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To all my Friends of the world I want to give this little Christmas
Hope you enjoy it.



By: Armando Torres


From early age, the reflexive tendency of my character leads me to
look up for an explanation about who I am and which was my purpose in
life. Based on this search, in certain occasion a school partner told
me that Carlos Castaneda will give a private chat at one of his
friend's house, and that I could come if I wanted to. I was delighted
with the invitation, because there was a long time I was looking for
an opportunity like this.
Castaneda was a famous anthropologist, author of several books about
the old Mexican sorcerer's culture. In them he tells that, still being
a student at the University of California, he went to make some field
work among the Yaqui Indians, in the north of Mexico, in order to
learn about the medical plants that they custom to use.
In one of his trips he met an old medicine man ("yerbero") that had
fame of being a sorcerer who was introduced as Juan Matus. As time
pass by, the old man took him as his apprentice and introduced him to
a completely unknown dimension to the contemporary man: the
traditional wisdom of the old Toltec seers, commonly known as
"witchcraft" or "nagualismo."

In a dozen of books, Carlos tells a teacher's apprentice relationship
that lasted thirteen years. In that time, it was subjected to an
arduous training that took him to corroborate that stranger's culture
foundations personally. The acquired experiences during his learning
finished making the young anthropologist to succumb behold the
knowledge fascination and was absorbed by the beliefs system that he
studied. This outcome moved him away enough of his original goals.

"Nagualismo" was the name that the Mexican prehispanic sorcerers gave
to their system of beliefs. In accordance to the history, those men
were deeply interested in their relationship with the Universe, to
such point that they were given to the task of investigating the
limits of the perception through the use of hallucinogenic plants that
allowed them to change the conscience levels. After practicing during
generations, some of them learned how "to see", that means, to
perceive the world, not like an interpretation, but as a constant flow
of energy.
The nagualism consists in a group of designed techniques to alter the
daily perception, producing psychic and physical phenomena of
extraordinary interest. For example, the Mexican tradition affirms
that a nagual is able to become an animal, because he has learned how
to dream himself in a different form as a human being. The fact behind
this popular belief is that the sorcerers explore their subconscious
with the one purpose of throwing light above the unknown environment
of our being.
During thousands of years the nagualism was a socially accepted
practice, just as among us it is the religion or science. Time past,
his postulates won in abstraction and synthesis, becoming a kind of
philosophical proposal, whose practitioners were called Toltecs.

The Toltecs were not commonly know as we can understand by sorcerers,
this means, individuals that use supernatural forces to damage other
people, but men and women extremely disciplined and interested in
complex aspects of being conscious.

In his books, Carlos made an effort with a lot of talent to adapt the
knowledge from the naguals to our time, taking it out from the rural
atmosphere and making it accessible to people with western formation.
Starting from Don Juan teachings, he defined the premises of the
warrior path or the one of the impeccable behavior, consistent in
control, discipline and sustained effort. Once taken inward, these
principles take to the practitioner to other more complex techniques
which object is to perceive the world in a new way.
Once achieved this, the student is in a position of moving trough the
dreams environment in a voluntary and conscious way, just as he makes
it in his daily life. This technique is supplemented with what don
Juan denominated "the art of stalking" or the art of knowing yourself,
and with a daily exercise call "recapitulation", because it consists
on reviewing the events of our personal history to find his hidden
The dreaming and the recapitulation make possible the creation of the
energetic double, a practically indestructible entity, able to act for
its own.
One of the most outstanding discoveries in the Toltecs seers was that
we the human beings possess a luminous configuration or an energy
field surrounding our physical body. They also saw that some ones came
with a special configuration divided in two parts. These ones are
called naguals that means, "duplicated people." For its particular
conformation, the nagual has bigger resources that most people. They
also saw that, because of their doubleness and exceptional energy,
they are natural leaders.

Starting from these discoveries, it was unavoidable that the seers
settle down according to the energy commands, organizing harmonic
groups, whose participants were supplemented to each other. The
warriors of these groups were committed with the search of new
conscientious levels. With the time, they began to realize that,
behold their practices and organization forms, there was an impersonal

In this way, the rule is the design description and the media by which
can gather the diverse luminous conformations of the human specie, in
order to integrate a single organism denominated "the nagual's party."
The goal of these groups is total freedom, the conscience evolution at
the point of being able to travel through the cosmic energy ocean,
perceiving everything that is accessible to us.
A special section of the rule that describes how the diverse
generations of warriors are intertwined forming lineage exists, and
how the lineage are renewed every certain time.
Carlos had the chance to live one of this renovation stages. However,
he didn't understood what this meant, until he received a message that
guided him to the popularization of the teaching.
When I met him, he still had a great prudence to people and he tried
to stay distanced of people. Our relationship was mainly through chats
that he gave to small groups and private conversations.
He demanded me to go through inadvertent in front of people in order
to maintain under control my personal history. Time later, he admitted
to me that, in that way it would possessed a deeper sense, because I
had a commitment with the spirit and I should execute my task four
years after his departure.
When I asked him the reason of that requirement, he told me that he
knew that his work will be obstructed by detractors that would try to
frustrate the plan designed by don Juan for a conscience revolution.
My function would be to give testimony of the message that I received.


