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Jan 12, 2015, 7:18:53 PM1/12/15
The CIA is like my mother ( who is most probably CIA too ).
Regardless of financial stature, they are incredibly cheap, even
having slush funds, they are notorious for not tipping.
If they are not made to pay upfront, they welch on their bill.
And really, they never buy, except from themselves, which is why they
can afford unlimited housing, cars, gasoline, and food.
Also, besides cheap, not upfront, very dishonest, and not minding
their spreading of inacuracy. Most importantly, they tend to mess
up and render futile anything and everything they are given access to.
Of course they don't see themselves as a mass of stupid,
believing themselves smart, working for the british crown,
their nations greatest enemy.
And as for American Freedom, the cia really don't care that your
getting tickets for smoking a cigarette, walking your dog,
standing on a sidewalk, sleeping under a bridge, or using fireworks
on the fourth of july... etc.. they also don't mind your kids getting
sent overseas furthering british slavery in the name of american
freedom, and you don't seem to mind much either.. just remember the
insurgencies you claim justify such behavior were produced by
american weapons blowing up their cities, hospitals, schoolhouses,
famlies and children.
They definetely shouldn't have let U.S. Nuclear Arsonal
get placed in the Ukraine either, which puts american population
even further at risk..
..btw, nothing ever gets fixed around here, does it?

Perhaps America will be saved by psychotic methed out illegal
mexicans mass burning commercial propery littering buckets of drywall
screws.. just saying your needs and wants are very easily ignored here.
..mostly due to your policy of bending over and taking it with a smile.
but pillars of smoke is a hard sign to ignore, when rebuilding is
met with reburning. Why aren't we even allowed a corporate tax break
based on number of employees instead of revenue?
Well, the answers are very simple.
The people obviously aren't allowed to have a government of their own.
Can we begin to abolish europian slavery without mass burning/reburning?
..nah, it would probably still take psychotic mexicans somehow.

Hey, we could save and make ALOT of money here just by simple cutting
useless, shit programs like the CIA from our system entirely..
Maybe then we could start using The Tax for our own benifit..
..Perhaps someday even control the printing and distrobution
of our own currency.
That would be so cool, I really hate being a refugee here in my own land.

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