laws. Ticket drivers who hang any obstacles to vision, such as dream catchers, on their rear-view mirrors. Ticket the drivers who debadge their vehicles and obscure their license plates. Ticket the drivers who tint their front windows. Ticket drivers who fail to come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs. Ticket the owners of the unattached trailers left on the streets. Laws should be applied equally; when you have a law then enforce the law.

Removal of red-light cameras and radar speed traps, it is a cash grab that largely benefits those who own the cameras and radar guns. People want to drive fast, let them drive fast on the freeways. We should improve and widen our freeways and raise the speed limits on these freeways, but only where there is no pedestrian traffic. We could close down the Circle Drive Freeway and hold races, the money that we earn from these races would go towards the Circle Drive road improvements. We are in need of additional underpasses if we are to block all traffic on Circle Drive for a day of races.

End to dedicated bike lanes, instead seek to improve road surfaces where bicycles are numerous. Most bicyclists in Saskatoon don’t want bicycles and bike lanes, they instead want automobiles and their own houses, and a place on the street where they may park their automobiles.

The city should work to remove lead from pipes and also bury power lines to ensure the city doesn’t suffer power outages during ice storms.

An end to water fluoridation, the substance is toxic. Also a ban on toxic sales receipts, the chemicals cause mental and reproductive disorders, and cancers. The toxic sales receipts are a far greater problem than single use plastics, we should focus on the issue of the toxic sales receipts and eliminating that threat before even addressing the issue of plastics. European countries have banned the toxic sales receipts, we should follow their lead. The Federal government refuses to act to ban the toxic receipts, the provincial governments do not appear to be concerned, and so the responsibility to protect Saskatoon citizens falls upon the shoulders of the civic government. Allow people to continue to poison their children and themselves with toothpastes and deodorants, people should be free to choose.

Removal of the blue recycling bins… people may still recycle their tin cans and bottles for refunds at existing locations. Have a single bin per homeowner and issue heavy clear plastic bags for the homeowner to place his or her metals into, another clear bag for waste plastics, perhaps another bag containing glass, perhaps another contain wood, all the different clear bags get tossed into the single recycling bin with other bagged household garbage. The material could later be separated at the dump. Assist the homeowners, if necessary, to compost. Have the garbage bins numbered clearly so that the homeowner doesn’t get charged for the weekly pickup when they have nothing to be picked up. The city should assist some people to obtain rotating composters so we all may take advantage of the leaves and grass clippings and improve the soil throughout the city. We should be planting apple trees. We should have a single bin per household to help reduce taxes for homeowners, the homeowners can accumulate scrap aluminum and other metals in their own containers and deal with the material when desired. Presently most of the material the homeowners place into the blue recycling bins is tossed into the dump, it makes little sense to pick up the garbage twice.

Any future arena and velodrome should be located near the downtown core, in the central industrial area (the city yard site) near the existing sports and recreational facility of Harry Bailey Pool. I support the building of a single velodrome before the building of a second arena, and am unwilling to spend taxpayer’s money for either venue.

Trains should not be transporting dangerous goods through the center of the city. The city yard site should be used for future world-class arenas, swimming pools, gymnasiums, a velodrome and a stadium. Repurpose the tracks to transport people to and from these sports venues to distant parking lots, the train tracks are the foundation for a light rail transit system stretching from Clavet to Parkridge. The “subway” could travel underground from 22nd Street to 33rd Street, allowing more room at this location for arenas, velodromes, swimming pools and skating rinks. Saskatoon should make a trade with the CPR, Saskatoon gets the tracks from Parkridge to Clavet, including the train bridge and the rail yards at Sutherland, in trade we build them a bridge at Grasswoods Road and provide alternative land for their new rail yard. Millionaires living around Grasswoods Road do not want trains running along that corridor, they bought off politicians who then propose to spend a great deal more money to run a much much much longer bypass along the east side of the city.

We should not be spending many hundreds of millions of dollars for a dangerous goods traffic bypass without first eliminating the transport by trains of dangerous goods through the center of the city. Canadian Pacific Railways should be required to post a $3 billion performance bond to cover future damages should they continue to transport dangerous goods through the center of the city. Canadian National Railway also transports dangerous goods through the city, they too should be required to post a $3 billion performance bond. Railways were granted land in Canada for their tracks, then they ripped out the tracks, sold the land and bought hotels with the money.

Neither the federal nor provincial governments are helping to identify nor eliminate excessively radioactive foods and radioactive goods being brought into the city, the city should make some effort to purchase detectors and scan a sample of the goods being offered for sale. No matter of the degree of nuclear fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi or other nuclear disasters, no effort is made by any Canadian government officials to warn parents to provide Potassium iodide to their children. Likely the greatest radioactive fallout occurs when it rains or snows, an attempt should be made to discover what is falling out of the sky and then warn residents when appropriate.

When I was a kid we had multitudes of different butterflies and dragon flies in our back yards. Toads lived in our back yards. This was all back in the day when people were not scared. Where the Confederation Mall now stands and surrounding low areas, and what is Fairhaven now, was Tiger Salamander land. It wasn’t difficult to find salamanders roaming the edge of the city… the city built on these low lands and now face frequent flooding. If I were Mayor of Saskatoon I’d have a zero cost campaign encouraging people to use fewer pesticides, it would just be a little sentence or two on the bills mailed out.

City Provides Space For Projects:

Land south of 19th Street West between Avenues B and C and the freeway, and also land south of 20th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue should be utilized for city residents to develop metal working skills and build small projects, with the immediate goal of becoming skilled enough with TIG welding and aluminum fabrication so that they may build their own small aluminum landing craft, small speed boat or paddle-wheeler. This is land closest to the poorest of the poor, the site is ideal for giving hope to people that have given up hope, and has river access for launching their finished boats. The higher quality TIG welders that have pulse capability smoke less than most every other welding technology, these welders, grinders, and other equipment that produces smoke, should all be used in conjunction with smoke extractors as the smoke generated from grinders is as harmful as the smoke generated from the welders. These pulse TIG welders utilize very small amounts of power when used to weld thinner materials, lowering the overall costs of the program and lowering the cost to the participants as they learn how to use the equipment. Those who participate should be provided with secure lockers so they may store their own personal welding supplies and small projects, such as their own tungsten anodes, filler wire, cutting and grinding wheels, masks, gloves and other welding supplies. As devices used for sharpening tungsten anodes are easily contaminated, they should obtain their own anode sharpening devices. The tungsten anodes are held by TIG torches that can be contaminated and broken, people should purchase a TIG torch that feels comfortable and fits their hands and needs. As breathing masks get coated with germs and become moldy, participants should obtain and care for their own should they have desire for one, and they should consider building themselves powered air respirators. Participants should pay daily for the electricity and argon gas they consume, and of course will be required to pay for any metal they require for their chosen projects. After the students demonstrate proficiency with AC pulse TIG aluminum welding (by completing small projects such as a fuel tank for their car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle, landing craft or plane), then they would be eligible for a secure space were they may over time assemble their own small aluminum boat, plane or all terrain vehicle. There should be no woodworking, gluing nor painting conducted in the facility as efforts must be made to maintain air quality and reduce explosion hazards. There should be no MIG or other welders in the facility in order to force the students to become proficient with the TIG welders. After the participant demonstrates his or her ability to TIG weld, they will set their sights to manufacturing components for their boat or airplane or for their trailer.

The aviation department should have priority over and total oversight of the boat building department and should assume responsibility to maintain security of all people’s projects, and not allow unauthorized access as that would jeopardize the integrity of the projects. The aviation department requires people who are skilled in TIG welding and will not waste resources on purchasing nor on training people to operate MIG welders. The MIG welders would be certain to lessen the build time of the boats, but the issue is not to reduce build time of the boats but to teach people to become better TIG welders so they may attempt to build airplanes. Don’t turn people away when they arrive to the facility, provide the person with a chair in a classroom and show them instructional videos rather than application forms questioning their eligibility to participate. I envision a multistory building that would perhaps be the largest building in the province, and if the facility is not large enough to allow people secure space for building their boats and airplanes, then additional facilities would be made available. There would be coffee shops, and ample walkways that would allow visitors to view the projects from behind glass, perhaps we can integrate pedestrian viewing tubes into the facility similar to the tube conveyors at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. We can use assorted city facilities to teach people to pilot both boats and planes. Allowing people to innovate and create will likely reduce drug use, violence, suicide and sodomy, and save tax money over the long term.