In certain occasion, after giving a chat in a private room of a
restaurant, where we were invited to eat, Carlos asked me to go with
him to someplace else. Minutes later, we both leave, leaving the other
guests in a cheerful chat.

In our road we had to cross a great avenue. Being ahead to the traffic
jam, I ran to a triangular isle amid the road, believing that Carlos
would follow me. But when I arrived there, I noticed that he had
stayed waiting on the other side.

Then accidentally something happened; a magnificent gust of wind
rushed through the avenue, so strong, that I had to hold on to a
metallic post that was used as a driver's sign. Before I could protect
myself, a dust cloud was introduced into my eyes and throat, making me
cough and leaving me momentarily blind.
When I had recovered, Carlos was at my side, looking at me with a
radiant face of joy. he clapped my back and made a very strange
"I already know what to do with you!"
With a question mark in my face I looked at him, and he explained to

"That was the same wind, it's hunting you."

His words made me remembered the moment that I met him, when an
autumnal blow had made us to close the windows of the room hastily
where we were waiting for a group of friends.
"In that occasion you felled it as a strong wind, but I knew that it
was the spirit giving turns over your head. It was a sign, and now I
know with what purpose it pointed out at you."
I asked him to explain me his enigmatic statement, but his answer was
even darker:
"I am heir of certain information. It is an aspect of the teaching
that concerns me so deeply that even myself cannot explain it to
others. It should be said through a messenger. Just a while ago, while
I observed how the spirit shook you on the edge of the avenue, I knew
it, that messenger is you."
I insisted him to reveal me something else, but he told me that, that
was not neither the right time nor the correct place.


Time later, while we walked trough the Alamedas park, almost arriving
to the Fine arts Palace, he made me signs so, we could sat down in a
miraculously free bench, in a side of the square. It was a wrought
iron bench. Its location, fair in front of the main door of an old
church built with blocks of red and black lava, he had the virtue of
blocking my internal dialogue slightly, taking me to a serenity oasis
amid the car bustle and people that passed by.
For what I seen, Carlos had foreseen that impact with a didactic
function. He told me that I was sitting down in Don Juan's favorite
bench, which moved me a lot. Rubbing his hands, he assured that it was
time to get to the point.
"Do you know what the rule is?" -he asked me.
Although I had read something about it in one of his books, I had not
understood much part of it, so I denied with the head.
He continued:
"That is the name that the seers give to the lead of a sorcerers'
party, kind of a navigation letter or a sample book of the warrior's
duties inside his group of practices.
"After checking his presence thoroughly, the sorcerers from the old
Mexico reached the conclusion that, as well as all the alive beings
possess a defined biological pattern that allows us to reproduce and
to evolve, we also have an energy pattern responsible for our
development as luminous beings."
"The rule is the matrix of which the specie molds extract its energy.
You can understand it as each alive being's evolutionary plan, not
only of the earth, but of any corner of the Universe where there is
conscience. Nobody can breakaway of her. The only thing we can do,
it's to ignore that it exists, in which case we won't pass through of
being what we are: alive mass to the service of a purpose that we
don't understand."

"Said in sorcerers' terms, the rule is the outline of the eagle
commands, an equation that correlates the actions effectiveness with
the energy saving. In the environment of the practical thing, such
combination cannot produce another thing that a warrior."
"The rule is complete itself and covers all the facets of the warrior
path. It describes how it is created and nurtured a nagual's party, in
which way the generations are connected to make a lineage and it
guides them to freedom. But, in order of how to use it as a power key,
you have to verify it for yourself."
"How it can be verified?"
"The rule is auto-evident to the sorcerer seer. For a beginner as you,
the best way of witness its operation consists on detecting its
intrusion as your life goes by."


