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David Dalton

Nov 27, 2020, 1:30:04 AM11/27/20
For those who have given up on the “see-saw again” thread
on alt.magick , which has been getting rather long:

On Nov 26, 2020, David Dalton wrote
(in article<>):

> Gaia started delivering (P) to the assisted shaktipat recipients
> at 4:46 a.m. NST (0816 UTC) Nov. 26. So now the recipients
> should experience (P), a perineum click (short period mula
> bandha) immediately followed by a shakti/kundalini
> buzz/rush/wave, as closure to magickal workings that
> they perform, such a chi manipulation, soul alignment,
> soul fragment retrieval (to treat e.g. PTSD), blessing on
> the dead, marriage or marriage renewal blessing. They
> should also be able to do perineum click divination, though
> I advise them to not overdo it and to not blindly believe
> the results without evidence or in the face of negative
> evidence. Again matchmaking should be done by third
> eye intuition, not perineum click divination. I think
> technomagick (from the dragon lines, updated) and any
> ritual magick drawing on the cone incident would also
> have (P) as closure.

That did not occur, since Gaia is not the only one responsible
for (P). Gaia is responsible for the perineum click but
Sola is responsible for the shakti/kundalini buzz/rush/wave.

Gaia started delivering perineum clicks (perineum click
divination and the perineum click part of (P) ) to the
assisted shaktipat recipients and Sola started delivering
the shakti/kundalini buzz/rush/wave (as part of (P)
and also in outgoing orgasm waves and incoming
orgasm waves) to the assisted shaktipat recipients
at 12:19 a.m. NST (0349 UTC) November 27, 2020.

Assisted shaktipat recipients include all those ordained to
bishop level or equivalent or higher, plus Mothers Superior
in denominations that do not ordain women, plus some
other good and knowledgeable individuals including some
ordained to priest level or equivalent and some lay people,
and any who have received (generally read) at least
8000 words of my writing, and also some atheist academics,
atheist bestselling authors, and some politicians including
some atheist politicians, and also Reiki Masters, Qi Gong
Masters, martial arts Masters, and yoga teachers who
train and certify other yoga teachers, and also
professional matchmakers (who think they are matchmakers
and are so thought by at least 1000 others), and exorcists.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"You're the queen of the slipstream/With eyes that shine.../Gold and sliver
they placed/At your feet, my dear/But I know you chose me instead" (V.M)

David Dalton

Nov 27, 2020, 4:25:16 PM11/27/20
On Nov 27, 2020, David Dalton wrote
(in article<>):
I have divined by perineum click divination that there are
only 1.25 million human assisted shaktipat recipients,
so only about 1 in 6000 in the general population, but
I suspect there are more than average on these groups.

As a test, imagine chi (or if you don’t believe in chi,
directed will) looping around a room to “charge” it.
If you are an assisted shaktipat recipient you should
receive (P). If you do, please follow up and let me
other readers know. If nobody follows up I will have
to consider this to be yet another failure on my part.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the hill is
shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

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