2021--09-06 Monday (Labor Day)

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Richard Silk

Sep 6, 2021, 2:20:34 PMSep 6
12:46 PM (slept late, slow breakfast.) Had a number of dreams, but few worth reporting (fewer still that managed to main beyond the evaporation phase of waking up.) One that I thought peculiar involved seeing at least one young, white kitten (young cat, likely beyond weaning age) sort of "suspended as if in clear oil" like viscous seawater. There was some question as to what that scene may have represented. The question in the dreamer's mind was as to whether or not the young cat was somehow dead or in suspended animation, and if so, why / how, etc., but rather than investigate it, the dreamer / scenario moved on.

Another (more normal yet for some reason slightly more disturbing) dream involved the dreamer walking along a narrow shopping aisle. There was a small family group, likely a young boy (around 5 or maybe 6?) and an adult male (maybe early 30s?) and at least one other person, possibly a teen male (around 14–15?) all of dark skin color, although the father figure was darker complected than the sons. The dreamer's physical body was younger and slimmer than my own, and the father's appearance was shorter and notably heavier than my own, his being in maybe the 250 lb range, which on a shorter person, resembles the size of a football player long past retirement age.

The action begins with the dreamer heading "up" an aisle (relatively north-ish, scanning left) with the younger boy headed in the dreamer's direction, still along the left side of the narrow aisle. The dreamer makes way for the little boy to pass by, and gives cordial responses similar to one's response to "excuse me" when the flow is perfectly understandable. The dreamer actually felt *joy* (as in a smile!) as the little boy passed by.

A box of Rice Chex of some kind (like a generic, store brand) was on the shelf on the left, and the dreamer was contemplating picking one up in the act of shopping. However, and don't ask me why?!? the dreamer had left 3 credit cards just *sitting* on the shelf to the right of the box of Rice Chex. I suspect one was a credit card, one may have been a food card, and the other may have been a driver's license (some say "driver license") but the credit card was the one clearly on top. The other two were "impressions" of what may have been beneath. The dreamer was feeling a moment of suspense / concern [trepidation / foreboding / premonition] when the father figure *snatched* the cards in a flash! He *may* have passed the cards to the teen standing behind him (such is the general rule of the pick-pocket, to always drop the snatch to another as quickly as possible) but the next action in the dream was the dreamer nabbing the father (perp) in a headlock using the dreamer's right forearm (the perp's head was in toward the dreamer's body, with the perspective looking down directly at the perp's balding head.)

The objective of the dreamer was to get the perp to surrender the snatched cards, yet the dreamer's mind was also on the possibility that the teen son may already be in possession of the cards, yet the son was not leaving his dad as a cut-&-run maneuver (although that should've been part of his training.) Instead, the headlocked perp was growling low pitched threats at the dreamer, similar to "You'd better let me go," similar to a captured animal who knows he can't get away yet remains calm under the circumstances.

The dreamer realized that calling for some assistance (store management, police, etc.) was likely the best bet at this point, and as the dreamer began to call out, the dream ended. Clarity 9-, as the scene was shadowy to start with.

Richard Silk

Sep 8, 2021, 2:27:28 PMSep 8
12:45 PM — So many dreams I'm certain a few will get left out, but last night / this morning, it seemed like life was simply made for dreaming. One that really stood out as one of the more pleasant dreams I've ever had involved a "visit" to an "elderly couple's home" where the interior of the living room looked like it had been built in the 1800s yet felt more like 1920s (perhaps it had been well-taken care of?) located as if on the main street of a small, northern town (not like anything in the rust belt, but possibly between the two World Wars) but what really caught me was the *quality* and the *color* of the furnishings, more specifically, one small throw pillow, perhaps 1'x1'x a few inches depth, made of a gorgeous purple fabric (silk??) with a *remarkable* sheen. There had been some observation that several items in the room had a sheen, but that one throw pillow just amazed the dreamer for some reason, perhaps in fascination and appreciation (awe, wonder?) at the craftsmanship that had gone into making it. This was a place where the dreamer wanted to actually stay and visit, but the dream ended. Clarity 9+++ for some reason :-)

In another dream, the dreamer was involved with the location of a small vehicle (2-to-4 seater, automobile-type) although for some reason there was also one of those quilt-like blankets in the front seat, although the material was more like a type used for rugged purposes rather than comfy bedtime, although it was comfy enough to have slept in. Clarity 8-, as it was a dark-ish scene, with practically 0 logic as to whether the vehicle was being dropped off or to be moved elsewhere. (In my present part-time job in real life, such information is always at the forefront of the trip: pick-up or drop-off, and from and where to (and sometimes for why?) are always the reason for even getting INto a vehicle.) Clarity 6 (approaching the level of true ignorance of the situation.)

Another dream involved a scene similar to a university professor's apartment door, and something involving performing a technical service (such as technology type equipment hook-up or disassembly) with the dreamer as the tech, and some feeling of being excused *prior* to the job being finished, as the dreamer seemed to feel something was left in need of completion / in a state of potential unrest. Clarity 8- (If 7 wasn't reserved for symbology, it would likely be a 7.)

In yet another dream in a dark outside area, similar to a yard which, in real life, is located on the NE side of where Scottland Drive dead-ends to the north. The dreamer seems to be dealing with very small critters (such as moles, baby rabbits perhaps, maybe a bug or two) in a plastic container (such as something used for the sale of food items in the grocery) perhaps 5"x3½"x3½" (one of those last two may have been by 4") AND there appeared to be two such containers filled with identical critters, almost like a left-view and a right-view coming in together as a single view, or possibly the point at which one world was dividing into two worlds. At either rate, IF I recall correctly, the dreamer had the initial thought of destroying the contents of the container, while the idea / action / consequence that seemed to take place involved the dreamer gently placing the container upon the ground and allowing whatever was inside to exit by its own free will.

In what seemed like a different scene of the same dream, same location, same darkness, there appeared to be some flames breaking out along a section of the yard which really stood out in the darkness of the nighttime setting, fanning out along grass and possibly up towards the base of a tree trunk. Having some experience with putting out smaller fires, the dreamer quickly started stomping out all the flames along the ground, and *I THINK* used his body (clothing) as a kind of roller to put out the flames along the tree trunk (as since they were "fresh" flames, there was not as of yet much heat transferred into the bark of the tree. Such could not have been even remotely successful with a trunk that had been in flames for over half a minute.) These two scenes appeared to be over, clarity 8+ (due to the darkness, and especially the split-scenario at the beginning.)

Something I think I'm finally starting to understand (perhaps a bit late, HUH!) is that when dreams appear as two scenes diverging (or converging) what's being observed is a diverging (or merging) of worlds, as a consequence of whatever decision is being made.

One has a *choice*— to love God (oneself AND others) *NOW* and for all eternity, or to hate (anyone or anything) until death. Simple choice. biblehub.com/joshua/24-15.htm (See also, biblehub.com/deuteronomy/30.htm , specifically, verses biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy%2030:15-20 .)
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