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K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:21:31 PM4/2/07
I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I used to post here every once
in a while. Anyway, I recently discovered that my current ISP does have
a newshost, so I recreated and finished the set of drabbles I'd been
working on when last we met, and they're all now ready to post. There
are ten drabbles, one for each Doctor, and each with a different
"passing" theme.

The upside to the delay is that this will get me not only to 300 "Who"
drabbles, but to exactly twice that in total (and today's the tenth
anniversary of the first drabble I ever wrote). And now I can write
"Who" again.

Personal Drabble Tracker: 600 total; 300 "Doctor Who"

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:26:20 PM4/2/07
Title: 1 for Another
Doctor: First
Theme: A passing resemblance

Steven took his selection from the food dispenser and sat down to eat.

"Ah, Chamberton, there you are," the Doctor said as he entered. "I have
a need here for your scientific expertise."

"Doctor," Steven said gently, "I'm Steven. Steven Taylor? Ian
Chesterton left when I came aboard."

The Doctor shook his head. "Don't take that tone of voice with me,
young man! I know perfectly well who you are! I just... You do look a
lot like him, you know. Hmm, remarkably so. Yes, easy to get you
confused, quite easy." He continued muttering as he left.

"I do?"

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:34:18 PM4/2/07
Title: This 2 Shall Pass
Doctor: Second
Theme: Passing into obscurity

"See? A few short years," the Doctor said, "and the city has recovered

"But don't people remember the great big beastie stomping through?"
Jamie asked.

"Vaguely, certainly, but not well enough to remember us. The human
ability to forget is--"

"That is the best Zoe costume I've ever seen!" A teenage girl wearing a
"Zoecon Zeven" t-shirt ran toward them. "Wow, even the hair! I wish my
mom would let me get mine cut like that! You'll win the contest for

"Aye, and what about us?" Jamie asked.

She shrugged. "There's a better Professor and Jackie over there."

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:36:11 PM4/2/07
Title: 3 to Be an Individual
Doctor: Third
Theme: A passing fancy

An old man in dirty rags pushed a cart along the mud track, glancing
only briefly at the time travellers as he passed. Some others stared

"Doctor," Jo asked, "are you sure we don't look out of place?"

The Doctor tugged on his ruffled cuffs and grinned. "My dear, I fit in

Jo just humphed.

"We certainly blend in better than that," he said, pointing. In the
distance, a large man in a garish patchwork coat was shouting at a
petite redhead. "If I ever try to wear something like that, Jo, please
lock me in the TARDIS."

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:38:36 PM4/2/07
Title: Who 4ted?
Doctor: Fourth
Theme: Passing gas

Harry's eyes started watering even before he entered the console room.
Once in, he nearly passed out. "What is that smell?"

Sarah Jane sat in a corner wearing a gas mask, while the Doctor stood at
the console resetting controls. "It's the TARDIS, I'm afraid," he said.
"Waste products she normally vents into the vortex are getting pumped in
here. Still, I think I've solved it and..."

He grimaced. "Maybe not. You two should stay out of this room until
it's safe."

* * *

"Sorry, old girl," he said once they'd gone. "Oh, I haven't had one
like that in two lifetimes."

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:40:24 PM4/2/07
Title: Mate in 5
Doctor: Fifth
Theme: En passant (in passing)

Tegan considered the board carefully, then moved her pawn forward one
more square.

Adric grinned. "I can still move this pawn one or two squares, right?"
She nodded, and he advanced it two, past where hers could capture it.

"Sorry, there's another rule I forgot to mention," Tegan said, taking
his pawn off the board and moving hers into the square it had passed

"Now you're just making new rules up!" Adric whined. "Doctor!"

Without looking up from the console, the Doctor said, "She's right,
Adric. It's called en passant."

Adric pouted. "I don't think I like this game."

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:41:36 PM4/2/07
Title: 6th and Long
Doctor: Sixth
Theme: Passing the ball

The Doctor risked a look back. Peri was still running after him, the
quellium bomb tucked under her arm, but she was losing ground to her
Sontaran pursuers.

"Go long!" she shouted.

"Go what?" Instead of answering him, though, she hurled the ovoid
device toward him and collapsed, panting. The Sontarans ran past,
ignoring her.

The Doctor watched the bomb as it sailed through the air and passed
right over his head and into the waiting arms of Field Marshal Stumb.

