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David Dalton

Mar 9, 2022, 2:27:39 AMMar 9
As of 3:19 a.m. NST (0649 UTC) March 9, the healing
circle (or sentencing circle) that I have been working
towards should be on.

It should be particularly evident to medium to extreme
criminals, who should be experiencing warning signs
if they are not following their healing circle prescription,
which will diminish if they think of following it, and
go away when they are following it.

It should also be evident to those with confession
divination ability (which includes all those now
ordained to priest level or equivalent but not
higher) and/or regular diviner special ability,
or a subset ability (e.g. card divination) that can
be used for readings, or who are psychedelic
drug enhanceable and are enhanced, or who
have wide range magickal ability. All such
should have an intuition to do a reading for
themselves, and that reading should include
advice to do readings for medium to extreme
criminals that they know, and others who they
know who may need good advice.

Also, as of 2:24 NST (0554 UTC) March 9, 2022, the global
species balance that I have been working towards should be on.

It should be particularly evident to those with species someone
negotiator ability (a subset of those who hear voices),
psychedelic drug enhanceable ability (including some
Latin American shamans) who are enhanced, and very
rare individuals with wide range magickal special ability.

Prior to my latest attempt. which began at 0008 UTC March 8
(International Women’s Day) I did a soul alignment between
myself and my region (global, from 12 km below the geoid
to [255,000 - 12] km above the geoid) and it hasn’t clicked
out yet. For progress see my latest posts on alt.religion.druid .

Also, the sudden magickal physical evolution has just
begun (I am in the Beothuk species. which is one
of 55 species that homo sapiens globally is evolving to).

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“‘And if I shed a tear I won’t cage it/I won’t fear love
And if I feel a rage I won’t deny it/I won’t fear love" (Sarah McLachlan)

David Dalton

Mar 23, 2022, 12:51:44 AMMar 23
On Mar 9, 2022, David Dalton wrote
(in article<>):
After ten changes (which I have summarized on
alt.religion.druid) hopefully the species balance will
be fully on within the next few minutes, the healing
circle prescriptions within the next couple of
hours, and the sudden magickal physical evolution
onset hopefully within the next day or so.
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