2101-09-11 Saturday

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Richard Silk

Sep 12, 2021, 12:49:26 AMSep 12
23:43 PM (a bit late): 20 years ago, I had an unusual dream that I was walking out of a window of a tall building, but the building pivoted 90° so that I was "walking" along a flat, even surface. Later that day, I was on my way to work when I heard the reporting on the radio concerning the attack on the Twin Towers (which later turned into the 3 attacks and 4 downed jets.) Today, I had a few dreams, but the only one (of less interest) involved the dreamer driving a car VERY fast down a rough road (one that hadn't been paved in some time) in something akin to a "parallel" direction as if to get to a destination, such as a local high school. The rough road was parallel to another road further on which led directly beside / up to the school. The dreamer/driver slowed down to make a left turn in order to head toward the high school, then the next scene involved the dreamer *as if* he were a band student, mingling with some of the other (band) students, as if during the time period directly after (or possibly before) a football game.
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