Question About Gender of the Baby?

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Kacey Fuller

May 24, 2008, 12:19:36 PM5/24/08
When I had Gracee, her heart rate during my pregnancy was 156 range and now this baby's pregnancy is 150 and my sister starting laughing stating "all my girls had a 150 range heart beat" and now is telling me that I will "have another girl". Does heart rate really indicate gender of baby, even though this is an old wives tale? I'm upset and was hoping for a boy and will have to adjust once more. I know I will be thankful for any blessing, but I had my hopes held high. So far, the OB/GYN says I'm 12 weeks as of the 12th, so we got to listen to hb. I was surprised how far I am! WOW! I don't even feel pregnant with this one, nor do I have the extreme morning sickness.

What were your children's hb's during pregnancy and gender? Just wondering!

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