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Dave Williams

May 24, 1993, 9:47:14 AM5/24/93
Enclosed is a draft copy of the group charter - since I don't know whether
anybody else is going to see this in the near future, it also consitutes
a test...

Archive-name: alt.drwho.creative charter
Original-author: "Happy Halibut VI" (Richard Salter) - ri...@cogs.sussex.ac.uk
Last-change: 23 May 1993 by ri...@cogs.sussex.ac.uk

USENET Newsgroup alt.drwho.creative Charter
(Version 1.0)

[Please note that this is an unofficial/informal stating of the
alt.drwho.creative Charter, as I do not have the authority or
jurisdiction to proclaim any strict rules. Rather, this is a
more-coherent statement of the basic ways in which this group was
intended to function when I first proposed its creation (ways
which, to this point, no one has yet raised any objections to).]

This group is alt.drwho.creative.

The purpose of this group is for stories and any other bits of
creative stuff people may come up with in connection to the TV
series "Doctor Who" It is based primarily on the group
alt.ql.creative with one important difference which will be
discussed later. No infringement upon BBC TV or anyone else
connected with "Doctor Who" is intended.

Like alt.drwho.creative and DW itself, the group is not intended
for general discussion about "Doctor Who". However, discussion
of points raised by posted creative articles is encouraged. The
dividing line between what warrants discussion on a.d.c. and
what does not is a thin one, and threads with large amounts of
discussion will probably be moved over to rec.arts.drwho for
wider discussion. Here are some general guidelines as to the
sort of postings we'd like to see:

1) Anything that you or somebody you know has written, primarily
fictional work though there is no reason why such articles as
script or character analysis, etc, should not be posted here if
they are too big for posting on r.a.dw for general discussion.
If your posting was not written by you, make sure you have the
author's permission to post their work, and credit them fully for

2) Followups to the fictional postings, including general opinions
about the work, continuity mistakes the author may have made,
problems or strengths with the style of the author's writing, ideas
to improve the work, questions about parts of the work that are
perhaps ambiguous, or not understood, etc.

3) Continuations or sequels to the work posted. See guidelines below
before considering this.

Some General Guidelines now follow. Please note that these are not
law, nobody has authority over this group. They are intended just
to help us all get along and keep everything running smoothly.

1) If you post something you have written, then it is your work. The
other readers of the newsgroup are witness to the fact that it is
your work and it should not be reused, reposted, printed, passed on,
etc without the permission of the author. The usual copywrite rules
apply. The purpose of the group is to have your work read and
constructively criticised, not to have it pinched for other people's

2) If you wish to rewrite, drastically alter (rather than suggest
changes) or continue somebody else's work, ask the author of that
work first. They may already be planning something similar.

3) Criticism should be constructive. Please let's not have any
personal abuse or put-downs. Don't be cruel about what people have
written, they may have put a lot of effort into it. If it's good
say so, don't just post negative points - and if you do (which is
often helpful) be polite.

The group is not, I repeat, NOT for general discussion of Doctor Who.
The group rec.arts.drwho exists for this purpose. a.d.c. is intended
for creative posts and discussion about those works only.

When I first came up with the idea for alt.drwho.creative I posted
the following reason for creating the group to rec.arts.drwho on
Mon, 10 May 93:

"I thought of it because I'd like to post my own attempt at a
new adventure called Two's Company to the net so that everyone can
read it and hack it about, giving comments, suggesting alterations,
etc. It would be really useful and I'm sure others would appreciate
it as well so that they can band about their work without fear of
being flamed for wasting large amounts of bandwidth (Two's Company
is BIG).

"So what do you all think?"

I received much support from others, including the suggestion of
a pass around story, which I think should be encouraged, as well
as other reasons for creation of such a group. There has also
been an increase of fictional work posted to rec.arts.drwho
recently, e.g. The Faces of Janus, various parodies by Speaker
To Animals (Paul Silver) and my own Ghost of Time Chapter 1,
as well as other similar works.

Credit for the actual creation of a.d.c. goes to Dave Williams
(da...@oasis.icl.co.uk), who created the group during May 1993.
Thanks to him for all his help, what a very nice person, and
thanks to everyone on r.a.d.w for their support.

The group itself is unmoderated, so post what you may wish. There
are no restrictions against more..."risque'" works except for the
author's own judgment and sense of taste. In general, if you feel
that the contents of your work may be potentially considered
inappropriate or offensive to some people, please kindly use
warnings before posting the piece. (If net.policies say any
different, please say so!)

The newsgroup exists for the enjoyment of all. Treat it nicely and
it will hopefully be a source of entertainment, interest and
inspiration. Presidential speech is now over, have fun.

Please note I'm not the spokesperson for the group or anything; I'm
just somebody who thinks they know what they are doing (important
difference). If you do have any problems or questions though, feel
free to mail me about them.

Happy Halibut VI (Richard Salter), ri...@cogs.sussex.ac.uk

-- David Williams,
-- ICL Reading,DPC,33 Kings Road, Reading, Berks.,UK. +44 (0)734 586211x2301
-- da...@oasis.icl.co.uk --
These opinions are MINE. I do not purport to represent my employer in any way.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent - Eleanor Roosevelt

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