2101-08-23 Monday

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Richard Silk

Aug 23, 2021, 3:23:24 PMAug 23
14:17 8/23/2021 Been a few "minor" changes since I last posted: I swapped out my dog-chewed 3G flip phone for a 4G wifi-capable "slightly smarter" phone. Not sure if it can scan QR codes yet (or not) but that's something for future research.

Meanwhile, not LAST night, but the night before, I stayed up (binge-)watching season one of "Jack Ryan" on Amazon Prime (courtesy of a free courtesy month of Amazon Prime which I hooked into by accident— (need to "decline" it in about 2½ weeks or so) but as I got to bed around 4:AM, the DREAMS from that night were (seemingly) all based around ways that jihadi terrorists use to thwart law enforcement. Although at least one was of clarity 9+ level, Needless to say, I felt it best to NOT post it online.

LAST night I had a dream or two that were "normal" except that they've mostly evaporated by now.

So in closing for today, "Pleasant dreams" |-) zzzzz
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