GAT Saterday 10th November 2018

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Nov 10, 2018, 7:39:29 AM11/10/18
A'ernoon from a bright, sunny, dry, mild and good looking day here
in South Yorkshire. What a difference a day makes/ We have had BYT
working hard since dawn to brighten us all after yesterday's inclement
weather. We have 10.9慢 (51.6慚), barometric pressure is climbing again
after a dip overnight, now at 991.7 mB and RH has fallen from 98% to
83% since sun up. Although they have forecast showers for all day, I
looked at the Rainy Day app and decided to bite the bullet and get the
washing done. It's all out on the washing line basking in the sun and
fluttering in the light SSW breeze. Have a great day one and all.
Sootie was up late again, nearer 10:00 than 09:00 after last
night's early night. She breakfasted and went out. She's been out
there since about 10:00 and when I was hanging the washing on the line
she was ambling around the jungle. Tabby arrived just after that and
they catterwalled (how do you spell that correctly?) at each other.
After I explained to Tabby he doesn't get a midday meal here, he gave
me a loud yeowl and went on his way. I guess he'll be back tonight.
Heard melodies are sweet but those Unheard are sweeter FN 2犒8+. Mungo Brandybuck of Buckland

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