I asked him how men ended up contacting that matrix.
He answered me:
"It has always existed. However, the seers are their discoverers and
"The rule is the origin of the universal order. Its function and
purpose are unknown, not because they don't known, but because they
don't understand it. Hundreds of sorcerers' generations gave theirs
lives in the zeal to elucidate it and to develop practical proposals
for each one of their conceptual units."
"At the beginning, any man intended to have a glimmer of that
structure, because nobody knew that it was there. As the seers from
the old Mexico began contact with other entities aware of this earth,
much older and more experienced that them, they were acquiring
portions of the rule. One day they saw that all those portions fit to
each other as a puzzle. That day they discovered what they call ‘the
map' and the linage of the old seers began.
"Through their see, they verified almost each relative portion to the
dreamers. They proved all the combinations, determining its effects
about the conscience. They organized the exercises of dreaming in
seven levels of depth and they penetrated until the most intimate
unexplored and unknown places in the Universe. Step by step, they
developed the design of the party, a structure in form of extremely
stable pyramid and able of expressing with transparency the designs of
the power."
"But there was something that the old ones didn't verify: the rule for
the stalkers. They know the stalking like a latent possibility that it
was not worthwhile to explore in the practice."
"Because, in a time in which to be sorcerer was being in the peak of
the social scale, the stalking like art didn't have any propose. It
had been a bad investment. But, when it changed the time modality,
that reasoning took to the old ones almost to the edge of the

"It was not but until the appearance of the Toltecs when the other
great portion of the rule revealed its extraordinary content. Only
survived the lineages that were able to apply it; the rest was
dissolved, they got lost in the vortex that meant the fall of the
regimen of the old seers. The stalking incorporation determined the
birth of the new seers. With them, the rule of the nagual was totally
"When did that happen?"
"The period of the new seers began about five thousand years ago and
reached its apogee in the times of Tula. Through the stalking, the
fundamental contribution of those warriors to the witchcraft was the
notion of the ‘impeccability'."


"The target of the nagual's rule is to generate parties, that means,
organisms auto-conscious able to fly through the immensity out there.
Such organisms are composed by the sum of a warriors group that has
harmonized their individual intents. The purpose of that design is to
perpetuate to a non human dimension of the conscience."
"Not human?"
"That's right. A dimension in which the personality is no longer the
"The human beings are unable to enter and to remain long time inside
the cosmic conscience, the stage that don Juan called ‘the third
attention'. Or we leave there and forget, or we stay and we melt with
that unfathomable sea. But the power that governs us has found the way
of ignoring such limitation, creating organisms in which the
individual entities function the way of members."
"In those organisms the depth it is generated a radically new type of
attention, an oriented intent to explore the unknown and to
investigate in team what one cannot know. The feelings of
individuality are no longer their center to realize, because they
remain substituted by something much more intense: to live inside the
everything, an energy state that no common man can at least imagine
it. There are not routines, there is no ego, there is no ignorance,
and there is no interpretation. That type of organism is only a stage
in the infinite road of the conscience, but, for us as human beings,
that stage is final."
I asked him how it functions the conscience of a party.
He put me an analogy taken from the physical body.
"Although in a hazy way, each one of our cells is conscious of his
unit and, inside certain limits, it can act with independence.
However, his individual intent it's subordinate to a superior purpose
that is to conform the group to which we call ‘me'."
"When the incredible achievement of realizing the global purpose ends
up being patent to us, then we peek a superior evolutionary line. We
perceive the possibility to be integrated with our reciprocal
energetic in a way of life whose purposes distant so much of how we
concern our daily life, as the conscience that has one cell of our
entirety. The new seers call to that formation ‘the party of the

"What are the reciprocal energetic?"
"Human beings that possess luminous characteristics that complemented
each other"

"The energy is recurrent; it generates patterns that we all share. In
general, it can be said that there are four basic luminous matrixes
with twelve variants, synthesized by the nagual man and the nagual
woman. In the measure in that a tonal approaches to the ideal luminous
of his class, appears a superior conscientious grade."

"When the ideal models find each other, they tend to combine. The
attraction feelings among the human beings can be explained as a
result of the coalition of their energy molds. The normal thing is
that such coalition to be partially, but sometimes happens a sudden
and inexplicable wave of sympathy; a seer would say that it has taken
place an act of energy reciprocity."
"The warriors of a party combine in such way that their relationship
produces great results in the way of wining and to accumulate power."
"It is difficult to find characteristic luminous bodies that are
available for the nagual task; the ordinary thing is to find a
deformed tonal by the mundane life. But, when a nagual is able to
integrate this party, the energy of his warriors fuses. They sacrifice
their individuality for a superior goal, and returning to their
previous isolation is no longer possible, it would only produce them
death. It can be said that a party is not formed by individualities,
tough it is a single alive organism, of no longer human beings


"What is the conscious level of each member of the party on the
"Full conscience. Each one of them knows the pertinent histories of
power to their specialty and they know that their function is part of
a purpose that transcends them."