The city should anticipate future provincial and federal governments that encourages innovation and allow people to fly aircraft of their own designs and with minimal or no red tape and interference. Present laws prohibit the homebuilt aircraft from carrying adequate amounts of fuel and prevent the use of multiple engines, both of which adds great measures of safety. Laws prevent people from experimenting with variable swept wing designs, which also increase safety by reducing stall speeds when required. The city should make land available on the eastern and south-western outskirts for landing and parking these homebuilt creations. The city should not wait for future provincial and federal governments to encourage innovation and consider providing space and encouragement for unemployed and underemployed city residents to build their own aircraft now. People should start building their aviation creations now, knowing that future provincial governments will not hamper their ability to innovate, create and fly their own creations but will encourage and help enable them instead. It is a combination of 1) government restrictions, 2) government red-tape and 3) high insurance costs that hamper and even curtail people from innovating, building and flying their own aviation creations, the city of Saskatoon requires new provincial and federal governments to assist us to overcome these hurdles, but we should do our best without their immediate assistance.

The provincial government should be allowing people to “freely” innovate and build and fly their own aviation creations. The City of Saskatoon should similarly be free to partake in this relaxing of aviation regulations and provide space for the construction of approved designs of aircraft inside city-owned properties. It has been done elsewhere and can be done here: groups of people build copies of the same aircraft, when the airplanes are completed then the builders draw lots for them. Or these planes may be “completed” without the engines and avionics, after distributing the aircraft (via drawing lots), then the new owner will have the option of which engine and avionics to install into his or her plane. We should be allowing groups of people to manufacture multiple copies of the same plane(s) of proven designs in the city facilities, rather than allowing individuals to use up space building something unique that may never fly or will fly poorly. People should be free to innovate and build their own bizarre aviation creations, but not in city owned facilities and tie up resources - perhaps later when the program is more advanced and space can be spared if your pet project has merit.

There may be groups of people who desire and choose to build copies of triplanes, or biplanes, or short takeoff and landing (STOL) bush planes, or high-flying powered gliders that have retractable landing gear, retractable propellers and perhaps small retractable jet engines, or very stable and fast planes that have forward swept wing designs, or helicopters, or gyrocopters, or low-flying ground effect planes. Governments worked hard to prevent innovation and the construction of aircraft in Canada, many aircraft the Canadian government did manage to help build (with taxpayer money) were destroyed, sold below cost or outright given away to Islamists in foreign nations. We should reverse that and work hard to encourage the development of the aviation industry, starting with an aviation industry dedicated to helping impoverished to fly their own airplanes in Canada. We should be making planes that give us access to the northern lakes. We should be building fuel efficient “powered” gliders capable of traveling high up in the jet stream. We could be building biplanes or triplanes and use them for paintball dogfights, spectator admission fees could amount to substantial sums. We should pay attention to the Australian Jabiru program as it allows flexibility in choosing cabin sizes and provides engine and wing options for the builders (see Kitplanes February 2007). Furthermore Jabiru manufactures aluminum engine blocks then completes these new engines with cheap mass produced parts originally designed for automobile engines, Saskatoon’s aviators can accomplish similar.

I don’t see people building replica WWII fighter planes that are powered by 2,000+ horsepower V-12 engines and burn massive amounts of fuel, but instead scaled-down planes that utilize smaller engines that consume far less fuel. Using modern carbon-fiber composites, old designs may be resurrected and made stronger, lighter, more fuel efficient and safer. Some designs are far easier to build than others, back in the day Russian children easily built Yaks out of plywood and similar composites, there is absolutely no reason why children in Saskatoon can’t build improved and somewhat scaled-down or even full-sized Yaks using a combination of aluminum and the newer improved materials. We would not be permitting replica Messerschmitt Bf-109’s to be built in the city-owned facilities as the narrow stance of landing gear is a design flaw that killed many pilots. And I’m not sure why anybody in their right mind would want a replica German Focke-Wulf 190, or a replica British Spitfire, or a replica American P-51 Mustang, or a replica America P-47 Thunderbolt, or a replica American P-38 Lightning, or a replica of some stupid Japanese fighter plane when they could easily build and own their own replica of a Russian Yak, likely racism plays a role in their decision making processes. As mayor of Saskatoon I will battle against all forms of racism and sexism.

I can’t sing enough praises for Yaks, and getting the Russian children to build Yaks was perhaps the best move Stalin ever made. Yaks outperformed both the Messerschmitt Bf 109’s and Focke-Wulf 190’s and ended German air supremacy over Russia. Stalin gave the Russian children new hopes and dreams when he got them to build the Yaks, and the Yaks these children built saved Russia from utter ruin. The Russian children were wise to not question Stalin and did what he told them to do, many grew up and became alcoholics. Saskatoon should open doors for people of all ages to learn, to innovate and build, in the hopes that they do not become adult alcoholics like the Russian kids. Composite planes such as Yaks should be manufactured in separate buildings to reduce air quality issues in the main TIG welding building, as working with composites can become an awful mess. Stalin had the kids build Yaks out of composites in part due to the shortage of aluminum, today we can use more aluminum in the construction of the planes together with stronger, lighter and less toxic composites. Americans developed a composite wooden airplane in the late 1930’s thinking that there would be a future shortage of aluminum, which never occurred. I’m sure if Stalin were alive today he would still be building up his air-force. Funny that neither Hitler nor Stalin wanted long-range heavy bombers during WW2. Hitler put heavy resources into developing a heavy dive bomber and into developing rockets and jets that barely assisted in his war effort, but even if he did not waste resources on these three failed ventures, Stalin had an abundant pool of people and resources in the east that daily constructed an airforce that helped to crush Hitler. Stalin had smaller rockets that he used effectively against Hitler and did not pour resources into developing V2 style rockets during the World War. Stalin invested into rockets after he took Berlin. I would have liked to have told Hitler and Stalin both the errors of their ways but nobody listens to me anyway. Suffice to say, Stalin liked his air force and developed composite planes, like the Yak.

Resins should be chosen that give off fumes that are not so deadly… some resins are optimized for clarity, some for their ability to withstand heat, some optimized so they flex, others optimized to not vent extremely toxic fumes. The composite planes, such as the Yaks, have better performance due to their better streamlining. Some people will happily deal with the stink and the mess of working with the composites in order to benefit by ending up with a plane that has superior performance, such as the Yak.

Airplanes and boats require engines and people will be given space to rebuild engines, start by TIG welding a stand that holds your engine (and loose parts) off the ground so you may roll it out of the secure storage locker and work on it in the appropriate room given the task at hand. Give each engine a secure storage space so the owner may keep his or her engine secure when they are not present to work on it. Airplanes require slower revving engines than the typical car engine, done to prevent propeller tips from going supersonic. Motorcycle engines may be adapted for use in both boats and airplanes. Rebuilding engines can be costly, numerous people may be starting rebuilds that they are not going to complete in a timely fashion and so will likely require the engine storage lockers for years. Some people may start rebuilds and then discover their engine block is damaged and unusable. People will have to TIG weld new intake and exhaust manifolds and modify their engines in additional ways should they desire to adapt them for aviation. Allow people to rebuild engines that are not suitable for airplanes as the engine could always be used in a boat, and besides they will learn skills that may later be applied to aviation engines. It isn’t up to the city to provide people with parts so they may fix their engines, but the city should provide secure space and encouragement. The Subaru Boxer 4-cylinder car engines are often used by hobbyists for use in their homebuilt airplanes, many in-line water-cooled 4 or 6-cylinder car engines could prove to be adaptable for either single-engine or multi-engine homebuilt planes. Small block Chevy V8 engine blocks and heads are available in aluminum, if using one or more in an airplane, there will be need to mechanically reduce the speed of the output with the use of geared propeller speed reduction units. There are no reasons why we can’t be manufacturing small radial or small horizontally opposed or even small jet engines for ourselves. People working together can accomplish much, we should endeavor to get people to work together to accomplish new transportation goals. The $3 billion performance bonds held by the city will go a long way towards building the TIG welding facilities, composite plane building facilities, and possibly purchasing some tools.

