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Richard Silk

Aug 25, 2021, 10:33:57 AMAug 25
I just noticed that my last two individual posts have dyslexic-affected subject lines: 2101-08-17 and 2101-08-23. Dain Bramage... can't live with it, can't live without it. Reminds me of the dyslexic, agnostic insomniac who laid awake at night wondering if there really is a doG?

Aug 25, 2021 09:09— Dreamt I was in a darkened room (but with lots of space. A “clear, darkened room”) where this one gal (perhaps around her 40s / 50s but due to childhood as well as neighborhood memories, looking a bit like I remember her from her later teens—) comes slowly wandering by, and it was as if she was on a slow path through the room, whereas I had some slightly freer degree of movement. I kept trying to (softly) catch her attention, by asking aloud her first name, “Celeste?” She was either not hearing me or ignoring me for some reason, so I asked again, “Celeste? Celeste Peacock?” Still not getting much response, there was a sentence such as “I used to be. Now I’m ____” and she gave her married name, although it was not clearly heard, and I felt the slight currents in energy between trying to address a single, younger woman, as opposed to addressing an older (happily?) married woman. It felt as if it would be “rude” of me to continue any conversation at this point. I did, however, after waking, have a kind of "revisit" of the dialogue in my head, that if the event ever occurs, I'd let her know that I've always felt "Celeste" to be one of the most beautiful names I've ever heard ("Gina" takes the crown, however.)

I did, however, happen to notice a young, dark haired girl (maybe around 5 or 6?) holding onto Celeste’s right hand (with the girl’s left) as if leading her around, which in hindsight (after waking) gave me the impression that the little girl had been *leading* Celeste through the (clear) dark room.
It’s at this point I’d like to post an observation: in a recent dream, I noted a scene that felt *as if* the dreamer were holding the head of an old man *as if* that old man’s head were a new-born baby. And now, I’ve had a dream *as if* my elderly mother were appearing as her childhood self (as the young girl leading Celeste around by the hand)— to be specific, it seemed *as if* the little girl had been leading Celeste on an arc path, perhaps through / along a line of people, in order to “view the body” at a funeral. However, there was no body in the room where the casket would have been. This is not inexplicable, as my mother intends to have her remains cremated, and a simple “memorial” is planned.

So here’s the “observation,” if you will: when we are “born” *physically* into this world, we are born *spiritually* at our age of death. When we “die” (of old age) one’s spirit has regressed, as it were, to that of a child. This helps bring a bit of the New Testament into a clearer light, as it were: Paul refers to people as being “born dead” while Jesus tells us that one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a child. It sort of reminds me of a >< type inversion process, between one’s physical age and one’s spiritual state.

Overall, clarity 8+, but it had an unusual "feel" to it, like it was half-vision — glimpse of a future event / half dream, leaning toward symbolic.

Richard Silk

Aug 28, 2021, 1:17:55 PMAug 28
12:10 8/28/2021
A few *somewhat* unusual dreams, mostly "blended" into the background rather than "fully evaporated," one of them had to deal with a place somewhat like a house, but with "features" such that it felt like the current resident was "checking with" the dreamer on various sections or functions of different rooms. Clarity 8-, as there was really no clear understanding within the dream itself. It practically ranks as a "6+" due to the lack of retention of any of it. I seem to recall there was the "other guy" in the dream, and he *possibly* had a female counterpart. Lately, I've been using a "Chromebook" to do my online activity, because it "works" so much better in Quora and Fascist Book. Still, I keep this lovely Dell Latitude (XP Pro) because it's got "everything archived" the way I like it. SOME functions actually work *better* using the Dell than the Chromebook.

Richard Silk

Aug 29, 2021, 2:38:59 PMAug 29
12:53 CDT: Two dreams of interest, one of a trial, and another of a father & toddler son.

The trial involved the dreamer as an attorney for what I suspect was the litigant (I'm not a lawyer, so I'll try to write this as best I can from a layman's perspective.) The dreamer-perspective had the feeling of being an attorney representing a client was suing a defendant, possibly a business / corporation (someone with deep pockets) and ALSO had the feeling *as if* the attorney/dreamer was *personally* suing the defendant, although there seemed to be clients involved on the dreamer's side.

Not much is cognizant of the defense, as it seemed nearly shrouded in darkness. There was the feeling that this was an easy, slam-dunk case in which the defense had ZERO chance of winning.

