Panhandling grandma!

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Aug 15, 2010, 2:37:19 PM8/15/10
Panhandling grandma supporting two grand sons ages 6 and 8 on a fixed
income. Needs extra money for school, clothes, help paying light and
gas bill all donations greatly appreciated.

Apr 29, 2019, 4:15:07 AM4/29/19
to 844-387-6962 - listen to the song a few more times, learn the lyrics a bit better

Listening to the music of They Might Be Giants is an experience that is difficult to remember, although we might think that it is difficult to forget. We have a lapse of hearing or comprehension or memory.

So, if you call 844-387-6962, you just might hear some phenomenal music for a few minutes, and not be certain of what it is exactly that you are hearing. It's okay, I'm not 100 percent certain of the song, so, join the club - we are still struggling to get the music right.

This is transparency for you, no hidden agenda - just song!

This service is a limited success by one commercial music group.

In order to get a smart phone broadcast phone number going, we need several musical acts to have successful telephone song of the day or song of the week lines going

Out of service 631-689-1662 the telephone music line for WUSB-FM, just when everyone has a smart phone and ear buds. Florida now has the college students.
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