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Colonel Jake

Jul 6, 2011, 9:51:05 PM7/6/11
On 7/4/2011 3:01 AM, Jazzycat1 wrote:
> On Jul 3, 7:43 pm, ""
> <> wrote:
>> Have you noticed that you can't hear "Empire State Of Mind" on the DCI
>> Fan Network VOD due to "licensing considerations" What's up with
>> that??
> They haven't secured the synch license for that song yet. DCI is just
> being careful so they don't get sued.

I'm not totally sure if it's so?,
"But wasn'it like when teh bugle only had two valves, it could only
naturally play so many of teh notes in teh chromatic scale to
where the music had to be arranged in such a way that when
it was played it wasn't teh same as if it was copying a copyright
no matter what key teh music was arranged in so that? when
a D&B Corps is playing it, it isn't violating copyrights and there
wasn't nothing that an artist or copyright owner could say about
it whatsoever?!?!?!..."

And if teh above is true?,
"Doesn'it say something about how pitiful DCI is screwing with
Drum & Bugle Corps altogether?!?!?! (teh use of band instruments)..."

*now so you say? D&B Corps just gotta' get a synch license*
(how FuCKED-UP could that be, especially for a Non-Profit Organization)

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