"The relationship between the rule and the party is through tasks. For
example, when the female in dreamers of a group receive the command of
tracking energy in the space until giving with possible male
candidates for a new generation of sorcerers, they concentrate on that
task like their avenue to freedom. They aren't interest in any other
thing. When they crack the discipline of that intent, the result can
be chaotic."

He gave me an example of the effect of a personal interest slipped
inside the sorcerer's task.

"Soon after of beginning my learning, and although nobody requested me
to made it, I offered myself to help Don Juan to constitute the new
party. Every time that a beautiful girl paid me attention, I saw in
her my energetic reciprocal and I tried of ‘sell her' to don Juan
eulogizing her qualities.
"At the beginning, the warriors thought I was joking. But, every now
and then they were pissed off, and one day that I took to my new
'nagual woman' to be introduced, I didn't found them, all had moved
out. To feel lonely only helped me to recover the sobriety."
"The party is a being auto-conscious that overcomes us thoroughly. To
participate in his intent is something so exceptional that as soon as
an apprentice glimpses his entirety, his ego position simply melts.
That doesn't imply that automatically he becomes impeccable; he still
has to make an effort during years to temper his character and to
extirpate his self importance as well as the obsession of power.
"Only the man and the nagual woman have a total vision of the party's
function. Following the analogy, I would tell you that they are his
nerve cells, the units that command the perpetuation process. The
other members serve as support and carry out the concrete tasks of the
group reduplication."
"The work of the nagual is exhausting. He has to dominate the stalking
and in dream arts to the perfection, he has to learn how to see and to
develop the maximum capacity of his manipulation, and he has to give
an example of sobriety in order to maintain the cohesion of the group.
If he allows to be carried away of his emotions, the result is the
I asked him why.

"Because the party is an organism of critical mass. If anyone of his
components fails of the target, the resulting dysfunction causes a
collapse and it is necessary to restart everything. It is for that
reason that the nagual is obligated to demand his warriors to give the
maximum of themselves and to prepare the tasks so all of them
participate with optimism and trust. The oil of the party is the
impeccability of its members, and its fuel, the yearning of total


"How many warriors can integrate a group?"
"The normal order of a party is quadripartite, in order that the rule
has pyramid form. The formation and the growth are carried out in
agreement with that basic structure. As in the pyramids, the
architecture of the group is composed of a base with four points,
integrated each one of them for three warriors: a female dreamer, a
female stalker and a male assistant. The points are connected to each
other through messengers and above all of them are the nagual couple.
"The rule is manifested to a double man or a woman by a vision and
they have to accept it to be considered naguals. Starting from that
acceptance, the naguals have to join their warriors step by step,
always following the signs of the spirit. Their capacity to lead is
natural and indisputable, because they, as double being, reflect each
one of the types of their party."

"you can defined to the naguals like a man and a woman of
extraordinary energy involved in an act of fecundation of an
infinitely higher reach that all human being knows. While they remain
together, they usually introduce themselves to the society like
husband and wife.

"The male nagual's ability is to use the most appropriate words to say
things accurately, intellectual clarity, fluency and beauty. Among the
seers of the lineage to the one that belonged Don Juan's group, the
omen to occupy this position was to be dying. All his leaders, except
me, were found under such conditions."

"Why was your case different?"
"Because, speaking correctly, I am a surplus nagual. I didn't come to
continue the lineage, but to seal it."
"And which is the rule for nagual woman?"

"The female nagual is the light that guides the whole effort, the true
mother. The normal thing is that she leaves before the group, and
stays fluctuating between the first and the second attention, visiting
the apprentices during the dream. She works as a lighthouse and, in
the event of necessity, she can return of the second attention to sow
a new generation of seers."

"On the other hand, the female warriors are of two different types,
stalkers and dreamers. They have two types of functions: to serve as
portals and as guardians. The portals belong to the South way, they
are the strainer or filter in which pass the apprentices. They
determine if a warrior stays or leaves and they have the biggest
interference in the way to dispose the members of the team. Also, they
are the invokers in the power meetings.
"The guardians are kind of an external version of the portals; there
is one white and one black. They have been taken charge to watch over
for the good function of the group, which means that they have to be
alert before any possible attacks from the outside and they are also
ready to solve the internal problems. Among the new seers, all these
functions are in charge of the women."
"Why is this way?"

