2101-10-07 Thursday

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Richard Silk

Oct 7, 2021, 11:20:30 AMOct 7
Had a dream that started somewhere along the lines of visiting my 2 boys (Logan and Landon) and Alyssa *may* have been there as well, but the general concept (*very* low clarity of thought in the scene) involved a situation where IF a locked door that was “downstairs” had been *unlocked* (and there was no reason why it shouldn’t have been) then a goodly amount of <flow> would have occurred. There is a similar “feel” in real life, such that if the gates on a dam had been opened, the water would have flowed downstream rather than prevented from flowing. But this was a household type scenario, and the dreamer was a shade [irked] that the door had been locked, and proceeded “downstairs” in order to obtain a “flat head” screwdriver which is all one typically needs to unlock an inside, household door. (It was likely a bedroom door, but could have been a storeroom or playroom or any other kind of room. It wasn’t clearly indicated in the dream as to exactly what type of door it was.) As the dreamer began moving to find/obtain a screwdriver (to unlock the door) the dream ended. Parts of the dream were clarity 6, other parts were clarity 8.

There came another dream, much closer to 8:30 to 9 AM this morning, wherein the dreamer noticed a child walking along Asbury Lane, in a north-to-south direction, along the eastern side of the road, near the intersection with Manson Pike (older name) / Medical Center Pkwy (newer name.) The dreamer *thought* the child was Landon (the youngest of my 3 sons) yet noticed that he looked *just like* I used to look at a young age, around 1st grade (5 or 6 years of age) with a buzz-type “crew cut” hair cut. This remarkable similarity generated the thought in the dreamer’s mind, “[there’s no doubt, he’s my kid]” (or something VERY similar to that verbiage.) As I type this up, it occurs to me that it *could* have been my current self meeting my *own* younger self at that age, and simply confusing “young Richy” with “Landon” due to the life experiences I’ve encountered in the late 2000s to 2012. A “contributing factor” to the *cause* of these dreams (there’s one to follow) MAY have been the recent phone calls (2 or 3 nights ago) where Joyce kept calling me to inform me she’s 4 months pregnant, and her baby’s daddy, Darryl, apparently has “laid hands on [her]” (at *least* once, with with the implication it has been *more* than once; she said she’s had him arrested *at least* once.) I gave her the benefit of some “advice,” namely, to get “D” OFF drugs by getting him “ON” Jesus, for her to get ON to Tenncare if possible, to MARRY D *if* possible, or otherwise press him for child support, and to get an attorney to “track down” whatever happened to her Grandmother’s assets, which should have gone to Joyce. (Two possibilities: either her grandmother’s care facility “appropriated” them, OR Joyce has already inhaled a TON of cash in the form of crack cocaine.)

Finally, there was this dream before waking (much closer to 9 AM than the earlier dream) wherein the dreamer spotted Landon (*along with* Logan, but it was Landon who drew the dreamer’s attention) walking along the same stretch of road (north to south) but on the western side of the road (last I looked in real life, there was only a sidewalk along the eastern side, but in this dream, it was *definitely* on the western side of the road) as the dreamer was also on the western (left) side of the road, seeing young Landon (*without* glasses) approaching, wearing a red, winter coat, zipped and/or buttoned up, *with* the hood *on*, in what appeared to be a mid-summer scene. The dreamer’s heart *rushed* out to Landon, asking, “Did no one ever tell you there was no need to be wearing a winter coat on such a nice day?” and undoing the front so as to allow him to cool off. And sure, there was the *thought* to undo the hood and take the coat OFF, but that thought was superseded by a hug (Landon to the dreamer’s left, Logan on the dreamer’s right) that embraced them both, along with the expression, “I love you both SO MUCH!” as the dream ended. The end of that dream (the hug) was SO clear that when I awoke I was saddened by their absence, but I know that spiritually speaking, there is no absence.

One other— odd— dream, clearly influenced by the insanity that is reflected by the Left these days, involved a handful of white, plastic cards, similar in size and shape to standard credit cards (maybe 2”x3½”?) hanging upon a wall (much like how tools are hung on a pegboard, only the wall was simply white, so they must’ve been hanging on hooks or nails?) which the dreamer took in hand to examine. They appeared to indicate either “FATHER” or “SON” for a number of them (maybe 3 or 4 were directly looked at?) but the absence of “MOTHER” was noted, however, there was this ONE card (at the end of the dream) which involved some sort of gender-confused marking. Seriously. It had purple ink (in contrast to the others, which were simply black letters on a white card) and as the dreamer had the slightest curiosity as to who this card may have represented, the “confusion” of who the card represented was enough to scramble anything that may have been visible on the card, and the dream ended. Clarity 9 (although quite possibly symbolic 7) right on up until the end, where that confusion factor just shot everything straight to hell, as it were. The “Father / Son” ethic was and is *clearly* evident, which is likely why patriarchal religions focus on it, although the absence of the female component has always perplexed me somewhat in real life.
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