There are “kit” planes and there are “plans built” planes. We can quickly begin production of planes if we can decide upon one or more of the existing proven designs of the “plans built” planes. The citizens of Saskatoon could get together and start building planes without having support of the mayor nor the city councilors nor of any other people holding political office whether provincially or federally. Groups of people getting together and co-operatively building planes is a realistic goal, and we should work towards the change of laws to allow for greater freedom to fly our creations.

People may build their planes individually or may build them as a group, or a combination of these options. For example, 100 airframes can be constructed as a group effort by 100 people, and then chosen by lot. Once you have your own airframe then complete it yourself with your own choice of engine, avionics and landing gear… less costly options can be chosen to complete your plane. If you are not flying at night then you don’t require to purchase and install them blinkin’ lights. If you only desire to land on snow or water then you don’t require wheels. Consider manufacturing a seat that fits your personal physique.

Twenty-Two Build Options:

Build Option One - TIG weld a Boat: Build a boat rather than an aircraft as your first major project as it will likely be easier for most people to complete, but build with the use of TIG welders so you may be more confident should you choose to build an airplane at a later date. Builders will be encouraged to manufacture one of perhaps a dozen different boat designs, including a small landing craft that includes a small heated cabin and is capable of transporting either a Mini-Truck-Sized Vehicle, a seadoo, skidoo or an ATV. Also TIG weld a raft to pull behind your boat. If you are navigating a long distance you would need to pull a raft loaded with fuel and other supplies. Builders would be allowed to store their finished boats and rafts in a secure facility, and the city might consider having a program to assist the new boat owner to transport him or herself, together with the boat, to and from a northern lake. Build the boats so they may transport one or more of the vehicles being constructed in Build Options 8, 9 and 10.

Build Option Two - TIG weld an Aircraft: TIG weld and machine a combination of aluminum, stainless steel and/or titanium parts for your planes, after the smaller parts are manufactured then the builder will be provided space to construct the larger TIG welded air frame. If the builder desires a titanium airframe, then the builder will be improving their titanium welding skills by making a few small titanium parts for their plane, such as a titanium oil reservoir. Consider building a powerful, strong and light weight STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) airplane or a scaled-down Consolidated Catalina, or some other aircraft that is a suitable design to be built using a TIG welder.

Build Option Three - Composite Aircraft Option: Composite planes may be built primarily out of wood, fiberglass and/or carbon fiber, perhaps using the same construction techniques used to manufacture the de Havilland Mosquito. The Mosquito’s fuselage was built in two separate halves, a left side and a right side, and then united. Some TIG welded parts will still be required. See “Mosquito Construction” by the Calgary Mosquito Society on YouTube, and “Mosquito: A Pictorial History of the DH98” by Philip Birtles.

Build Option Four - TIG weld a Trailer: TIG weld a trailer for hauling your vehicle. As with the other projects, trailers will be constructed by first building the smaller components and storing them in secure lockers before granting room to construct the complete project in a secure building booth. In lieu of a trailer, participants may instead choose to TIG weld a deck for the back of their truck that lifts and lowers their boat, plane or other vehicle into place. This option is not for people to build camping trailers, but to build flatdeck trailers or specialized trailers for hauling boats, planes, small trucks and ATV’s.

Build Option Five - Rebuild an Internal Combustion Engine: Rebuild any internal combustion engine. Blueprint, balance and assemble matching pairs of engines for use in your twin-engine boat or plane. TIG weld a few manifolds for your engines. Likely some machining will be conducted off-site due to lack of required machining tools. The city should be providing secure space for the projects, it is up to the builders to provide both materials and tools.

Build Option Six - TIG weld Containers: Fabricate aluminum, stainless or titanium gasoline tanks, diesel fuel tanks, water tanks, alcohol or oil tanks that fit your particular truck, car, boat, raft, aircraft, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle or trailer. Fabricate a tank for compressed air that fits a selected spot on your vehicle such as inside the C-Channel frame of your vehicle. Make yourself a titanium whiskey flask. Make a secure tank to haul your drinking water, another secure enclosure that holds bags of food, another secure enclosure that holds your cleaning products… Build pontoons or other floatation devices for your small truck or aircraft.

Build Option Seven - Tracks and Skis: Manufacture tracks for the front and rear of your four-wheel drive vehicle. Or manufacture tracks for the rear of your rear-wheel drive vehicle and manufacture skis for the front wheels. Or manufacture electrically powered front tracks for your rear-wheel drive vehicle, effectively turning it into a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Build Option Eight - Small Trucks: The Japanese made small and light 4-wheel drive Suzuki trucks that are suitable for adding four light weight tracks, the vehicles appear to be able to drive over any depth of snow. Manufacture a vehicle similar to these Japanese vehicles, but with the same outer dimension (same width and perhaps height), so we may easily transport both the Japanese trucks and our own creations at the same time and then land them some distant port with fewer logistical issues. Having vehicles that share many parts would be a great bonus to the builders should they use their similar vehicles in a convoy for either a visit or for emigration to some distant land. Manufacture replacement parts for those mini trucks and for your tracks. Take advantage of other build options and customize your mini-truck with canisters and containers and modify the body to aid functionality (Build Option Six), or even rebuild the engine (Build Option Five).

Build Option Nine - Amphibious ATV-4: Build an “Amphibious” All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) similar to the Russian Sherp, this is a four-wheeled vehicle. Build these vehicles so they share most if not all their mechanical parts, arrange it so the convoy can easily maintain the vehicles while on the road. The larger Russian Sherp is large enough to transport a dozen people, a vehicle such as this might be large enough to transport your worldly goods should you choose to emigrate or flee to the mountains. Perhaps there would be enough interest that we could build this amphibious vehicle in three different sizes, people could choose which version to build. Then of course customize your vehicle with canisters from Build Option Six. Work on your engine in Build Option Five.

Build Option Ten - Amphibious ATV-6: Build an “Amphibious” ATV that has 6 drive wheels, with the center pair of wheels located precisely between the front and rear wheels. Build the vehicle so that it “tracks” the same as the 4-wheel-drive Sherp-like vehicle from Build Option Nine, and consider building it to work independently or as an attached trailer that helps to propel the Sherp-like vehicle from that previous build option. Different vehicles from Build Options Eight, Nine and Ten can be made to attach to one another and form a train that can travel over the swamps, tundra and mountain passes.

Build Option Eleven - Frame Stretch: Stretch the frame of your car or truck and add a tag axel, results in superior braking, stability and greater load capacity. Or stretch the frame and then add an electrically, hydraulically or mechanically driven second rear end… if you can afford to purchase the parts, the machining and the welding supplies, then you may build it. Once you stretch the frame of your vehicle you will find room for propane tanks, custom built canisters, spare tires and such.

Build Option Twelve - Two-wheel-drive motorcycle: Build a two-wheel drive motorcycle from scratch or add an electric front-wheel drive to an existing rear-wheel drive motorcycle. Power the vehicle with either a 4-stroke internal combustion engine or with electric motors, or a combination of different motors.

Build Option Thirteen - Bicycles and Quadricycles: Construct carbon fiber, stainless steel or aluminum bicycles or quadricycles from scratch and then add the electric motors if desired. See how easy it is to TIG weld yourself some sort of peddle “bicycle” and soon you will want to TIG weld a frame for flight. Become good enough with your TIG welds and donate some of your time to the aviation department.

Build Option Fourteen - Go Camping: Build a tiny light weight titanium portable stove, perhaps a 2 or 3 pound wood-burning stove that collapses and fits into your back-pack with which you may heat your tent, should you go hiking or lose your home. Or build a somewhat larger but still relatively light-weight titanium stove (and stove pipe) suitable to heat larger tents and enclosures. Make a diesel heater to heat the interior of your vehicle or trailer, it vents the dangerous gasses to the outside and keeps your windows fog free. Make small alcohol burning stoves. Convert your truck or van so that it is suitable to use for camping, add shelves, closets, toilets, sinks. Make an electrical fence to keep bears and other predators out of your camping area.

