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David Dalton

Nov 20, 2021, 10:27:52 AM11/20/21
Tom Power, host of CBC Radio One’s Q, recently interviewed
Adele in a Canadian exclusive and the interview, plus an
article discussing it, is available at

I think the interview was slated for 30 minutes but
when Tom said he was wrapping up, Adele told
him to keep going with a few more questions since
she was enjoying the interview. With some
introductory comments from Tom before the
interview started the clip is 37 minutes long.

Ha, this snippet from my “various matches” thread on
alt.religion.druid may or may not be of interest:

When I was searching I thought of Adele. She is straight-type-2-F
and had an old lock with a bim that has recently been dissolved,
leaving her available. A suitable bim is Ed Sheeran. His wife
Cherry is straight-type-1-F and compatible with
straight-type-1-M Harry Styles. Whew, no spouse is
listed for him but I had better google Harry Styles girlfriend.
She seems to be Olivia Wilde and is lesbian and has
a good match (other than him, of course) and is no
longer in the same species as him.

New for here:

(By bim I mean male attracted to both genders, not necessarily
having sex with both genders, and by straight-type-2-F I mean
female compatible up close only with bims. Her ex-husband
is not bim, or they would have stuck.)

Since Adele mentioned her close friendship with
Drake, let me note that he is straight-type-1-M and
compatible e.g. with straight-type-1-F Michelle
Williams ex-of Destiny’s Child. See that
“various matches” thread for discussion of
those they are or have been involved with;
I am not about to search through it myself
right now. She is a little older than him but
that should not matter much after the sudden
magickal physical evolution, which has yet
to begin, though in terms of compatibility there
has already been a split into 55 species.
But even in the same species there should
no longer be one-way attraction of bims
and straight-type-1-Ms to lesbians, which lesbians
who are happily lesbian should be happy with.

Also by old lock I mean a bond that formed by
eye contact and touch between a straight-type-2
and a bi of the opposite gender (but sometimes trans)
but was never consummated, they never got together,
but it would mean that the straight-type-2 would
not be able to get another bi of the opposite
gender without the permission of the primary bi.
As part of the evolution (as is that species split)
such old locks that have lasted at least 3 years
have been dissolved as of a week or so ago.

One pitfall is that some gays say they are bim,
another is that some bifTs say they are bim,
another is that some two-spirit people (with
a male harmonic and female harmonic)
without a bim harmonic may say they are bim,
and of course many bims say they are straight,
so Adele should watch out for that. But she
should know by attraction who she is compatible
with, and now that thet the old lock is dissolved
she will be able to get one, or perhaps more
than one (e.g. like Kate Bush in her song Lily).

And Ed Sheeran is partially (less than optimally)
compatible with his wife, so they may choose
to stick together.

Also Adele is in the British (and many descendants)
species and any bim she could get would also
have to be in the same species, so e.g. she
couldn’t get bim Finneas (who is/has been also
involved with a lesbian), who I suggested could
get together with straight-type-2-F Dua Lipa and
her bim husband in a temporary or permanent
threesome, or, perhaps more likely, with the
slightly older straight-type-2-F Iggy Azalea.
But Adele would have been attracted to Finneas
before the species split, but not now.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“‘You could lay down your head by a sweet river bed/But Sonny
always remembers what it was his Mama said” (Ron Hynes)

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