"Because women have more mobility and bigger energy than men. Almost
the whole Universe is of feminine nature, and the female witches teams
travel over there as if they were in their own house. That capacity to
circulate without interferences through dark energy becomes them into
the battery of the group."

"On the other hand, we, the men are detected at once, because our
energy is clear and it is denounced. Also, as we were not made to give
birth, we don't have a specialized organ for the dreaming. Except the
nagual, the male elements don't have a lot of shine inside a party."
"Even so, the rule establishes that there have to be four warriors
dedicated to organize, explore and understand, for which they fix
their assemblage points in very specific places of the energy. Their
presence is good to stabilize the group, neutralizing the frequent
explosions of power that the female warriors star. If it was not for
them, the structure would volatize as soon as the women achieve
certain grade of efficiency. So the men work like anchors; they fix
the group until a maximum of power is gotten.
"Due to his form, don Juan called to the party ‘the snake
organization'. It is a concept that he inherited of the old seers, for
the square stains that it has the bell snake on its skin. He affirmed
that the head of the animal, with its fixed and hypnotic eyes,
represents to the nagual couple. The chest correspond the female
warriors in dreamers whose function is to inhale the visions and to
distribute them among the group. The stomach, to the female stalkers,
able to digest any conceivable situation. The tail is the assistants
whom are in charge of giving mobility to the group. It is a very
flowing disposition."
"Do any other parties that have other kind of formations exist?"
"In great measure, the warriors are the result of the implacable
manipulation of the nagual. You can understand that, after some years
of that constant pressure, the form of a group, and the luminous shade
that goes taking the energy of each one of its components, becomes
even very specific. It is for that reason that so many lineages of
sorcerers exist. But all have; basically, the type of pyramidal
parties that I have described you, since the experience had
demonstrated that this it is the most stable formula."


"Which is the party purpose?"
"From the Eagle's point of view, to explore, to verify and to increase
the rule. Each warrior's generation most leave their print, because
the rule is accumulative. The inheritance of the lineage consists on a
series position of the assemblage point, to which the successive
parties go adding their own acquisitions. It is normal that the
lineages take a ‘dairy' of incidents where the naguals write down
their discoveries.
"The basic interest of all organisms is to reproduce. Therefore, a way
to defining it, would be to say that the rule is the outline of a
reproductive process. What looks for is the conscience perpetuation,
something that, starting from certain point, it cannot be made by
individual beds. The resources that personally acquire each warrior
during his training are secondary achievements.
"From the sorcerers' point of view, the target of grouping is to force
the step at another level of attention, because without mass energy
there is not flight."
"Do you mean that the solitary warriors don't have possibilities?"
"No. What I mean is that a party can get farther.
"You can imagine that you live in a colony of gregarious caterpillars
in metamorphosis state. Suddenly, one of the buds makes appearance and
its resident leaves in a momentary explosion of light and color. The
sensation that you have left is about that caterpillar disappeared. On
the other hand, for her, her true life like a butterfly will have
begun. Now then, it is more probable than a solitary caterpillar
finishes in a bird's stomach.
"In the same way, the warriors posterior target is the definitive jump
to the third attention, freedom in all interpretation way. The energy
quantity that is necessary for this it can only be achieve through a
special consent of critical mass, in order to generate the necessary
agreements to compact the energy.

"However, many parties are not able to get to their energy fullness,
the naguals have built a habitable oasis inside the second attention,
an enormous intent building in some point far away from the dreaming,
to where the seers go in solitary or in small groups. I call him ‘the
intent dome', because at sight it has that form, but don Juan
preferred to call him ‘the naguals cemetery'."
"Why did he call it this way?"
"Because to stay to live in that space implies the sorcerer's literal
death. In a nothing allegorical sense, it is a cemetery. Although
those who choose that destination achieved the conscience expansion
for an enormous period of time, they will have to let it go when the
moment arrives.
"So, for many sorcerers, the immediate objective of the party is
usually the naguals dome, hoping of being able to use it in passing as
a port where they accumulate provisions for a great expedition. To
arrive there it is not necessary that the whole group leaves once and
for all. In occasions the warriors choose to go one by one. In that
case, they can return partially, as long as the entirety of the group
energy structure has not completed.
"As you will understand, the challenges in which the warriors are
involved during his human existence are hardly the prelude; the
tremendous thing comes later. Don't wonder what they are devoted in
the meantime while they remain in that world; it would sound as a
fairy story to you. The important thing is that all their activities
are governed by the rule."
I told him that, keeping in mind the target of the party, the rule
could be interpreted as the prehispanic equivalent of what other
cultures called "divine laws" that means, a group of regulatory
schemes designed for the man's salvation.
He answered me:
"It is not same, because it doesn't come from a supreme being. The
rule mechanism is impersonal, it lacks of kindness or compassion. It
doesn't have any other target than its own continuity.
"Carried away for the analogies, the old seers made the mistake of
identifying the rule with their particular interpretations, and they
ended up worshiping it and building temples in its honor. The new ones
rejected all that. Through the explore of the stalking, they undusted
the essence of the witchcraft and rediscovered the goal of total
freedom, that doesn't resemble in anything to the religious goals.
That erased in them the fascination to the human mold, but it had a
secondary effect that I have already explained to you: the wild
enthusiasm of the old ones was substituted by stealthy and unfaithful
"The stalking effect on the parties finished betraying the initial
mobiles. With the time, the total freedom target ended up only
thinking about in rhetoric form. Almost all the Don Juan's sorcerers
lineage preferred the flight to the second attention. Except the
nagual Julián Osorio, no one of them wanted to be deprived of the
adventure and the ecstasy of visiting the naguals dome, built there of
intent, in one of the stars of the Orion constellation."