Build Option Fifteen - Dirigible or Blimp: TIG weld a small dirigible or powered blimp capable to lifting you, your engine, fuel or batteries and a few supplies. Expect to labor on the fabric in a separate facility to reduce risks to others. Fabricate your metal parts in the metal working shops.

Build Option Sixteen - Helicopter: TIG Weld a One-Seater Helicopter. Good luck.

Build Option Seventeen - Gyrocopter: TIG Weld a Gyrocopter. Gyrocopters are far safer and easier to fly than a helicopter. Build it to accommodate just yourself or passengers as well.

Build Option Eighteen - WWI Fighter: Build a light-weight bi-plane or a light-weight tri-plane that resembles WW1 fighters, all the airplanes are to meet strict weight, power and speed requirements, all are to be equipped with paint ball guns and are used for aerial dog fighting competitions. The members could rent or purchase a section (640 acres) of farm land to periodically hold their events. These airplanes will have very slow stall speed and can also be used to hunt wild boar. As the wild boar population in Saskatchewan balloons, these aircraft, when properly equipped, would be most helpful in combating the spread of the pigs. The wild boar attack and eat people, grow to in excess of 1,000 pounds, insanity is to allow their numbers to continue to escalate while reducing people’s access to firearms.

Build Option Nineteen - BD-4: Build a variation of a BD-4 airplane. These are plans-built planes that are well designed, fast, easy to build, and do not require welding. Build the BD-4 as a two-seater, or build a variation of the plane that seats four. People can snap these airplanes together in very little time, especially when working as a group. Customize your BD-4 with carbon fiber and titanium parts, fancy landing gear, clear doors, small jet or rocket engines and such. You will still be using a TIG welder to build some of the components or your airplane.

Build Option Twenty - Horse-Drawn Wagons: Join with others to make a stage-coach line, or build your own wooden wagon, perhaps a gypsy wagon, covered wagon, chuck wagon or sheep-herder’s wagon. Make your own wooden wheels or make your wheels out of metal or carbon fiber. The city should provide space for such projects, space for piles of wood that are being cured, dry space to park the completed wagons, and suitable space for the teams of horses that visit the city from the rural areas. Save weight in your wooden wagons by using aluminum or carbon fiber where you desire. I’d like to see Yorath Island developed to accommodate horses (and completed wagons) visiting our city. Those cowboys and Indians who have or hope to have horses should build a bridge, a corral, a camp and a fort. Yorath Island could then be used for an old western movie set. If you can’t get your act together to build the log bridge, then ford the river. Some will use their horse-drawn wagons to transport people to and from the rural gardens, some will use their wagons to haul vegetables back to Yorath Island and to the city markets…

Build Option Twenty-One - Fabrics, Leather and Veneers: Make yourself pants that actually fit: Become proficient in making pants that fit yourself and fit your family members. Make fire resistant pants for the people building aircraft or other projects. Find poorly dressed psychiatric abuse victims and make them pants that fit as well. Become proficient in working with cloth, leather and wood veneers (required for all the aircraft, boats, mini-trucks, ATVs, dirigibles, blimps, trailers, helicopters and horse-drawn wagons). Make a tent that can accommodate a wood-burning stove. All space provided will be conducted away from the major build options in order to reduce fire and other hazards.

Build Option Twenty-Two - Go Mining: Tig weld a water pump, construct it out of a combination of titanium and steel, attach it to a 24 volt motor, build another and attach it to an internal combustion engine. Build a small wash plant that includes a conveyor belt, trommel and sluice. Build wind and water turbines to run that water pump, maybe have the electrical capacity capable of powering the conveyor belt and trommel as well. Everything fits into a vehicle (and/or trailer) the size of a Japanese mini-truck, or onto a small trailer capable of being pulled by such a vehicle. Or eschew the Japanese mini-trucks and small trailers and use instead full sized trucks (half tons and one tons) and larger trailers. Also build a shaker table and a centrifuge and try to find space for them on your truck or trailer. Build a water purification plant to supply drinking water for yourself, and build a water filtration system to provide clean water for your trommel, sluice and other mining equipment. Build shaking screens or spinning trommels to classify material by size, then batch process like-sized materials down your sluice or centrifuge. Build conveyor belts to send material to and through your gold and mineral processing plant. Put together a 24-volt off-grid electrical system for your truck or trailer, and build it in such a way that people may temporarily pair up and combine their 24-volt electrical systems into 48-volt systems, and thereby supply power in greater amounts and to greater distances. Some areas that permit mining require that your pump and hoses are a maximum of one and one-half inches in diameter, equip your mining van or truck and trailer to have a sluice that will function with such a small water pump, and make wider sluices for your larger sized water pumps and hoses. Consider having two different sized belt conveyors, the small one of course to run with the smaller sluices and with the other smaller mining equipment.

Going On and On About the Twenty-Two Build Options:

People living in rental accommodations just don’t have room for such projects, nor have they room for the completed projects, and are always at risk of losing any investment they park or store inside or out. The city should help provide space so people can learn new skills and use their time creatively and productively, and people would be more likely to utilize the facilities when they have some assurance that their projects are secure.

If you don’t follow through with your work then the parts you constructed may be used by another… the parts you build can be passed down to a friend or family member or donated to the aviation department to use at their discretion. Perhaps a finite number of designs should be permitted so that people who lose interest in the project can more easily pass the parts they did manage to complete to others who adopted the same design. And builders may opt to “bank” the parts they constructed, then when they invested enough work and money converting materials into parts then they could have access to a communal supply of banked parts and assemble their plane.

Some builders, after building some parts for their aircraft, may decide that they want an alternative aircraft – these people should be able to trade the parts they manufactured for the alternative parts they now require. For example, some builders may want a 4-seater STOL, start building the required parts and later change their minds and instead desire a 2-seater STOL, or a 2 or 4-seater flying boat. By having a trade program established some people will feel more confident in starting a project and building the required parts. This trading option is possible when considering that some people are building parts for credits to use elsewhere. Some people may build parts just to get experience with TIG welding and machining, and perhaps to get credits towards transportation.

The aviation department should be in charge of administering the security of Build Options One through Nineteen while the cowboys and girls involved in Build Option Twenty would oversee their facilities separately. The people working with cloth, leather and wood veneers in Build Option Twenty-One would conduct their affairs in separate facilities but will have their facilities operate under the direction of the aviation department, which is in vital need of materials made of cloth, leather and wood veneers. The people building mining equipment (Build Option Twenty-Two) are in need of tools and secure storage lockers, and again will be operating under the oversight of the Aviation Department, which is in need of gold so that it can purchase other metals.

Anybody building composite planes or composite wings, and people involved in painting and gluing, will conduct their affairs in separate facilities designed to handle the stink and the mess. The senior aviators in Saskatoon’s aviation department may eventually develop planes of our own designs and turn those designs into easy-to-build kits (which will generate income). Other communities will desire to partner with Saskatoon’s Aviation Department, some may offer to build parts for our use in trade for parts we manufacture here.

We should be building water taxis, such as gyrocopters with pontoons that seat between 4 to 7 people, or amphibious airplanes that accomplish the same. We should have ground effect taxis travelling just above the rivers or in other designated areas, connecting communities. We should have rocket assisted aircraft designed specifically to travel the nearly identical distance to either Calgary or Edmonton. We should have small detachable rockets designed to assist the launching of planes, and smaller rockets designed to give gliders a little push.

Ground-effect land-skimming vehicles could periodically be flying perhaps two feet above electrical wires, from which they wirelessly charge and propel themselves. Saskatchewan makes the ideal testing location for these electrically propelled ground-effect land-skimming, extremely highly efficient aircraft. We could perhaps actively strive to link Saskatoon with both Calgary and Edmonton with corridors for these elevated automobiles. The Canadian prairies are ideally suited for the ground-effect land-skimming vehicles.

