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David Dalton

Nov 7, 2020, 1:44:12 AM11/7/20
One test that can be done, a simple magickal working, is to visualize
chi (or if you don’t believe in chi, directed will) looping around a
room to “charge” it, and if you have received assisted shaktipat you
should receive a short period mula bandha (a centre of perineum
click, or possibly a base of cervix contraction instead for women,
though I doubt that) immediately followed by a shakti/kundalini
buzz/rush/wave. If you do experience this please follow up on
this post to let me and others know.

Note that the matchmaking ability would work through third eye
intuition, not through perineum click divination.

Past readers of at least 8000 words of my writing, yoga teachers
who train other yoga teachers, Qi gong Masters, Reiki Masters,
martial arts Masters, those who think they are matchmakers and
are so thought by at least 1000 others, those ordained by human
or humans to bishop level or equivalent or higher, and many
good individuals with ability, knowledge, and experience
(including some ordained by human or humans to priest level
or equivalent, and some good atheists), should be among the
recipients, so feel free to relay this information to any you know
among those categories.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the hill is
shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

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