"The rule is final, but its design and conformation are in constant
evolution. Only that, contrary to what the evolutionists says those
who see in the adaptations of life come at random the accumulation of
genetic mutations, the seers know that there is not causality in the
rule. They see as a command of the eagle, in an energy wave form,
shakes every now and then the power lineages, producing new stages in
"A more exact way of referring it, is supposing that all the possible
variants of the rule are contained in a previous matrix, and what goes
changing with the time is the grade of knowledge that the sorcerers
have of that entirety and the emphasis that they make on certain
portions. Such periods of change are recurrent and they are
represented by the number three."
"Why three?"
"Because the old Toltecs associated the number three with the dynamism
and the renovation. They discovered that the ternary formations
announce unexpected changes.
"The rule has prepared that, from time to time, a special type of
naguals appear in the lineages whose energy is not quadripartite, but
rather it only has three compartments. The seers call them ‘three
points naguals'."
I asked him about the difference between these to the other ones.
He answered me:
"Their energy is volatile, they are always in movement, for that
reason they find difficult to accumulate power. From the lineage point
of view, their composition is faulty; they don't reach to be true
naguals. In compensation, their lack the shyness and the reservation
that characterize to the classic naguals, and they possess an unusual
capacity to improvise and communicate.
"It can be said that the three point naguals are like the cuckoo bird
that is incubated in other bird's nest. They are opportunists, but
necessary. Contrary to the four point naguals whose freedom is to pass
inadvertent, the three point ones are available personalities. They
disclose the secrets and propitiate the teaching fragmentation, but
without them the power lineages would have extinguished a long time
"Among the new seers, the rule is that a nagual leaves as descendant a
new party. Some, for their enormous energy surpluses, are able to help
to organize a second or even a third generation of seers. For example,
the nagual Elías Ulloa lived enough time to create his successor's
party and to influence on the following one. But it didn't mean that
the lineage forks; all those groups were part of the same transmission
"On the other hand, the three points nagual is authorized to transmit
his knowledge in radial form, which bears to the lineages
diversification. His luminous egg exercises a disintegration effect on
the group that breaks the lineal structure of transmission and foments
a desire of change and action in the warriors, and an active
disposition to be involved with their fellow men."
"is that what happened with you?"
"That's right. Due to my luminous disposition, I don't have repairs in
leaving focuses of knowledge wherever I go. I know that I need of an
enormous quantity of energy to fulfill my task, and that I can only
obtain it of the massively. For that reason I am willing to diffuse
the knowledge and to transform and to redefine the paradigms."


"As you know, my teacher get in contact with the three points nagual's
rule, when he tried to analyze certain anomalies inside the new group.
It seems that I didn't synchronize with the rest of the apprentices.
Then he dedicated me enough attention that made me see that I masked
my energy configuration."
"Do you mean that Don Juan's seeing was mistaken?"
"Of course not!! What he misunderstood was in his seeing. To see is
the perception final form; there aren't any appearances, so it is not
possible to confuse yourself. However, due the pressure that he eject
on me during years; my energy fought to mold his. That's common among
the apprentices. As he was divided in fourth compartments, I also
began to expose a similar energy load on my actions.

"When I finally was able to take his influence off (thing that took me
ten arduous working years) we both discovered something amazing, my
glitter only had three compartments; this didn't correspond to an
ordinary person, that usually has two, but neither to the common
nagual. This discovery made a great shock in the seers group,
nevertheless all of them had announce a deep change to the lineage.

