2101-10-15 Happy 40th Anniversary!

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Richard Silk

Oct 15, 2021, 1:15:51 PMOct 15
So this evening is the 40th anniversary of the evening that Gina and I rested together peacefully in her dorm room. Starting out with what was likely THE largest failure of my life, I failed to PROPOSE marriage to her in that time and place, but instead, silently gave a prayer of thanks to God for having sent me “the mother of my children.” Talk about putting the cart before the horse!!! The day (and evening) of Friday the 16th was when all hell broke loose, and I *shattered* ANY kind of relationship I may have had with Gina (at that time. Hope springs eternal! See also: Matthew 19:26, “...With God ALL things are possible.”)

(To view the classified / personal, click here:> tinyurl.com/TorontoStar-40th )

Meanwhile, whatever recent dreams I may have had last night / this morning practically evaporated upon waking.

Richard Silk

Oct 16, 2021, 3:07:27 PMOct 16
This is ALSO a "40th anniversary" of sorts, but of a much darker nature. This is the day when, 40 years ago (Friday, in 1981) I was talking with Gina over the phone (rather than in person, BIG mistake!!) and rather than "picking up and improving" from the evening of the 15th, instead she said, "I want you to forget it," which absolutely CRUSHED me nearly to the point of suicide. My way OUT of that dark spiral was to figure: [rather than kill myself, why not make her THINK I'm killing myself, and THEN see how she feels about me.] So my "buddy" (Larry) and I worked together on a scheme (of my devising. He actually asked me, "Are you SURE you want to do this?") that used the phone (which back in those days had NO caller ID nor call return) to give her the impression that I was suffering horribly somewhere.

Her concern was evident at that point, but like a mind-twisting bully, I sent Larry to check up on her, to make sure she didn't jump out her 7th floor window or anything. Seriously, I could NOT have been more stupid and cruel than I was back then. She ended up bonding with him over this, and I ended up feeling as bad as a human ever could. Trying to recover from that night is what cost me 40 years of emotional and spiritual re-education of myself. SUCH a long road of recovery! I'll know that path has come to its conclusion once she and I are married in Holy Wedlock (after all, "..with God, ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26.) Meanwhile, I sent her a "Happy Anniversary" card via her entire city, which you can see half-way down the page on the right-hand side at: https://tinyurl.com/TorontoStar-40th —— which may explain at least ONE of the dreams I had last night....

The dreamer was aware of a "tense" / "suspenseful" / situation, in something akin to a bedroom or possibly utility room OR office, with an adjacent hallway, but not much was “seen” as the dreamer’s gaze was *downward* by about 45°— this dream had that “split time” feeling, as if scene A took place from perspective 1, while scene B took place as if at the same location, but either in a different “time stream” OR from a different person’s perspective. If you think this is confusing from a reader’s perspective, just try to imagine what it was like for the dreamer!

In “scene A,” the dreamer *felt* like he was carrying a knife, about the size and shape of a Chef’s knife, typically the largest knife in a kitchen other than the slightly longer, much narrower bread knife (webstaurantstore.com/guide/538/types-of-knives.html). There was a “threat” in the air, so to speak (one typically has no feeling of “air” in a dream, but it was “sensed” overall) one of “kill or be killed” and the dreamer made some type of forward, right-hand / arm motion and quickly drew his arm / hand back to his body as THAT scene immediately reset into “scene B,” wherein the dreamer in THIS case felt much more “feminine” in nature. Let’s say “less strong, definitely on the timid side,” and cautious. “She” (?) proceeded in the SAME DIRECTION the previous dreamer had been moving, from inside the room, toward the hallway, observing that there were 3 or 4 drops of blood on the floor. They were perfectly round (“gravitational”?) with no indication of inertia— they weren’t “spilling forward” in the direction of someone running. The dreamer was just about to make it out of the room into the hallway, when a feeling of “What IF?” (like, “what IF the killer was just outside?” but not fully articulated as a coherent thought) nearly “swamped” the “feeling” of the dream, and the dream ended. I (personally) awoke with a feeling of terror running through my “soul” (my body was still coming to from having been asleep) but I quickly “countered” it with the thought / mantra / key of “love thine enemies,” which restored a sense of pure calm and “grace” if you will. (Love is Love, and #OnlyLoveCreatesUnity, whereas grace reflects duality, such that grace is something “extended” from A to B.) Tinyurl.com/itta-topic-Ud gives a bit more explanation to the “Unity/duality” (unary/binary) nature of the Universe.

