Fun with Don and Joyce (more tales from the tundra)

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Apr 13, 1997, 3:00:00 AM4/13/97

Fun with Don and Joyce (more tales fron the tundra)

As i sit here languising in the frozen wastelands of ontario
(yes if facking snowing again!), I have had considerable
time to reflect on my many adventures. This particular one
had been in the furthest recesses of my brain, it was brought
to life by gregie this morning when he 'stumbled' into the
house after a tough night of playing 'stiff noodle' with the
gf. I was listening to a CD, he looked at the speakers and
said "hey.. remember those Bose speakers that Don had
in calgary?' It all came flooding back........

Don and Joyce were my other next door neighbors in
Calgary. The second year of being in alberta there was
a beer shortage. All booze is government controlled and
so when the delivery folks went on strike Alberta was faced
with a very serious problem, no beer! Canuks take their beer
very seriously, there were mumblings about mobilizing
the army reserves! Many Albertans struck back at the
government by making illicit "beer runs" to the states. Dons
brother was one of these enterprising souls. He turned up
one sunday with a pickup truck full of beer. Yes, I mean full.
The bed of the truck was full to the brim with beer! Don comes
and gets Greg and myself and the fun begins... Having been
beer deprived for a while (other than the 'green' and 'skunky'
draft from the 'uncle bens brewery' in Red Deer) we are ready
to have some serious fun.

Hours pass, the house looks as if it has hosted an AA
convention, there are more empty beer cans than you can shake
a fist at. There is not one square foot of house that does not
have an empty can in it. Every table, shelf, surface is covered,
it is a truly remarkable feat.

Don has always been very proud of his stereo system. He was
demonstarting the overwhelming power of his 'ceiling mounted'
Bose speakers. The walls were shaking, the windows vibrating
and to stand in front of them was reminicent of seeing
'earthquake' in the movie theatre.

It was about midnight, all of a sudden there was a noise that
was even louder than the music, the sound if splintering
wood, the front door, unencumbered by its hinges hit the
floor with a dull thud! Two very large and very grumpy
policemen entered. Apparently the Bose speaker demonstation
could be heard two blocks away. After numerous complaints
the police had decided to investigate. They had (so they
claimed) been knocking and banging on the door and windows
for 20 mins. Alas we had heard nothing due to the fine stereo
system! After a severe talking to about being more considerate
of our neighbors (within a half mile radius!) we were let off
with a warning.

It was way too late, and we were way to drunk to mend the
door, but greg and I (being the good neighbors that we are)
went and got a peice of drywall, and 'drywalled' over the

simonb.. still going brr in windsor

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