"Then don Juan recurred to his predecessor's tradition and undusted a
forgotten aspect of the rule. He told me that a nagual's selection
can't be consider as a personal whim by any way, because through all
the times, it is the spirit the one that chooses the successor of a
lineage. Therefore, my energy anomaly was part of a command; above all
my urgent questions, he assured me that in its proper time, a
messenger would explain me the function of my presence as a three
points nagual.
"Years later, in a time that I was visiting one of the National museum
of Anthropology and History room, I watched an indian dressed like a
tarahumara that seemed to have the biggest interest for one of the
pieces exhibited there, walking around, he examined it through every
possible watch spot, and he showed such an absolute concentration,
that my curiosity was awoken, and I got closer to look.
"When he saw me, the man started to talk me, and he began to explain
me the meaning of a group of drawings carefully sculpted on stone,
then while I was thinking about what he had told me. I remembered Don
Juan's promise and I realized that, that man had been sent by the
spirit to transmit me the
three point nagual's rule portion."
---- "And what does that portion says?"
"It affirms that, as the party has a energy matrix containing the
number seventeen (two naguals, four female in dreamers, four stalkers,
four warriors and three messengers), the lineage formed by a party
succession it also has a power structure, of number fifty two. The
eagle ordered that every fifty two generations of four point naguals,
it has to appear a three points nagual, so this one serves as
cathartic action, to the propagation of new quadripartite lineages.
"The rule also says that the three point naguals are destructive of
the established order, because their nature is not creative or
supplying, and it has the tendency of enslaving to all those that
surround them. It adds that these naguals have to achieve freedom by
themselves, because their energy isn't tune up to guide warrior's
"As everything in the energy environment, the fifty two generation
block is divided in two parts; the first twenty-six are for expansion
and to create new lines, the remaining are oriented to the
conservation and the isolation. That behavior pattern has been
repeating millennium after millennium, so the sorcerers know that it
is part of the rule.
"As a result of the three points nagual activities the knowledge is
spread and new cells of naguals of four points are formed. Starting
from that point the lineages recapture the tradition of transmitting
the teaching in lineal form."
"How often do the three point naguals appear?"
"Approximately once per millennium. That is the age from the lineage
to which I belong."


"Through verify the three points nagual's rule, Don Juan deduced that
the time of a new breed of warriors was getting closer inevitably,
those who I have called the modern seers."
"Is there any peculiarity in the luminous composition of those
"No. In all the times the man's energy pattern has been very
homogeneous, so the party's organization is the same. However, the
current warriors are experiencing their brightness a landslide to the
green, which means that they are recovering personal characteristics
of the old seers. This is something accidental; although it is for
sure that it is contemplated in the rule.
"The true difference between the old and new seers it is of behavior.
At the moment we are not submitted to the same repressions of previous
times and, therefore, the sorcerers have less restriction. This
clearly has a purpose: the popularization of the teaching.
"I have been there to live a renovation time. My purpose is to close
with golden key the nagual Juan Matus's line and to open possibilities
to those who come later. For that reason I have said that I am the
last nagual of my lineage, not in an absolute sense, but in a sense of
radical change.
At this point, Carlos made a pause in his exhibition and he reminded
me a chat that we had sustained at the beginning of our relationship.
In that time I asked him to told me histories of power. He answered me
that he could not refuse to my request, but giving me those histories
without getting through this path before, it would have trivialize
"I hope what you have seen during these years fills your expectations.
I made what I could, keeping in mind your limitations and mine. I know
that you already have begun to educate your double of dreams and that
guarantees that you can continue for yourself; your double won't leave
you alone until you accomplish your totality. The theoretical part has
finished and it is time of giving you a last gift."
The tone between familiar and solemn with which Carlos told me these
words made me concentrate all my attention.
"The final teaching says that the relationship that contracts the
intent with all person that approaches with the nagual, occupies his
place, anyone, inside the total context of the rule. So you are not
alone, the sorcerers expect something from you."
"What?" -I asked him, a little confused.
He explained me:
"All warriors have a task. Yours is that you fulfill what the spirit
command you; that is your way to power."
"And which is that task?"
"Well, your personal mission is something that your benefactor will
communicate you some day. However, giving you the rule of the nagual
of three points, I am following a long term strategy elaborated by Don
Juan and that commits you with my teacher's intent.
"What is expected from you is to say to whom surround you:-- ‘you are
free, you can fly for your own! You already have the necessary
information, what else do you expect? Act faultlessly and you will see
how the energy finds a way of being channeled '.
"Tell everybody that, starting from Don Juan's lineage culmination,
the knowledge has been open. Each warrior is responsible for himself
and he can be provided of the minimum opportunity that is to organize
his own party."