This would’ve been clarity 9+++ except for the dim lighting and lack of details regarding the room and hallway, bringing it all down to around 8-, however, that feeling of terror was *unmistakable*! Historical note: this COULD (and may *well* likely) have been a consequence of the rising knife jihad that’s been spreading all over the world, notably in Britain, where a beloved minister was killed (knifed / martyred) at a “meet & greet”:

British Conservative "Sir David Amess : Tory MP killed in murder 'linked to Islamist extremism',after he was stabbed 'more than a dozen' times. Arrest of British Muslim of Somali descent, 25. : Amess backed Black Lives Matter movement in America in 2020 amid widespread rioting and demanded Britain not provide any riot gear to help our police.whom he said committed "murder" in the death of George Floyd.

The world will likely see an increase in knife jihad up through and until around July of 2024, when / where Armageddon is scheduled to break out. (Read your Bible, last Book, “The Revelation of Saint John”.)

Another historical note as of today:
Jihad Report
Oct 02, 2021 -
Oct 08, 2021
Attacks 42
Killed 263
Injured 287
Suicide Blasts 2
Countries 13

"Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 40,226 Deadly Terror Attacks since 9/11" (thereligionofpeace.com)

In another dream, there appeared to be at least 3 somewhat larger houses. Not the small boxes you may see while traveling down an urban street, but more like something along a rural setting, possibly coastal, where homes are practically the size of a hardware / general store. My home’s original footprint (IRL) is *roughly* 28’ wide (I just stepped it off outdoors) with around ~1700 square feet. The houses in these dreams were easily twice the size (around 60’ x ?) and two stories. The distinguishing feature of all 3 of them was that they were “flipped over” so that each building’s “footprint” (bottom edge, typically that which sets upon the foundation of a home) was showing, theoretically, in some manner designed to attract buyers. (Size as a selling attribute, perhaps?) No clue. Clarity somewhere around 7+, as it *may* have simply been some kind of “quantum, alternate universe” where people really *could* flip homes over as advertising. OR it could have been a veiled reference to “flipping homes,” in which case it could get into the clarity 8 classification.

In something of an unusual dream, the dreamer was viewing (although it feels like participating!) in a scene wherein someone (a guy? The dreamer?) was in a boat similar to a canoe. The bow (front end) of the boat seemed to be of a type of fluted shape with a hole beneath it. (As I type this, a particular, somewhat unpleasant phallic variation comes to mind.) There was some kind of “shifting” of this boat from a south-to-north orientation of about 45°—80° to the west (left, nearly a full quarter-turn.) There was some type of objective involving some type of [pet fish] as if the fish had gotten loose and was in the water to the left, and the boat / canoe was structured so that when it lowered back upon the water (it had lifted up above the water’s surface in order to turn) the fish was taken back within the hole on the bottom of the canoe. How, exactly, this hole allowed the fish IN but did NOT cause the canoe to sink was not immediately apparent within the dream, but IF this is a “spiritual dream” with analogies to “capturing a fish” as much like “picking a soul” to incarnate upon the earth (through procreation) then this whole thing makes a LOT more sense. Clarity 9-, as the “understanding” of what it COULD represent only became apparent during the transcription process of writing it down. Otherwise, it was likely 7 (symbolic) or 8- (meaning unclear, yet somewhat “in color.”)

Richard Silk

Oct 18, 2021, 11:19:42 AMOct 18
I’ll get to the dreams in just a moment. Meanwhile, IRL, Mom’s health has improved significantly over the past week that she’s *nearly* independent, clearly back to “assisted living” status, but not in the sense of “incapacitated.” I’m able to return to work and reported in over the weekend as “available” starting today (but that’s an “on call” status, where I only go in IF they call me, and even then, only for a few hours, if that much.)

In other news, I went to view Gina’s “Classmates” profile in order to post something (hopefully) positive in nature, only to find that her profile had disappeared. Funny, as I’d been leaving her notes for well over a year now, and clearly she had the opportunity to read them. So I deleted my profile there as well. We’ll just have to see where that leads us. :-) (fingers crossed!) :-)

Meanwhile, back in dreamland last night / this morning, there were at least 3 memorable dreams:

The Building (?)
Gina, and
The car break-in / robbery.

