2021-07-31 Saturday, Happy Birthday, Gina!

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Richard Silk

Jul 31, 2021, 12:35:28 PMJul 31
11:19 7/31/2021
SO many dreams!! I'll simply start out by wishing Gina Leigh White (née) a "very Happy Birthday!" ☺♥

Just as an "overall gist" of the nature of the dreams, *some* of them seemed to have a "common thread," of trying to convince the dreamer (and anyone else IN the dream) that [situation X] was occurring / in effect, much like a hypnotist tries to convince the individual to cluck like a chicken, or that a jihadist will use deception ("taqiyya") in order to convince the listener that Islam is "true" (when just the opposite is the case.) In modern politics, it's like the Left believing "0" = "1" while simultaneously accusing 1 of being 0, while it's the Left itself that epitomizes the concept of 0.

In this one dream, the dreamer seemed to be on an airplane that had a double door, an "outer" and an "inner" door, and the trouble was mostly in getting the doors to seal *properly*, followed by an announcement that [a list of names] needed to evacuate *immediately* or else be confronted by [whatever "enemy" may have been represented.] It was an 8± clarity, however, due to their having been SO MANY dreams, details have faded a bit.

Another dream involved a dastardly evil narcissist type who had created a kind of spray mist, and everyone who inhaled it was under his control. The dreamer was taking effort to *avoid* inhaling the mist / vapor, but the evil mad man was telling how they (the molecules, droplets, what have you) were so fine that there was no way for anyone to avoid them. The dream ended about here, but the dreamer was getting rather "cerebral" at this point, as in knowing what the dreamer knows as compared with what the mad man would have everyone believe.

There was some vague dream regarding a dog, as if the dreamer were having compassion on a critter that was supposedly deemed "dangerous." I *suspect* there was a bond forming as the dream ended.

That's about all for now. Again, there have been just SO MANY dreams the past few nights, plus I've been a bit busy of late as well.

See ya later. 'Till then, "Pleasant Dreams" |-) zzzzz

11:32 7/31/2021
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