We should be building a prototype of a composite single seat mono-wing airplane (such as a Yak), as the cost per composite aircraft could, depending upon materials used, be lower than constructing TIG welded airframes. Reduce the cost of the airplanes to make them an achievable goal to work towards. We could reduce the cost of the aircraft by covering concrete forms with cheap and easily available spruce plywood. Some people may choose to reduce costs further by making their own glues and by using scraps of used plywood they find laying in back yards and back alleys. The left side of a composite (plywood) aircraft can be pulled out of a secure storage locker and be worked upon, using such a system will allow for greater participation and a larger number of aircraft being started. Once completing one side of the airplane fuselage, the builder will be provided with a second storage locker for the other half of his or her airplane, eventually the builder will have the two halves to unite and will be provided with a larger storage locker to secure that fuselage while work on other components is conducted.

And, we could be concurrently working upon a prototype of a TIG welded single-seat STOL (short take off and landing) airplane. If there is huge interest then we can develop a prototype of a powered glider that has an enormous wingspan. Many builders will chose to build a plans-built plane of a pre-existing design, such as the BD-4, rather than wait for the development of the prototypes. And smaller TIG welded airframes can be put together cheaply, and quite likely with fewer hours of work than required for the composite aircraft. Note that even the airplanes that are constructed primarily of wood still require metal parts to be fabricated and securely stored until the builder is ready for installing them. Many of these metal parts are cheaply constructed, people with limited resources can start by assembling these lower cost items. People should be free to decide which aircraft they wish to construct, but recognize that if you stick to a co-operative plan where several or many copies of the same plane are made, many of your construction problems will be solved. We should be providing options for people rather than taking options away.

By simply following the principles of aviation and without using complex mathematics nor wind tunnels, people may construct airplanes that fly very well (see “Flight Without Formulae” by A.C. Kermode). Consider that those people who use the complex mathematical formulas and even wind tunnels end up with airplanes that still undergo revision after revision after revision. Even little girls can fly their own planes and save other children from being abducted by gypsies (see The Girl Aviators’ Motor Butterfly by Margaret Burnham, published by M.A Donohue & Company). If the builder chooses to make such an individual aircraft, then of course the parts they manufacture cannot be traded for another design approved and actively supported by the aviation department.

Saskatoon requires two or three new airports on the outskirts specifically made for the homebuilt aircraft. We should not allow the homebuilt creations to fly over the city with the exception that the smaller and quieter planes should be allowed to travel immediately above the South Saskatchewan River and so through the very center of our city – planes could even be launched from a slipway on the roof of the TIG welding facility (a very large building located on the south side of downtown stretching from Second Avenue and 20th Street to Avenue C South and the river) and then navigate along the river. We could have races and paintball dogfights over the river, an event as such would bring visitors to the city and generate revenue. We could have a water aerodrome on the South Saskatchewan River, and perhaps limit the aerodrome to small airplanes that meet extremely tough noise limits or perhaps allow noisier aircraft to use the facilities during the day. Consider allowing the children to fly their own aviation creations at night without any licenses, and re-educating the air traffic controllers.

We could be building multiple forms, and then allowing builders to borrow our forms, and they would drape their plywood and/or fiber glass and/or carbon fiber and such over our forms, such as was done in constructing the Mosquito. While the forms are being developed the builders could rebuild engines, build speed reduction units and propellers for their engines, build landing gear and other smaller parts. We could have forms for members to borrow that result in sleek and fuel efficient racers, like the Yak. We can also allow members to build a scaled-down version of the P-38 Lightning. We could build powered gliders that resemble a U-2 Spy Plane, we could make multiple forms for the fuselage out of concrete or some other stiff material. Small jet engines are an equivalent cost of a cheap used car, buy a pair of these small jets and make them retractable. We could even develop jet engines and make the design or parts available to the members. We can accomplish much when we work together.

We could build a fleet of amphibious aircraft, seaplanes, flying boats or perhaps even floatplanes, having a fleet of such would enable us to provide an air taxi service to the northern lakes. By facilitating the building of low cost aircraft in Saskatoon, and perhaps by building components for these airplanes in other communities, we could link northern and southern communities. Presently it costs more money to fly from Saskatoon to many communities in northern Saskatchewan, than it costs to fly from Saskatoon to Europe.

If I were mayor of Saskatoon, I’d encourage both city residents and our neighbors living outside of our city to participate in using the proposed facilities to construct and modify boats, aircraft and ATV’s. We’d provide storage lockers for the parts you are assembling for your project, and a machine shop where you may manufacture your parts, eventually you will have enough parts stored that you would be provided with a larger secure space to assemble your project. People should have options in life, governments should be trying to help provide people with options and not take options away.

I propose a very large building along the south side of downtown Saskatoon spanning into Riversdale where visitors could travel on moving and stationary sidewalks, and escalators while enclosed inside clear tubes. Visitors could view the airplanes or other projects being completed around them while seated and having coffee at one of the many coffee shops.

The city of Saskatoon should purchase 40, 80, 160 or 320 acres of rural land so these projects can quickly begin while building this proposed facility in the city. Even a small group of people, independent from the City of Saskatoon and who are interested in one or more of these 22 build options, can unite and pool their money and purchase the required land and erect some cheaper buildings close to the City of Saskatoon.

.Build Options Eight, Nine and Ten are a system of similar tracking vehicles. The boats being built should be engineered to carry one or more of the similarly tracked vehicles from Build Options Eight, Nine and Ten, and also engineered to be easily transported by large ships. The rafts carrying supplies also need to conform to size restrictions to aid in transport by the larger ships. The boats should be loaded upon ships and then unloaded at a distant port, perhaps at the mouth of the gold-bearing Lena or some other gold-laden river. I suggest that white Canadians should flee Canada, take a well-supplied trip up the mouth of the Lena and establish a community near where a smaller river meets the Lena, where the gold or other mineral prospects look favorable, perhaps 1000 miles upstream on the Lena. Doing such would establish a community in pretty much the geographical center of Yakutia, work together to survive the first winter and then establish other communities in the region, depending upon resources.

Bring along excavators to help dig in for the winter. Each participant should bring along thousands of pounds of food, thousands of pounds of other supplies (tents, tarps, clothes, 24 volt or 48 volt off-grid electrical systems, lithium powered hand tools, stoves, screws, books, fuel….), much of the food and supplies brought along on small boats and rafts capable of navigating the Lena River. The Yakutians are fond of metal workers, make sure to bring along your machine shops, portable lumber mills and road building equipment when you emigrate. Prepare to pay taxes to Putin in the form of gold, so that he may keep his Russian Republic strong. Or stay and pay taxes to Trudeau and have him raise your children… Trudeau uses the media and schools to teach your children to ram their penises up each other’s arseholes. Trudeau works at preventing white people from meeting, uniting and forming families, and desires control over all the children, I suggest we take all the machining tools, also the children, and flee in well-equipped convoys to Yakutia, there we can build wealth, build guns and regroup. At the very least, each participant would be required to have a raft carrying 6,000 pounds of food and other supplies so they would stand a chance to survive the first winter, and the owner of the raft would require a boat owner to tow said raft upriver. If you are bringing a vehicle on a boat or raft as well, still bring that 6000 pounds (or much more) of food and other supplies. Build the boats and rafts so they can be easily loaded onto and unloaded from the ships. Then build a community along the Lena River or nearby the Lena River, build it out of rocks and concrete on a south facing slope, build guns, mine gold, coal and other resources, regroup. Another group can land at Magadan perhaps without rafts and boats and seek out a suitable site for a community along the Hiway of Bones or nearby that hiway either in Magadan or Yakutia. Canadians can sponsor other Canadians to go on the expeditions, perhaps expecting to follow behind the following year and bringing additional resources when emigrating.