But before we get to *those,* a quick mention of a dream from Saturday night / Sunday morning:

The dreamer was walking along a slightly uphill slope, maybe 10°–15°, when some (Caucasian?) guy with definitely dark (possibly black, possibly ALL black) clothing appeared to let loose with a “burning ball” that proceeded to roll downhill. The ball was *as if* made of wicker (and possibly with wire— it held its shape as it rolled) and perhaps 8’-10’ in diameter, and of a “hollow body” construction. Here’s an analogy: take a large piece of ice in the shape of a globe, like the kind you spin around for teaching children in classrooms about the Earth and its surface, wrap it about 10 to 12 times with a thick twine soaked in thick tar so that it “holds its shape,” then let the ice globe melt OUT of the twine frame left behind. Then douse the tar-twine structure in something easily flammable (such as gas) and set fire to it, then send it rolling downhill. That is akin to what the dreamer saw rolling downhill. The guy who SET it rolling downhill (who reminded me of a younger version of myself) seemed genuinely pleased at the effect.

The dreamer was not in the DIRECT line of the ball, but instinctively used an arm as a kind of “shield” (likely against the heat or any splatter drops of fire) and the guy who set the ball rolling gave a nonchalant word or two as if giving practical first-aid advice, [SOMETHING] along the lines of: “If you use some sunblock next time, it’ll only look like a tattoo.” Although the dream was ending, I got the impression that the dreamer’s arm’s skin may have received a slight burn, or “severe tan,” and that some type of lotion in advance would result in a different outcome. Clarity 8+ / 9-.

So, on to last night / this morning:

The Building was an area wherein the dreamer had been walking / touring some type of area, and although I cannot recall what was in that area, the next bit is what took all the attention: There was a building *side*, as if someone had built a wall structure for the purpose of providing SOME kind of support along which things might be stacked or stored, such as hay or boxes, like a warehouse. There MAY have been some overhanging roof (that part was unclear) but the openness of the wall itself is what the dreamer noticed most. This appeared rather clearly, but the dreamer seemed unable to take much notice as to “Why?” or “function” / purpose, thus, clarity 8-.

Gina! — The dreamer appeared to be visiting some type of office, *similar* in feeling to the dentist’s office suite (customer waiting area, front desk / reception, inner work areas) when somehow Gina came up in the conversation, as if she worked there or *something,* such as had occasional need to be there. The dreamer was very much aware at this point, yet still in a passive mode of sorts. She made an appearance, age appropriate to today, with mixed dark-and-gray hair, looking exceptionally well-maintained for a woman over “a certain age.” (She’s two years and 6 days younger than I am, IRL.) There appeared to be *some* form of communication between the dreamer and Gina, but nothing that could be legibly made out / reported back here in writing. She left the scene, and the dreamer was checking out how next they may meet again when the dream ended. Clarity 9-, due to the issue with communication between the dreamer and Gina. Everything else seemed fairly much 9+.

Interesting corollary in real life: last Friday was the 40th anniversary of our “union” on 10/15/1981, so I posted a “classified” in her area newspaper, The Toronto Star, which you can see at: tinyurl.com/TorontoStar-40th — I was going to leave her a note on her “classmates” profile (at https://www.classmates.com/siteui/people/gina-white/4000167794162/notes ) when I got the (long expected) message of “We’re sorry. This profile no longer exists.” So I deleted mine as well.

The car break-in:
The dreamer had stowed something boxed in the trunk of a 4 door “sports” car, not like a sedan or SUV, but more like a sports car. Also stored was something like a ratchet set in a back seat floorboard and likely something else.

The dreamer was *returning* to the car when it was spotted with all 4 doors ajar and the trunk lid open. The moment of seeing something like this is borderline disturbing, but from personal experience at two home robberies back when I lived in a mobile home, and one car theft of a laptop from the trunk of my car IRL, the dreamer seemed simply to be concerned with taking an inventory of what had been stolen. There was still a box visible in the trunk, as seen through a lowered back seat, but the dreamer did not look inside the box, but noted that the box appeared undisturbed. What *was* missing was the tool set. The dreamer could not recall offhand what (if anything) had been in the other seats. Clarity 9-.

Richard Silk

Oct 21, 2021, 11:24:26 AMOct 21
Man, I've got a PROBLEM with typing in the year correctly: what reads as "2101" in the subject line SHOULD read "2021". Gheesh!! :-/
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