Rights reserved. Printed in Mexico. It´ s allowed the reproduction of
this text whenever indicated it's fountain.

Dec 19, 2002, 6:03:20 PM12/19/02
Yeitecpatl wrote:

> To all my Friends of the world I want to give this little Christmas
> gift
> Hope you enjoy it.

> Yeitecpatl

> By: Armando Torres

What assurances do you have that you can
show that you are NOT whacked out of your mind?
Interesting story but you need to break it
down somewhat. We get all kinds of people
coming here proclaiming all kinds of stuff.
Not saying you are NOT for real, I have an
open mind, but you'd have to say some more
stuff before anyone would listen to ya. :)


Dec 19, 2002, 7:36:39 PM12/19/02
> What assurances do you have that you can
> show that you are NOT whacked out of your mind?
> Interesting story but you need to break it
> down somewhat. We get all kinds of people
> coming here proclaiming all kinds of stuff.
> Not saying you are NOT for real, I have an
> open mind, but you'd have to say some more
> stuff before anyone would listen to ya. :)

So the only difference between us, and them, is that we can explain what
happens to us. How comforting =)

Usenet News

Dec 19, 2002, 11:19:54 PM12/19/02
> (Yeitecpatl) wrote
> In certain occasion, after giving a chat in a private room of a
> restaurant, where we were invited to eat, Carlos asked me to go with
> him to someplace else. Minutes later, we both leave, leaving the other
> guests in a cheerful chat.

Wow, the same thing happened to me! What an amazing coincidence! Did
you get to meet don Juan too? I sure did. It was great!

Dec 20, 2002, 2:46:03 AM12/20/02

What he didn't try to boof you?
Normally he tries to nail people. :)

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Dec 20, 2002, 12:34:36 PM12/20/02
to wrote in message news:<>...

Hey, speaking of Charlie's one track mind, I went to a fund raiser for
Tibeten monks in Hollywood, years back, and mentioned his name - which
really struck a sour note. Apparently, he had been to these fund
raisers in the past and had gotten a reputation for being an
unmitigated horn dog. Even with all his fame and money, they banned
him from all future events!

Uncle Tantra

Dec 20, 2002, 3:55:42 PM12/20/02
>Hey, speaking of Charlie's one track mind, I went to a fund raiser for
>Tibeten monks in Hollywood, years back, and mentioned his name - which
>really struck a sour note. Apparently, he had been to these fund
>raisers in the past and had gotten a reputation for being an
>unmitigated horn dog. Even with all his fame and money, they banned
>him from all future events!

Hey, *I'm* an unmitigated horn dog, and they haven't banned
me yet. Maybe I'm just not famous or rich enough yet.



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Dec 22, 2002, 5:48:07 PM12/22/02
to (Uncle Tantra) wrote in message news:<>...

Ya, you have to add rich and famous to the equation to get people
acting as petty as they are capable of. My point is only that CC
always "partied like it was 1999". (Ya, I see the irony in that.)

vic bonds

Dec 30, 2002, 1:06:34 AM12/30/02
I adore this..below..
it reminds me of the Long Winding Road..
or what Kylie brought up from Argentina..
the Paper Bag Hypnotic Implant
from God knows where...
for the Jews that need to take 1000 years to do their karma darma
in the dark make a good spider story for themselves
and to make it more fun..and also comb the deep deep sands
of time..of the past where they fucked up...
over and over again..inso far as stalking the Light within
of Great Prophets
including Me..White Buffulo Calf Medicine Woman,.
If carlos was alive today ..He the Way..
it is a Blessings Way..that many of Us dont know..
but he is on my telephone for date..all the time..
ha...he lives on long island ..and i tell you he is friends
with Abraham and i do believe that he screws you guys
in the ear..and fucks your heads..ha...
you below are romancing the stone the hand way
your penis will be worn out by the time the Most Great Peace
gets here..of the new Kingdom in 1000 years..
why not just become Bahai..and enjoy the White Buffulo
great Spirit teachings of the Lakota sioux and of the Great Britain
standing stone revival?
the long windy road is at both of these places too..
you must to stalk the Most Great Spirit of the Universe
to plug in...
sign a Bahai Declaration a Bahai Fireside!
Then and Only then will you really understand
our Beautiful Don Juan..that we cherish so much!

Yeitecpatl wrote in message ...

Sock Monkey

Dec 30, 2002, 11:22:52 PM12/30/02


> By: Armando Torres


Boys have penis,
girl have vagina.


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