Should you find yourself landing at the Lena River Delta, travel up the Lena with a boat pulling your raft. I would suggest you also carry (or tow or use as outriggers) three or four smaller and light weight flat bottom boats so you may navigate into other rivers that you find along the way. You may need several small flat bottomed boats in order to transport your many thousands of pounds of tools and other supplies upstream an alternative river. People landing at Magadan and then travelling up the Kolyma Hiway should consider towing or carrying boats with them. Go to the expense of making aluminum containers to haul your food and other goods, so they float and so the goods are secure in transit. The aluminum containers, when empty, can always be used at your chosen destination to assist in housing and mining.

Imagine perhaps as many as one million Canadians emigrating, leaving Canada to greener pastures, each bringing with them a small fortune in dehydrated foods, and bringing with them machining equipment, and construction equipment, portable lumber mills, metals, fuels, cement and glass, and establishing new communities in places such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Yakutia, Magadan or Kamchatka. Whichever land we emigrate to would be blessed with an economic windfall. Canadians might be wise to build boats, rafts and aircraft, in preparation of a future migration. I also imagine society will collapse so very quickly that Canadians will not have a chance to flee the messes that Biden and Trudeau (Communists/Satanists) are creating. And some people in Saskatoon may build Yaks and fly to Yakutia. It would be helpful to those who embark upon an expedition to Yakutia (or elsewhere) have support from airplane owners, and the airplane owners find support from those carrying supplies up roads or rivers.

Those people emigrating away from Canada would of course benefit by having sponsors to assist them with funds to make the boats, rafts, vehicles and to obtain the supplies. Sponsors would of course benefit when they travel to the new communities, or move to the new communities… the sponsors would have different levels of VIP status depending upon their input. I suggest the Aviation Department, which is in charge of the security of the boat building and most other build options (in charge of the secure lockers and buildings), distribute any sponsorship monies, which is likely best accomplished by the Aviation Department purchasing aluminum sheets in bulk. Builders who draw upon such donated resources would have to agree to use the finished boats, rafts, planes and vehicles to assist the emigration by helping to move resources for the entire group, and would later have to pay cash for any materials provided if they decide to keep the finished project for their own private use. The donations would be used for emigration, the builders drawing upon the donated materials would be beholden to the Aviation Department and would be obligated to use the constructed vehicles, boats, rafts and aircraft to assist in moving supplies to Magadan or Yakutia or Kamchatka or Chukotka, likely depending upon which of these locations would welcome us, and depending upon what Putin would prefer. People making use of the Aviation Department facilities to make rafts and other vehicles will of course be trained in some form of metal working, and so will bring their skills with them to the Russian far east should we emigrate there (more gold and diamonds there than in Scandinavia). Some people will construct their boats and planes with no intention of leaving the country, and so will keep their skills in Saskatchewan. Remember the boat builders are working under the leadership of the Aviation Department, which requires flying boats, and so requires your boat building skills to assist in constructing these flying boats.

People wanting to build aircraft should consider making an assembly-line and rolling off copies of a commonly desired model, perhaps a flying boat that seats just four people. Another group of people will be incessant that they will each have a Short Takeoff And Landing (STOL) aircraft, and so that group would be best served by building assembly-line copies of the same plane… One seater STOL? Two seater STOL? Four Seater STOL? Those people wanting a STOL could vote for the size of STOL they obtain off the assembly line and then manufacture what the majority requested.

There are sure to be accidents and people will lose fingers or other appendages, these can be humorously pickled and placed on display as we should always make the best of our situation. Anyway Stalin was wise to give the students the option to build the composite Yaks, for those Yaks saved Russia from utter ruin. I bet the Russian kids sang songs in praise of Stalin back then, just as the Canadian kids sing praises for Justin Trudeau today. Likely the Canadian kids will continue to sing praises to Trudeau even after their bodies erupt in lesions from the inoculations. Even while the kids are jerking and convulsing from the injections, the ignorant parents will continue to place their faith in Trudeau and his arts and sciences, while waiting for winter to return so they may resume singing Jingle Bells, decorating and bowing to God-damned trees.

Other Civic Issues:

Recently administrators at the main downtown library discarded massive number of books citing that people bound to wheelchairs were unable to reach the books on the highest and lowest shelves, they decided to remove access to books that other people could reach. Over the last few decades the head librarians have been filling our shelves with material promoting witchcraft and homosexuality, this is in addition to the librarians pushing books advocating Catholic fertility rites. It costs taxpayers about a million dollars every time a single individual gets infected with HIV, but you won’t read about that in books at our libraries. The libraries are being patronized by drug addicts who have little interest in reading, and who’s presence negatively affect the learning of those who are so inclined. I do not support spending any money on a new larger downtown library, nor on spending money to annually turn the existing libraries into Catholic temples of fertility, nor on spending any additional money on new crappy books advocating Catholicism, Islam, witchcraft nor homosexuality. Nor should we be spending money on computers (and computer support technicians) for patrons to play games on, and we can save money by reducing or ceasing the purchase of adult fiction books. The library is for housing books and making these books accessible, not to cruise the internet and play computer games. We should stop spending money on paying wages for the administrators who turned our libraries into jokes. We should radically cut the budget on the libraries and find new administrators who will allow books that are critical of the Catholicism, Islam, witchcraft and homosexuality. Rather than censor Michael Rowbotham’s “The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery, and Destructive Economics” and even purge the record of the book ever having been at the library, we should instead buy several copies of the book. Rather than having hundreds or even thousands of different children’s books advocating witchcraft and homosexuality, we should be providing children with books that encourage independent thinking. Currently far less than 1% of the people in Canada are ramming their penises up each other’s arseholes, we should not be using taxpayer’s money to encourage the other 99% to do so. Until the homosexual / witchcraft books are removed from the children’s section of the libraries, consider carding people and preventing anybody under the age of 18-years-old from entering the public libraries, lest the city face a law suit for contributing to the delinquency of children. Children are created by a union of a man and a woman who ideally unite as a family and work together to raise these children, the public libraries (and Hollywood and the media and the churches and the schools) are being used to contribute to the delinquency of children by advocating the removal of the fathers from the lives of his children and tearing families apart. City council should recognize that the libraries have been co-opted by individuals that have very dark agendas and do everything possible to prevent additional money transfers that allow these damaging agendas to continue. Michael Rowbotham has a plan where interest-free money can be created to pay for new infrastructure (bridges, overpasses, sewers, roads, schools, libraries, homebuilt aviation insurance…), it would be helpful to give the citizens of Saskatoon access to such material. This interest free money can be “created” by the City of Saskatoon to pay for any liability caused by our homebuilt aviators. At present, so-called “money” is printed by private banks out of thin air, and then loaned to the governments at compound interest, thereby enslaving us. Recently people have had access to an excessive amount of fiction and are confusing fiction for non-fiction. And then on July 17th 2020 the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix announced that the Saskatoon Public Library has appointed a Syrian sodomite who is living in Vancouver to be the new “Writer In Residence”, and so Danny Ramadan is now being paid to encourage Saskatoon’s youth to start ramming their penises up each other’s arseholes.

Over the last few decades many millions of dollars were spent just in Saskatoon to encourage people to adopt a homosexual lifestyle, now in 2020 and 2021 people are demonized if they desire to encourage children to adopt a straight lifestyle. Hollywood, the media, the churches, the schools and the libraries are all teaching your children to ram their penises up each other’s arseholes… the result is the end of white families. The Moslems have four wives and a house for each wife (paid for by your tax dollars through Saskatchewan Social Services), but the message from Hollywood, the media, the churches, the schools and the libraries is not for the Moslems to ram their penises up each other’s arseholes, the message for the Moslems is that male Moslems can now also have white wives. And there is another message being sent out, that white women can be raped and traumatized with little fear of serious consequences to the rapist.