There was a sprinkling of cash about on the floor, somewhat behind the dreamer, including at least one "roll" of cash (like you see in TV or movie clips, where a roll / wad of cash is wrapped up in a rubber band) and the attorney scooped it up and made the defense an offer, one might say was "ludicrous," but was made nonetheless: "If you want to settle this claim right now for the money I'm holding, [we'll all just walk away right now, case closed.]"

The defense clearly did not understand the offer, as they had possibly NOT been the source of the cash scooped up off the floor, or for whatever reason, thought they could WIN their side of the case. So there were three scenes going on at the same time: 1) the dreamer making the offer, holding a handful of cash, 2) the darkened defense refusing the offer, and 3) what appeared to be either clients of the dreamer OR some random gallery of silent monks, all waving their hands out in front of them as if to mime, "NO! NO!" [Don't even CONSIDER making such an offer!] Please note, that until this moment, this gallery of "silent monks" had made ZERO appearance in the dream. Were they the filers of the claim? Maybe. Could this have been a class-action suit against the Holy Roman Catholic Church for imposing celibacy upon its priests in the early half of the 12th century? (around 1120-something and in 1130-something.) Possible, but not immediately obvious / cognizant within the dream. The only thing for sure is, the silent monks (a group of at least a half-dozen to maybe untold numbers of men having taking a vow of silence) did NOT want this matter to be "settled."

Still, the defense rejected the offer, and the dreamer simply put the cash into his pockets, saying, "OK, then there is no settlement." (The rest is as accurately as I can recall, but:) ["I just wanted to present the point that either one serves God or mammon, and wanted to get the mammon aspect out of the way."]

Someone observed, "[—But you put the cash in your pockets / kept the cash—]" as if to ask, "Why then did you keep the money?"

The dreamer / attorney clearly replied, "Waste not want not" as the dream ended. In other words, [They left it / they didn't want it / didn't claim it.] (A form of "finders keepers.") The money that had been found just laying around on the floor had no one claiming possession of it. It was literally "free for the taking" with zero strings attached, which is what made the offer for a settlement so perfect: The money was a free token to get out of the lawsuit, but the defendants *rejected* the offer. In a waking consciousness analogy, the Papacy "rejects" the FREE teaching of Jesus (and requires fealty to a Pope, rather than to JESUS.) This dream seemed to have an overall clarity of 8+ / 9-, although the defense was clearly a dark mass of nothingness.

The second dream, much shorter, involved the dreamer as a father (and "I" felt very much like I did in my younger years) and his coming into the presence of his son, who was only around 2' tall at the time, maybe around 3 to 4 years of age, and a slight bit heavy (plump, well-fed.) The feeling was that of freedom, happiness, joy, the brightness that occurs when a father "regains" his son, as if the mother's legal custody (which had been keeping them apart) had been removed.

I've mentioned in the past on several occasions here in this forum, that it is often difficult to tell "Charles" (my first-born son from Helen) apart from "Logan" (my first-born son from Joyce) both in physical photos (although I CAN usually tell the difference with a bit of study) as well as in dreams (where the difference is *practically* non-existent.) In this dream, the young boy was never identified, and may not have been either Charles OR Logan, although he did not seem like "Landon", who is younger brother to Logan (in real life.)

The father picked up the son (from the son's front, the two "facing" each other) under the arms and hoisted him up to give him a hug. The WEIGHT of the child was *fully* experienced within the dream. Not that the child was overtly heavy, but rather that, in dreams, weight is rarely "felt" as a lifted mass. However, I seem to recall the father making some kind of fatherly remark along the lines of, "My, you've gotten heavy!" as in "You're getting to be a big boy!" which was followed by a wondering of "What shall we do today?" although that did not appear to be spoken aloud. Instead, one of the parenting standard questions came to mind, and the dreamer-father asked the son, "Do you need to go potty?" at which there was a moment of pondering / contemplation, as the son did a kind of self-reflection to see how he would answer that question. In computer lingo, it would be a "self-diagnostics check." The dream ENDED before he made a verbal reply, or even an indication of the answer! The "heaviness" felt while lifting / hugging the child gave this a very high clarity rating (9+) although the overall clarity was more around a darkened 8. (It was NOT a "bright, sunny day" in the dream.)
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