The Marshal laughed. "You lose, Doctor! Now we wiurgh!" he said as the
Doctor's shoulder slammed into his midsection.

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:43:12 PM4/2/07
Title: Lesson 7
Doctor: Seventh
Theme: Passing a test

Xynthus cowered, whimpering as Ace aimed her rifle at his head.

"Shoot him!" the Doctor shouted.

"No!" Spinning the rifle around, Ace hit Xynthus with the butt,
knocking him out.

* * *

The Doctor smiled down at the sleeping villain. "I'm proud of you," he
told Ace.

"I know, Professor," she said. "Anyway, I knew you were just testing

"You did?"

"After nine or ten times?" she asked. "I had a pretty good idea, yeah."

"Twelve, actually."

Ace laughed. "You know, a lesser person would be resentful."

"Good thing you're not a lesser person then," the Doctor said, smiling.

"Isn't it?"

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:45:00 PM4/2/07
Title: Paying the Heroes' R8
Doctor: Eighth
Theme: "And we're passing the savings on to you!"

The Lieslian Death Roller rumbled down the street, its cannon blasting
chunks from storefronts. The Doctor knelt on its turret, frantically
yanking wires.

It stopped suddenly, nearly seventeen tons crashing forward next to a
lot full of used cars. A large man in a cowboy hat waddled over.
"What's that you got there, son? Looking to trade 'er in?"

"Sorry about the mess," the Doctor said, dusting himself off.

"Shoot, you just saved my entire inventory! If there's ever anything
Big Jack Holton can do for you, just ask!"

The Doctor grinned. "Even swap for that green Beetle over there?"

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:46:12 PM4/2/07
Title: This Little Light of 9
Doctor: Ninth
Theme: Passing the torch

Rose found the Doctor's legs sticking out from under the console, a
toolbox by his feet. "Could you hand me a light?" he asked, one hand
emerging from a completely different hole.

She rummaged and found a small pen torch. "Here."

"Thank you. Fantastic! I'd wondered where this one had got to!
Haven't seen it since..."

"The war?" Rose prompted.

"Before then," the Doctor said. "Let's just say I haven't always been
the handsome devil you see before you. Spanner, please."

"Before the war?"

"No," he corrected, "a spanner. If you're not going to at least try to
keep up..."

K. M. Wilcox

Apr 2, 2007, 7:47:15 PM4/2/07
Title: Trunca10 Error
Doctor: Tenth
Theme: Passing a milestone

"What's this?" Rose asked as a card popped up from the console. "'Happy
Thousandth Anniversary'?"

The Doctor grinned. "That's the TARDIS, sentimental old thing."

"Wait a moment," Rose said. "I thought you'd only been travelling for
nine hundred years. In fact, you said--"

"I was rounding down," the Doctor told her.

"By a hundred years? Anything else you want to tell me?"

"Can't think of anything."

Another card popped up, and Rose snatched it before the Doctor could.
"You're 1500? But that's--"

"Rounding down?" He looked at the console and muttered, "Traitor. I'm
barely 1498."

Rose laughed. "You filthy liar!"

Captain Average

Apr 2, 2007, 7:50:12 PM4/2/07
Welcome back.

Glad to see you've a new lot of drabbles to post - the first six are quite
Looking forward to the rest.


Captain Average
The Superhero With The Elephantine Memory...

"K. M. Wilcox" <> wrote in message


Apr 3, 2007, 10:49:56 AM4/3/07
Most enjoyable. Thanks.


"K. M. Wilcox" <> wrote in message

Daibhid Ceanaideach

Apr 3, 2007, 12:22:42 PM4/3/07
The time: 03 Apr 2007. The place: alt.drwho.creative. The
speaker: "AGOL" <>

> Most enjoyable. Thanks.

I'll second that.

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Captain Average

Apr 3, 2007, 4:14:15 PM4/3/07
And that's the set. Lovely, all of them.

You've returned in fine fettle. Thanks for the fun.

Captain Average

"K. M. Wilcox" <> wrote in message


Apr 7, 2007, 9:48:14 PM4/7/07

<K. M. Wilcox wrote:>

> I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I used to post here every once

> in a while. <snip>

Hey! Good to see another old-timer coming back! Especially when he brings
such a heaping helping of drabbly goodness. Especially liked the fifth and
sixth ones, there...



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