Anticipate a new provincial government that will not pay rent for welfare recipients but will instead help the former renters become homeowners. Home ownership, even if the home is tiny, will go a long way to improve the lives of people. The tiny homes should have concrete floors, concrete walls and a flat concrete roof to lessen the build time and provide shelters of substance that cannot easily be destroyed. Provide tiny homes (approximately 200 square feet per adult, 100 square feet per child), eventually the new home owner may get their act together to upgrade the cheap windows and stove provided, add insulation, expand the first floor or add a second story to the structure, make an outhouse, add solar panels or a windmill for electric lighting, or even dig a water well. Provide each new residence with a heavy steel door that cannot be easily kicked in. Rather than giving away tax money monthly to pay rent to a landlord, instead provide some building materials and kick-start home ownership. Place leans upon each property so that the houses may not be sold without the taxpayers recouping their investments. The City of Saskatoon should not wait for provincial nor federal government assistance with our homeless crisis, we should purchase a block of four or six sections of land several miles away from the city for the new small homes. The land can be fenced and shared with bison, the houses need to be concrete as the bison would rub against them on occasion. Some new homeowners would opt to live in bison-free areas - people should have options in life - governments should be providing options for people rather than taking options away. Governments removed building options from people and forced them to use construction techniques that result in rotting homes of limited life spans… it is likely better to live in a concrete home surrounded with bison than live in the basement of a rotting home surrounded by discarded needles while having your privacy and the sanctity of your home repeatedly violated by your landlord who refuses to give tenants the legally required 24-hour notice before barging into the premises.

Stop funding the downtown Lighthouse shelter and instead provide the impoverished with small homes in the countryside, and find other ways to build confidence in consumers so they will return to the downtown core and patronize the stores. Saskatoon should use its downtown core for the advancement of commerce rather than showing off impoverished and often dirty and lazy individuals. The Russian peasants living under the Russian Tsars had the right to live in small shacks in the countryside and were allowed to have gardens or small crops, while the Canadian slaves living at the Lighthouse are fed grossly substandard meals. I’ve seen grown men cry at the Lighthouse, as they were made to wait over an hour for their dinners to arrive, and when the dinner finally arrives the food provided is unpalatable and the portion insufficient to sustain life. People come out of a six-week psychiatric torture session at the University of Saskatchewan, or at Saskatoon City Hospital, and their Brahmin psychiatrist has them injected with a long lasting CIA inspired “depot” drug on the final day of that horror, leaving them in utter nauseous misery and horror for another couple of months after they are released. Then they end up at the Lighthouse and continue to be mistreated, it’s no wonder that grown men cry. Management at the Lighthouse benefits from the donations and are widely known to take food home for themselves while their inmates suffer. Many people who are repeatedly “treated” to the six-week long psychiatric sessions end up in Filipino (Catholic) run group homes where the food provided consists mainly of starches (bread and potatoes) and minimal fruits and vegetables. The Filipino Catholics don’t open group homes to provide loving care for the disenfranchised, they open the group homes in order to profit from their misery. What taxpayers pay to keep the poor in group homes, and in homeless facilities such as the Lighthouse can easily buy concrete homes for these people in the countryside. And what taxpayers pay to keep people in prisons and psychiatric torture centers could instead easily buy those people multi-million dollar mansions, and for each and every one of them.

The disenfranchised living in the Filipino group homes and at the downtown Lighthouse are mainly white people who did not get the opportunities to advance in society, and were instead actively prevented from attending trade schools, and/or who were directed into attending non-productive classes at the University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Sciences. Many of the people living in the Filipino owned group homes are forced to leave the homes during the day (even in 40 degree below weather), many of the poor would go to the McDonald’s Restaurant on the corner of 22nd Street and 2nd Avenue in downtown Saskatoon, there the coffee refills were 30 cents, there was always a large group of impoverished who would help each other out to scrape up enough money for a cup of coffee. People running the city of Saskatoon decided it was wrong to provide a place for these impoverished people to meet and drink coffee together and they had that McDonald’s restaurant demolished and turned into a parking lot. Around the same time the authorities in morality decided to close the Mendal Art Gallery, which was another place the impoverished could freely attend. A couple decades earlier the City of Saskatoon similarly decided to demolish the Barry Hotel as this was a place that the impoverished Indians and white people got together for an evening of fun. The reason for the destruction of the Barry Hotel was that people were meeting there and having fun. Now the authorities of morality are getting the residents to pay over a hundred million dollars for the Remai Modern Art Gallery, and none of impoverished ever enter.

Saskatoon needs to provide places to park horse-drawn carriages. If I bothered to run for mayor and if I was elected the mayor of Saskatoon I would seek to reserve appropriate locations for tying up and corralling horses, as some visitors from out of town will arrive on horses or in horse driven carriages. People on bicycles will likely come along and pick up the horse shit for free, they will take it back to their gardens in the city, or next to their concrete homes in the country, where they will fail to compost the material adequately and then spread weeds throughout their communities and neighborhoods.

I believe we should allocate Yorath Island to this purpose of stabling horses and parking carriages, and name the area Matthew Hardy Park and name the future bridge to Yorath Island “Matthew Hardy Bridge”. Matthew Hardy liked the testimony of Jesus that I gave him, and he visited me while I was being tortured by Hindus at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, his enthusiasm of my testimony got him killed, his remains were found years later on Yorath Island, and so the Hardy family was denied a son and a brother and I was denied the visitor and was left with parents who demanded that I take a pill (Catholics lobbied my parents to shut me up). Matthew Hardy was thrilled to see the math I showed him, it linked his name to his birthday and to numbers in the Bible, it provided evidence that his name and birthday were both gifts from God, and the God was the God of the Bible. All of Matthew’s friends saw themselves as some type of witches, they dressed and talked in darkness and were not happy to hear any testimony of God’s Word. The psychiatrists who were torturing me cited my interest in numbers as a reason to torture me further, the people I showed evidence that their names were in harmony with their birthdays and with the numbers in the Bible all chuckled, one or two gave me a few coins for my work. Far more people laughed at me, libeled, slandered and assaulted me than those who tossed me a few coins for my work. My Doukhobor relatives only cared about their Catholic evergreen tree traditions, none had an ounce of compassion for me… all the Doukhobors had become Catholics who did not say anything to jeopardize their peaceful and toiling lives.

Free people are paid in gold and silver coins and are allowed to own land and guns… allowing some Canadians to possess land and possess guns, and allowing them to buy commemorative gold or silver coins at the post offices and banks at greatly inflated prices, is just a show. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms foisted upon us by Trudeau Senior doth not recognize our right to own neither land nor guns. Those that have gun licenses should be aware that the license is just a temporary permit to possess a gun and the gun may be removed from them at any time, and similarly those that have land risk similar loss. In some regards the Russian peasants had more freedom than the Canadian slaves. Both the Russian peasants and the Canadian slaves are provided with priests that wave smoke and splash some water around. The Russian peasants were made to fight for their country while the Canadian slaves are made to eat substandard food while their nation is handed over to Chinese and Islamists. The Russian Tsars defended their nation while Ottawa strikes secret deals with both the Chinese and the Islamists, and even allows the Chinese to launch legal suits against us in secret courts should we hamper their unfettered access to Canadian resources. In Russia the Tsar would have people exiled to Siberia if they dared to criticize the priests who claimed to be the sole authority on Scripture, in Canada they had me repeatedly arrested and tortured for daring to speak out against their pagan evergreen tree idols and their censorship of cannibalism. I said they have Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches, they called me a pedophile and employed Hindus to tortured me, I requested assistance and people laughed at me and called me a pedophile, the more I cried out against the system, the more the Canadians laughed at me. The churches in both Russia and Canada incorporate phalluses built into their church architecture, not unlike the Moslems, Sikhs and Hindus with their mosque and temple architectures, but to say that Christians are capping their churches with penises results in their church members and the general pubic laughing at me, libeling me (calling me a pedophile), assaulting me, and ultimately torturing me.

