2021-10-10 Sunday

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Richard Silk

Oct 10, 2021, 11:19:09 PMOct 10
Just a side-memo, my mother tells me this is her (late) brother's birthday. I barely remember Uncle Jim, but I do have a fond memory of him from back when I could barely stand / walk, and he was (caringly) tossing me a baseball of sorts, likely a "windy city" ball.

Meanwhile, this morning's dream was a bit unusual, as it involved an encounter with my late sister (Cynthia) in an area of the house near the (only) hallway. It was as if I were standing *beside* / outside her feet, as she was facing me, and we "glided" into the kitchen, almost like "floating," but distinctly different from the typical "flying" sensation one gets in a flying-type dream— as if we were floating by virtue of HER energy, or possibly her female energy in close contact with my male energy, causing some kind of location-transportation / displacement effect. The dream ended in the kitchen, clarity 9+++ (the background of the dream, what we'd think of as "the setting" of the room(s) around us, seemed dim in comparison to the light that she seemed to be made of, as if one's bodily image were simply made of light.

Richard Silk

Oct 13, 2021, 3:47:33 AMOct 13
2:26 10/13/2021

Yesterday morning (Tuesday, 10/12) I had a curious dream then a disconcerting dream:

In the first dream, the dreamer was observing a person *similar* to my last professor at MTSU, holding a small, golden orb, roughly the size of a baseball, constructed / fashioned as if like a globular Rubik's Cube, possibly an award of some type similar to a golden Chinese (or Japanese) wood puzzle, but I coulda sworn the term "Soduku" was mentioned in the scene. There was a question as if from the dreamer asking something akin to: "Is that mine?" to which the answer came: "No, it's mine." (Clarity 7, possibly 8+)

The second dream started with a number of dark, narrow, shadowy figures darting about, almost as if they were animated (drawn) dark entities, such as from the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swazey. As the dreamer came closer to see what they were doing, the scene transitioned into an X-rated view of two guys holding a female back by her arms, with a male finishing a rape sequence, then the very odd scene occurred wherein he had something akin to a dildo held in his mouth, which he began to use again for purposes of defiling the female.

The dreamer had something of a sorrowful thought, unexpressed verbally, as if sad that the guy who was doing the deed, so to speak, was committing sin (Exodus 20:14 “Thou shalt not commit adultery.") The guy looked at the dreamer for a moment and also took on a different appearance, but as if asking, "What did I do?" Clarity 6 but went to 9. It's difficult for me to name the look on the guy's face. Try to think of a guy who *thought* he was having a good time, suddenly rebuked, and *almost innocently* wondering, "Why is this wrong?" It was practically as if the guy had NO idea that such behavior was actually "wrong" (outside of marriage) in the eyes of God (and *possibly INSIDE* of marriage, if it was forcefully against her consent.)
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