If I were mayor of Saskatoon, I would pay my employees in real money, which is gold and silver coins. The City of Saskatoon could strike its own gold coins to pay their employees. As mayor of The City of Saskatoon I’d give the average worker a 0.06 troy ounce (0.06 AGW), gold coin for eight hours work. This will reduce taxes to homeowners and to business owners considerably. Workers wanting more than a 0.06 Troy Ounce gold coin for their work per eight hour work day can go west or to the North Saskatchewan River and mine more gold for themselves, there. Free people are allowed to have guns, land, and are paid in gold and silver coins, back in the day when people were free Mexico made a 2.5 Peso (.0603 oz) gold coin from 1918-1948, and the coin was alloyed at 90% gold to 10% copper, it was alloyed in order to make the coin harder and more durable during circulation. We should have a small gold coin that is similar to that Mexican coin, but containing 0.06 ounces of gold instead, or less, it would be a savings of at least .0003 ounces of gold per coin, again saving money for the home and business owners by reducing taxes, perhaps. We’ll be rich. And the supposed poor among us would have concrete homes in the country - they get their own concrete homes and a garden, they can work towards gaining wealth with their gardens and taxpayers wouldn’t have to give money to landlords. City homeowners would not pay taxes for landlords, and would obtain access to locally grown produce.

We may alloy the gold with either copper, nickel or silver or combinations thereof, to make the coins harder and more durable to the wear that results from the circulation of the coins. We should determine, using “science”, which particular alloy of gold we should be using in our coins. We can use “science” to determine which alloy works best. We can try using “science” from time to time, at city hall, if I were mayor.

The City of Saskatoon may strike coins containing the “alloys” of precious metals, we should make gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, and using “science” we will harden these coins by adding small amounts of either base or precious metals in a mixture or “alloy”. Whenever the city strikes and sells coins containing a majority of silver, platinum or palladium, the city should strive to always profit from the manufacturing and sale of these white coins and save money for the taxpayers. But when we manufacture gold coins it is because we require the coins to pay our workers in gold, so “they” may profit. For example we could use combinations of platinum, palladium and silver, and perhaps hardened with small amounts of copper or nickel or gold, and manufacture commemorative coins, which The City of Saskatoon would sell at a profit, to reduce taxes. I’m sure that a lot of guys and even gals would be more likely to invest in these silver, platinum and palladium alloyed commemorative coins if they depicted a woman showing off her breasts. It is certainly something to think about.

The City of Saskatoon could seek to manufacture alloys of precious metals (in order to obtain hardness and durability) without the addition of small percentages of copper or nickel added to the mix, but instead make the alloy using small amounts of alternative precious metals. Perhaps more city employees would opt to be paid with gold coins that were alloyed with small amounts of platinum, palladium or some other precious metal, as opposed to being paid in gold coins that were alloyed with copper or nickel instead.

The copper, nickel and chromium coins are all known or suspected carcinogens while the gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins are not. If the city is selling commemorative coinage, we would be on better ground by offering coins that are not toxic. Similarly if the city is paying workers their wages, we would be on better ground by paying our workers in gold coins, which is real money. Some workers will opt to be paid in commemorative silver, platinum and palladium coinage instead of the gold coin, the city will do the math and benefit on the short term with the exchange, allowing it to lower taxes, while the worker who chooses to be paid with the silver, platinum and palladium coins in place of a gold coin, may profit over time due to the rising market value of the silver, platinum and palladium. We can start by lowering taxes by paying a small gold coin (maybe 0.0404 Troy Ounces AGW, or perhaps 0.0357 Troy Ounces AGW) to most city employees for a day’s work, I propose that we call this gold coin a “Namur”, and we can even put the image of my cat Namur on one side. People will wonder why they are not being paid with gold coins containing 0.0603 or perhaps 0.0600 Troy ounces of gold instead, it would remain a mystery. When I am deceased or defeated, the following mayors may be free to decorate their coins with Mary, whichever pope, Charles, the Easter Bunny, an Egyptian obelisk, or perhaps even Santa Clause and a blinkin’ tree. People like blinkin’ trees, a coin depicting a blinkin’ evergreen tree may prove so very popular among the peasants, the city may rake in a fortune in coin sales and then cease collecting taxes from homeowners. Using metallurgy, “science” and tasteful art, we would strike coins and thereby reduce or even eliminate property taxes for the home and business owners, maybe even provide rebates. Everybody will be very happy and will break into dance and song. Using “science” we have determined that chromium, nickel and copper are all known or suspected carcinogens, so why circulate coins containing such toxins? Some people may rejoice when they are paid in a gold coin that is alloyed with silver instead of copper or nickel, others may rejoice that the gold coin has an image of my Siamese cat on it, others may rejoice in being paid with a gold coin that depicts a woman tastefully showing off her breasts. Our governments teach us that diversity is good, so I would think it would be equally good to have a variety of images on the coins the City of Saskatoon strikes.

An end to Catholic (pagan) fertility rites on city property… no money spent on decorated evergreen trees, decorated evergreen tree wreaths and blinkin’ lights, on their purchase nor on their annual installation and removal. Removal of the pagan representations of penises on Broadway Avenue. Removal of all Egyptian phalluses located on city owned properties (such as on the Broadway Bridge and at City Hall). An end to the arrest and psychiatric torture of those who criticize the Catholic (pagan) phallic traditions. An end to psychiatric treatment (torture) within the city… it is the churches that are sick and not the people who criticize the pagan traditions taught by these churches. The city should look at not only ending torture in the hospitals (a real mismanagement of tax money) but look at compensating people who suffered under the hands of psychiatry. There is a real risk that if we do not stop psychiatry, then increasing numbers of “normal” people across this nation will start facing widespread torture.

The so-called “Christian” churches teach people to honor pagan fertility tree traditions that are in direct opposition to God’s First Three Commandments… people are taught to honor pagan fertility traditions in place of God’s Commandments and then these people go on to commit violations of other of God’s Commandments, the resulting crime destroys lives and results in higher taxes for businesses and homeowners. The churches (and mosques and temples) should be taxed in order to alleviate these higher taxes that they themselves are causing through their pagan teachings. The Doukhobors should pay increased taxes as they too have adopted the Catholic fertility rites and so have become Catholics, they claim to abide by God’s Commandments but they honor Catholic fertility rites which are in violation of God’s First Four Commandments. Doukhobors used to be a benefit to Canadians, now they negligently teach people to abide by Catholic fertility rites. When people adopt Catholic fertility rites then they become Catholics, and that includes Doukhobors. It will be difficult to collect increased taxes from the Zoroastrians as they are difficult to find… Zoroastrians faced tremendous persecution from Moslems over the centuries and now they hide. The Doukhobors (the Old Believers) faced tremendous persecution from Christians over the last few centuries and now they avoid persecution by embracing Catholic fertility rites and by changing their Slavic names to Anglicized names. The Canadian Ukrainians turn eggs and trees into decorated idols and actively help to teach my Doukhobor relatives to embrace the Catholic fertility rites. Now my Doukhobor relatives love Catholic fertility rites far more than Jesus. The Jehovah Witnesses are a Catholic church as they embrace the Vatican’s Sunday Sabbath. The Jewish community will not face additional tax burdens because they do not systematically teach people to violate God’s Commandments but teach people to abide by God’s Commandments instead. Please note that I never stated that one is saved by keeping God’s Commandments, nor do I hold such a view.

People are systematically taught to embrace traditions in place of God’s Commandments, their libraries are filled with books advocating witchcraft and homosexuality, and their media is but a mouthpiece for the Catholic Church that repeats the call to turn trees into decorated idols and provides encouragement to violate additional Commandments, resulting in crime and higher taxes. So not only should the churches, mosques and pagan temples be taxed to help pay for the costs they impose upon society, their media should be taxed as well.

Restoring The American Republic:

“I believe that all of those forces within our country are there to distract us and prevent us from removing the prime threat, which is globalist control of our governments. In our effort to restore the American Republic, our first priority must be regaining command and control; routing out the globalist infiltrators and their infrastructure from our land. Once we have accomplished that task and restored American command over our governments, then we can turn our undivided attention to the Mexican invasion and Islam, as well as any other force seeking our destruction.” - Thomas Mick, Restoring the American Republic, March 31 2014

“The plan of action I have proposed removes all oath breakers, starting at the local level, in order to restore our rights and liberty; returning government to the limitations the Constitution imposed on them… This plan doesn’t plead with them to stop their usurpation, nor does it seek to impeach them through the corrupt system they’ve establish that protects them; it simply calls for their removal and replacement with people who understand what the oath is and will perform their duties consistent with it. - Thomas Mick, Restoring the American Republic, April 22 2014
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